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Auto Electronics, Engine Rebuild & Body Repair Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) CBT,Interactive Distance Learning,Self-Study USA English
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Auto Body Repair DVDs, Automotive Electronics Repair Certificate Course, Basic Engine Rebuilding Course, Small Engines, Diesel Engine DVD Courses & more!
Automotive Electronics Repair Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) CD-ROM,Interactive Distance Learning,Print Based Courseware USA English
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Avoid making common automotive repair errors and learn how to repair it right with these self-paced courses. Repair your own car or start your own business.
Diesel Engine DVD Courses Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) CBT,Self-Study,Print Based Courseware USA English
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These DVDs give an overview of the design, construction and operation of diesel engines. Detail the steps needed to properly disassemble, inspect, and measure the parts of a diesel engine & install it back onto its short block. Self-paced study.
Small Engine Repair Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE) CBT,Self-Study,Print Based Courseware USA English
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Learn how to repair small engines and start your own business! This three-part CD-ROM set is designed for the student who is new to small engine repair. Each program makes extensive use of 3-D animation. Send for a free course catalog.
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