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    Top Ten Record to Report (R2R) Best Practices for AP

    Regardless of company size or complexity, all successful financial close processes require continuous communication, comprehensive documentation and a flexible, responsive organization. Who Will Benefit: Financial Officers Controllers Accounts Payable Executives Shared Service Center Executives Instructor Profile: Chris Doxey has held senior finance and controller positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Hewlett Packard, MCI, APEX Analytix, and BSI Healthcare. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Breast Cancer Screening 2015

    The topics covered in this training program will better acquaint attendees with standards and regulations of care for breast cancer imaging in women. Who Will Benefit: Primary care physicians - internists, family physicians Nurse practitioner (NP) Physician assistants (PA) Registered nurses (RNs), MA, licensed practical nurses (LPN) Instructor Profile: Judy Schmidt is a triple board certified hematologist/medical oncologist who offers medical consultation for clients with cancer. She also engages in medical legal work. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    This training program will discuss California HR compliance laws and updates to the same. If an HR department in CA is struggling to recognize or fix problems, what can be solved as a mere miscommunication in many parts of the country, can quickly turn into a costly lawsuit in CA. Who Will Benefit: New HR staff Front line managers Department managers Instructor Profile: Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SPHR, SPHR-CA, is the president of her own HR consulting firm and is a partner in a new investigatory software firm, HindsightHR. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Interview Questions and Pre-Employment Screening What Every Employer Needs to Know - Title VII, ADA/ADAAA, PDL, GINA, I-9s and Affirmative Action

    This training program will offer an overview of anti-discrimination laws and affirmative action issued for federal contractors; illegal and ill-advised interview questions; pre-employment tests (skills, strength, medical tests) use of social media, criminal background checks; and more. Who Will Benefit: CEOs COOs Hiring Managers HR Practitioners Instructor Profile: Janette Levey Frisch, founder of The EmpLAWyerologist Firm, is an employment/HR attorney with over 20 years’ legal experience. Ms. Frisch is a legal wellness professional for employment practices and workforce challenges. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Particulates in Biological products - Why test them and what are the new reporting requirements?

    This webinar will discuss the evolving regulatory requirments for testing Biologics injectibles for sub-visible Particulates. Who Will Benefit: R&D Laboratory personnel R&D Laboratory Supervisors and Management QC Laboratory personnel and management Protein Formulation Group personnel and Management Instructor Profile: Dr. Subbarao, holds a Ph.D. in Bio-organic Chemistry. She is currently a Senior Consultant with the Biologics Consulting Group specializing in Analytical, Stability, CMC and GLP/GMP Quality Systems. Her hands-on industrial experience covers stability and laboratory cGMP systems for both biologics and conventional drugs. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    How to Develop HIPAA Policies and Procedures

    This training program will overview what constitutes a comprehensive set of HIPAA policies and procedures and why you need them. It will also demonstrate how to customize a set of HIPAA policies and procedures for a health care organization. Who Will Benefit: Health Care Organizations Office Management Staff Dentists Physicians Instructor Profile: Jim Wener has over 40 years of experience in assisting health care organizations – both providers and payers - identify their automation requirements and helping these organizations select and successfully implement the automation most applicable for their needs. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    2015 HIPAA Changes

    This training program will discuss HIPAA Omnibus updates for 2015 and highlight court cases that have changed the landscape of HIPAA. It will further detail the increased burden on business associates as well. Why Should You Attend: The major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2015 will be addressed in this webinar. Who Will Benefit: Practice managers MDs and other medical professionals Home health Any business associates who work with medical practices or hospitals Instructor Profile: Laura S Hargraves, MS CCC- SLP RAC-CT, has been working in all aspects of the healthcare industry for the past 28 years. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration. For Registration:
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    More Time, More Money, Less Work: How to Advance in Consulting for Physicians and Nurses

    This training program will help attendees seek out consulting assignments, understand and be prepared to develop and refine skills that will make them successful as a consultant or reviewer. Who Will Benefit: Physicians Physician Assistants Nurses Nurse Practitioners Instructor Profile: Mark Levin, a hematologist oncologist, has been an associate professor of medicine and a full-time attending at a medical school hospital till 2009. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration. For Registration:
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    Equipment Calibration, Maintenance, and Validation: What Auditors Look for in a Controlled Process

    This webinar will discuss the different aspects which auditors generally look in equipment calibration, maintenance and validation and highlight the best practices. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel involved in process development or equipment calibration/maintenance: R&D management Engineering management Production management Production engineers R&D engineers Instructor Profile: Jeff Kasoff, RAC, is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Life-Tech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumables and instrumentation in the urodynamic and pain management fields. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration. For Registration:
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    Regulation E Requirements for Debit Card Error Resolution: Processing, Disclosure and Investigation

    Debit card fraud is as prevalent as ever and one out of every 5 debit card holders in the U.S. has experienced fraud on their card. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in: Financial institutions Card Personnel Operations Risk/Compliance Officer Instructor Profile: Luann S. Kohlmann serves as the vice president of WACHA/PAR, headquartered in Wisconsin. Ms. Kohlmann started her career in banking operations and joined the WACHA/PAR team in 2003. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Power Up Your Presentation Skills

