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    Intersection of AML-OFAC Requirements with FATCA Requirements - FinCen, Customer Onboarding & More

    This session will explore the different requirements of FATCA, AML, OFAC and how to avoid breaking these regulatory requirements. Why Should You Attend: FinCen’s proposed rule on beneficial ownership (“Customer Due Diligence Requirements for Financial Institutions”) and the EU’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive both set the threshold for identifying an entity’s individual beneficial owners at 25% (or otherwise exercises control). Who Will Benefit: Compliance and legal personnel Internal Auditors Consultants Operations (onboarding) personnel Instructor Profile: STEVEN G. LEWIS, CPA, MBA, CAMS Senior Manager, WeiserMazars, LLP Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual Update

    This webinar will go through every section of the revised FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual to highlight changes and areas where banks should review their internal policies, processes and procedures for compliance. Why Should You Attend: The revised FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual provides current guidance on risk-based policies, procedures, and processes for banking organizations to comply with and safeguard operations from money laundering and terrorist financing. Who Will Benefit: BSA/AML Officers Internal and Independent Auditors Staff with Roles and Responsibilities in BSA/AML Management and Oversight Instructor Profile: Barbara I. Keller, CAMS, CFCS, is an independent anti-money laundering/financial crime consultant with more than 13 years of experience in the anti-money laundering/counter the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) field. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    How to Achieve 510(k) Application Success for Device Software: Avoid Pitfalls that Could Delay Your Market Entry

    Though the guidance regarding software in medical devices is not new, there remains some confusion in the industry. This training program will offer some clarity on the subject, and upon completing this session, attendees will understand the elements required for a 510(k) application when the device contains software. Why Should You Attend: The webinar will discuss the structure and level of detail required when a medical device is software or contains software. It will especially focus on the impact of the Level of Concern determination on the required documentation. Who Will Benefit: Regulatory managers Project managers Regulatory specialists who compose 510(k) applications for software Instructor Profile: Cheryl Wagoner has 20 years of experience in quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Crowdfunding came into existence under Title lll of the JOBS Act. The JOBS Act requires the SEC to write rules and issue studies on capital formation, disclosure and registration requirements. Why Should You Attend: Crowdfunding is the newest and most unique methods for smaller companies, whether startups or existing, to raise investment capital in a cost effective manner. However, it is still in the early stages of its development. Who Will Benefit: Bank/Financial Institution Managers Branch Managers Broker/Dealer Management Compliance Managers Compliance Analyst/Investigators Instructor Profile: Jeffrey Brandon’s forty-three years in financial securities in senior and executive management roles encompassed training and providing solutions in solving the needs of investors. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Health Canada’s Enforcement of the Regulatory Requirements for the Manufacture, Advertising and Sale of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Natural H

    The introduction of Vanessa’s Law in late 2014 has significantly changed the enforcement landscape, providing for the possibility of higher penalties than ever before in Canada. Why Should You Attend: This advanced webinar will offer guidance for all companies involved in the manufacture, advertising and sale of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and natural health products (including external advisors and consultants) that do business, or want to do business, in Canada. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in any pharmaceutical, medical device or natural health product company that advertises or markets product in Canada, including: Regulatory affairs Marketing Business Development Legal department Instructor Profile: Sara Zborovski is a partner at the law firm of Davis LLP in Toronto. She assists companies regulated by Health Canada and the FDA obtain market access and in all areas of compliance.
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    Payroll Best Practices: Proper Handling of Multistate Taxation

    This HR compliance webinar will explain the payroll best practices that multistate employers have to follow to comply with taxation and reporting requirements when the workforce is distributed across different states. Why Should You Attend: Complying with the tax code, tax withholding requirements and deposit schedules for the IRS and one state is complicated enough. But for the multistate employer, multiply this by 5, 10, or 20 or even 50 and it can turn into a payroll department's worse nightmare. Who will Benefit: Payroll Professionals Human Resources Accounting Personnel Business Owners Instructor Profile: Vicki M. Lambert, CPP is President and Academic Director of The Payroll Advisor™ a firm specializing in the training of payroll professionals. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Understanding International ACH

    This webinar will explain concept of ACH, how it works, rationale for choosing it and how it differs from US domestic ACH. Why Should You Attend: There are many ways of making payments internationally. International ACH is one that is often not understood but can be very advantageous for efficiently and cost-effectively making payments to other countries. Who Will Benefit: Payments professionals in companies and financial institutions Corporate treasury personnel Government regulators Instructor Profile: Jane Hennessy, worked at Wells Fargo for nearly 22 years where she was an Executive Vice President, International Group, until May 2012. Ms. Hennessy was the head of strategy and information management, marketing, cross-sell, and International Personal Banking. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    How to Buy COTS Software, and Audit and Validate Vendors

    This training program will focus on instructing attendees on best practices for buying COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) software and to evaluate a software vendor. Why Should You Attend: This webinar will provide the process steps to: Buy Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software Evaluate software vendors Validate for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Who Will Benefit: Computer system users IT department QC, QA Instructor Profile: Computer System Validation’s principal, David Nettleton, is an industry leader, author, and instructor on topics pertaining to 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, HIPAA, software validation, and computer system validation. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    HIPAA and BYOD - Portable Devices and Enforcement

    This training session will discuss the requirements, the risks, and the issues of the increasing use of mobile devices for patient communications and provide a road map for how to use them safely and effectively, to increase the quality of health care and patient satisfaction. Why Should You Attend: The miniaturization of electronics and communications has revolutionized the way people communicate and the information they carry around with them every day. Who Will Benefit: Compliance Director CEO CFO Privacy Officer Instructor Profile: Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder and director of compliance services at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a Vermont-based consulting firm founded in 1982. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    TIN Matching and B Notices - How to Minimize the Paperwork from Complaints on IRS Information Returns

