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Supply Chain Management Prod. Dr. Steef van de Velde Understand supply chain issues of strategy and operations. Uncover problems and opportunities for redesign and sustainable improvement along the dimensions of efficiency, quality and speed.
Buisness Management workshopsKerr HillPublic & Onsite
Schedule,Activity Based Training,Experiential
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Kerr Hill specializes in comprehensive business management skills training and development. We are known for transforming first line, mid level and senior business managers into successful professionals.
Certified Process Professional Training and CertificationInternational Process and Performance InstituteInternet Based Training,Multimedia,Self-Paced LearningUSAEnglish
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Professional training program for individuals and corporations in Business Process Management, Process Improvement, Process Center of Excellence, and Enterprise Process Architecture. Teaches the CEM Method and results in IPAPI CPP™ Certification
Leading and Coaching for Value Creation (TM)The Summit GroupOnsite,Blended Learning,Teleclass/WebinarUSAEnglish
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This program was developed specifically for leaders of today to enable them to enhance the performance of today's employees and provide them with the skills essential for attracting and retaining top performers across all generations.
Certified Manager (CM) ProgramInstitute of Certified Professional ManagersPrint Based Courseware,Internet Based Training,Self-Paced LearningUSAEnglish
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The Certified Manager (CM) Program is a comprehensive program of management training and assessment that leads to CM certification. The program can be taken as self-study or group classroom training. Contact ICPM at 800-568-4120 for more information.
Certified Customer Service ManagerGreen PegPublic & Onsite
Schedule,Instructor Led Web Based
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For new and experienced customer service managers: * Staff Development * Leadership and Management * Performance Metrics * Using Customer Feedback * Best Practices & Benchmarking Contact us at
Time Management/Organization Skills ProgramKEL Management FacilitationActivity Based Training,Onsite,CoachingUSAEnglish
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•Gain an additional 5 hours of productive time per week. •Work from a clear desk and clean office. •Find any information in less than one minute. •Utilize technological and paper organizational tools.
Laws of Success for Frist Time Managers and SupervisorsDr. Rick GoodmanOnsite,MP3/CD,Teleclass/WebinarUSAEnglish
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Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. “Dr. Rick = RESULTS
Achieve results with "Let's Talk Shop!"Positively OrganizedOnsite,Activity Based Training,ExperientialUSAEnglish
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This bold, innovative program for a team or work group:
• Taps talent & good ideas
• Builds collaboration
• Generates action plans
• Ensures implementation of more effective systems & operations
Creating Team Mastery (TM)The Summit GroupOnsite,Blended Learning,Teleclass/WebinarUSAEnglish
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CTM is an intensive, interactive program designed to provide the team with a methodology that enhances cohesiveness & unity by focusing on the customers the team serves.
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