    Format: On-site, ½ Day - 2 Days. This fast-paced program provides numerous tools and tips for organizing and delivering powerful presentations, with or without PowerPoint. Participants will build their confidence for presenting in all types of situations including project team meetings, customer presentations, and large association or conference speaking engagements. Understanding your audience, organizing a clear presentation, and conveying your key messages are key to becoming an excellent presenter. Participants will learn best practices for making a strong first impression, using effective body language, implementing presentation delivery skills, engaging their listeners, and creating impactful and memorable messages. This training program is targeted for all levels of employees, even as a refresher program for more experienced presenters. It is available as a ½-day program (3.5 hours) or as an extended program that includes video-recorded practice.
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    The Disruptive Practitioner: A Danger to the Hospital's Operation

    In this training program, attendees will discover how to create a record of disruptive behavior and the efforts taken by the organization to combat the problem. Who Will Benefit: Hospital executives Medical staff officers Physicians who serve on peer review committees Support staff Instructor Profile: William Mack Copeland, MS, JD, PhD, LFACHE, practices health care law in Cincinnati at the firm of Copeland Law, LLC. A graduate of Northern Kentucky University Salmon P. Chase College of Law, Mr. Copeland is a frequent author and speaker on health law topics. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Validation and Use of Excel® Spreadsheets in FDA Regulated Environments

    This excel validation training/ webinar will demonstrate how to design spreadsheets for part 11/GxP /SOX/HIPAA, document planning, specifications, installation, testing and changes to meet FDA requirements. Who will Benefit: Pharmaceutical and medical device industry professional Contract laboratories All developers and users of spreadsheet applications Validation specialists QA/QC managers and personnel Instructor Profile: Dr. Ludwig Huber, Ph.D., is the director of Labcompliance and editor of, the global online resource for validation and compliance. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    How IRS Detects and Computes Unreported Income: Learn the Techniques the IRS Utilizes

    This training program will help participants identify the most common errors the IRS makes in verifying income. It will help them prepare adequately for an IRS examination of reported income. Who Will Benefit: Corporate leadership in closely held businesses Payroll supervisors Taxation and accounting staff Instructor Profile: Stuart Sobel has been a renowned expert on tax planning, business creation, tax-exempt filing, strategic planning, charitable giving, employee benefits, and tax controversy for more than 48 years. He has worked with thousands of diverse businesses and nonprofit organizations including public charities and trade associations worldwide. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    The Canadian Food Label

    This webinar will provide an overview of the relevant statutes, including the Food and Drugs Act and its regulations and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and its regulations. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel working within any food or beverage company that advertises or markets product in Canada, such as: Regulatory affairs Marketing Business development Legal department Instructor Profile: Sara Zborovski is a partner at the law firm of Davis LLP in Toronto and head of the firm’s food and beverage group. Her practice is focused on providing regulatory and intellectual property counsel to the industries regulated by Health Canada and the FDA, with a particular focus on the food and beverage industry. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Implementing Operations Risk Management within an ERM Framework

    Sound management of operational risk is an integral part of strong governance, risk and compliance (GRC) and enterprise risk management. In this session, the instructor will define operational risk and explain how to identify, quantify, manage, and control it. Who Will Benefit: Risk Officers Internal and External Auditors Project Managers Examiners Compliance Officers Instructor Profile: Mario Mosse has over 40 years of experience in operational risk management, internal audit and regulatory compliance at financial services companies. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Trade Services: Trade Patterns and Methods for Conducting International Trade to Mitigate Risk

    This training program will contemplate the increase in global trade and the resultant need for organizations to understand how to grow their bottom line while minimizing risk when importing or exporting. Who Will Benefit: Managers in financial institutions who want to know more about trade services Bankers who are contemplating offering trade services to their customers Staff in companies who are contemplating undertaking international trade or are in the nascent stages of trade Instructor Profile: Jane Hennessy worked at Wells Fargo for 22 years where she was an executive vice president, International Group, until May 2012. She was the head of strategy and information management, marketing, cross-sell, and international personal banking. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    A Systematic Approach To Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    This FDA compliant SOPs training will explain how to write, organize, and maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and train personnel so that you can ensure FDA compliance in a way that is concise, reproducible and easy to follow. Who Will Benefit: CEOs Regulatory VPs Quality VPs IT VPs Regulatory Affairs Professionals Quality Managers Quality Engineers Instructor Profile: Angela Bazigos, is the CEO of Touchstone Technologies Silicon Valley, Inc. "Knowledge is Power". She has 35 years of experience in the Lifesciences industry spanning GLP, GCP, GMP, Medical Devices & 21 CFR 11 and has a patent aimed at speeding up Software Compliance. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Optimal Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning for Biopharma and CRO

    This training program will explain the role and value of decision science methodology for optimal capacity planning and resource allocation across a portfolio of clinical trials. Who Will Benefit: Portfolio managers Business analysts Business development analysts Project managers Financial analysts Instructor Profile: Vladimir Shnaydman, Ph.D, is president of ORBee Consulting. The company’ focus is design and development of analytical tools and techniques for optimization of business solutions for life science industries. The company also provides consulting services, utilizing capabilities of developed tools and techniques. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    CAPA, Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis - FDA Expectations

    This 90-minute webinar will show how you can implement a closed-loop CAPA system that meets CGMP requirements and U.S. FDA expectations. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all regulated companies that need a repeatable methodology / defined systems, and simple but powerful tools for closed-loop CAPA, including proper failure investigation / root cause analysis and making the fix permanent. This applies to companies in the medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biologics fields. The employees who will benefit include: Senior management Regulatory affairs Quality assurance Instructor Profile: John E. Lincoln is principal of J. E. Lincoln and Associates LLC, a consulting company with over 31 years’ experience in U.S. FDA-regulated industries, and 17 years as a full-time consultant. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.