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Title Provider Media Primary Office Language
A World of Learning--Basics in Education Reed Harp Onsite USA English
"A World of Learning--Basics in Education"--an onsite coaching/seminar on the world of adult education, life- long learning. Remove the mystery . . . with Reed Harp, an experienced professional educator.
Accountability in Training Internet Based Training Canada English
Seeking to implement successful training programs? Find out how results-based training can translate into tangible and direct improvements in performance through learner accountability.
Adult Learning Archetypes Internet Based Training Canada English, French
Adult learners possess a variety of unique character traits. To optimize the learning experience, a trainer needs to identify each learner archetype, understand its character traits and leverage them to help you achieve your training objectives.
Brainfood for Better Business Internet Based Training Canada English
Training: Delivering Under Time Constraints
Brainfood for Better Business Internet Based Training Canada English
Be Prepared to Train
Entertrain Internet Based Training Canada English
Explore a selection of entertainment tools and strategies to captivate an audience, invite their continued interest and inspire group participation.
Managing Stress & Anger Williams LifeSkills Video USA English
Managing Stress & Anger is a Emotional Intelligence workshop developed to teach 10 core coping skills to developing better relationships with family members and co-workers. The 10 EI/EQ skills necessary for Team development and Leadership. members.
Motivating Adult Learners Internet Based Training Canada English
Explore tips, tricks and techniques available to inspire and motivate adult learners. By incorporating these insights, you can effectively deal with obstacles to motivation, and improve your effectiveness as a trainer.
Tips for Training Adults Internet Based Training Canada English
Review the basic characteristics of adult learners and discover how to leverage them by implementing tailored learning styles. Incorporating these proven methods into your approach.
Training Delivery Vehicles Internet Based Training Canada English
Are you on a quest for new alternatives when selecting a training delivery vehicle? Survey available options and find out how to choose a winning combination suitable for your particular learning situation.
Warm up with Ice Breakers Internet Based Training Canada English
Start your training session with an icebreaker that sets a positive tone. Consider the factors affecting your choice of icebreaker and explore tips on where to find great ideas.

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