    This IRS regulatory compliance training will explain the TIN matching system best practices to eliminate form 1099 reporting errors. Why Should You Attend: How do you know your vendor’s W-9s are correct? What are the consequences of filing incorrect name and ID numbers on their 1099s? Who will Benefit: Financial Officers Tax Managers Accounts Payable Managers Instructor Profile: Miles Hutchinson is a CGMA and experienced businessman. He has been an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the chief financial officer of a $1 billion real estate development company. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy

    Manufacturing, consumer products, telecommunications, energy, and other similar businesses face tough decisions every day. How their leaders, managers, sales teams, and employees deal with processes, products, finances, and customers is critical. Zodiak is a powerful, fast-paced classroom business simulation—enhanced with technology components and customized to meet unique needs—that guides learners to discover how business really works and how they impact the bottom line. Armed with on-the-job tools, they are ready to take action to drive results.
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    Accounts Payable Fraud - Detecting and Preventing AP Fraud

    This 90-minute webinar will guide you through the critical steps in ensuring strong controls for the accounts payable (AP) function and provide practical 'how to' guidance for minimizing your organization’s exposure to AP fraudsters. Why Should You Attend: According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses suffer an average of $155,000 every time an insider commits fraud. More disturbing: Billing schemes are by far the most common fraud schemes threatening organizations, making up nearly one-third of the total. Who Will Benefit: Internal and external audit professionals Accounting and audit practitioners AP managers Instructor Profile: Peter Goldmann, has 25 years of experience as a business journalist and trainer, having launched, edited and published numerous business trade periodicals covering small business, international trade, management strategy, banking and personal finance. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    How to Achieve a Compliant and Effective Cleanroom Design and Facility Validation

    This training program will discuss designing an effective cleanroom facility validation protocol and report, when and how to transition into the routine environmental monitoring processes, how to maintain a state of control within the cleanroom, and the routine environmental monitoring and excursion investigation processes. Why Should You Attend: This 90-minute training will provide participants an understanding of: The regulations guiding cleanroom facilities What constitutes an effective Who Will Benefit: Quality Control Manufacturing/Production Senior Management Regulatory Affairs Instructor Profile: Charity Ogunsanya has over 23 years of extensive experience within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biologics, cell-therapy, diagnostics, research and development, radio-pharmaceutical, contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and medical device companies. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    The Saving Grace of Internal HR Audits

    This training session will define why HR audits are a vital part of a comprehensive strategy to help avoid those areas of concern that may need immediate attention. Why Should You Attend: How is your HR department doing? Noncompliance problems can be, and frequently are, the basis for significant financial risk. Can you answer these questions: Would your company pass an I-9 audit? Do you provide the correct COBRA information at the right time? Do you understand records retention requirements for the various aspects of the function? Who Will Benefit: HR Managers HR Administrators Employment and Employee Relations Managers Instructor Profile: Cathleen Hampton has more than 25 years of experience as a human resources professional providing subject matter expertise in areas of risk and compliance, work force planning, and human capital strategy. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Equipment Calibration, Maintenance, and Validation: What Auditors Look for in a Controlled Process

    This webinar will discuss the different aspects which auditors generally look in equipment calibration, maintenance and validation and highlight the best practices. Why You Should Attend: FDA and EU regulations require that firms have a program for the calibration and maintenance of test and measurement equipment. The program must include: intervals, scheduling, specific procedures, limits of accuracy/precision, and remedial action in the event that the equipment does not meet established requirements. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel involved in process development or equipment calibration/maintenance: R&D management Engineering management Production management Instructor Profile: Jeff Kasoff, RAC, is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Life-Tech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of consumables and instrumentation in the urodynamic and pain management fields. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Supply Chain and Product Compliance Using RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals

    This training program will offer an in-depth look at three important product regulations focused on materials compliance and ethical sourcing, along with the tools and policies needed to implement them. Why Should You Attend: The European Union and the United States are leading the world in product regulations focused on environmental compliance and ethical sourcing. Compliance is mandatory in order to continue manufacturing, shipping, and selling products in Europe and the U.S. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in: Product design Supply chain compliance Responsible sourcing Supply chain risk management Instructor Profile: Kelly Eisenhardt is co-founder and managing director of BlueCircle Advisors responsible for business development, consulting, and training services focused on environmental compliance and corporate social responsibility. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    The Affordable Care Act Compliance Issues for 2015 and Beyond

    This training program will focus on ACA compliance requirements for 2015. It will also cover topics such as anti-discrimination provisions for highly compensated employees, affordable coverage penalty, transitional relief for some employers in 2015, and more. Why Should You Attend: This year the rubber really meets the road for Affordable Care Act compliance. Yet many, whether they are simply concerned individuals or business owners or executives, still find the ACA to be a topic that generates much confusion. Who Will Benefit: Business owners with 50 or more full-time employees/full-time equivalents Executives Benefits administrators Instructor Profile: Janette Levey Frisch, founder of The EmpLAWyerologist Firm, is an employment/HR attorney with over 20 years’ legal experience. Ms. Frisch is a legal wellness professional for employment practices and workforce challenges. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    Complying with SSA and IRS Rules for Correcting Forms W-2 and 941

    This webinar will train attendees on how to make quick and accurate corrections to Forms W-2 and 941. It will review legal and regulatory changes for the 2015 filing season and discuss best practices for gathering, calculating and reconciling W-2 data. Why Should You Attend: Have you ever had an employee surprise you on April 14 with an error in their W-2? Claims of errors need to be taken seriously, reviewed and corrected at the earliest. Who Will Benefit: Information Reporting Officers Tax Managers Compliance Officers Compliance Managers Instructor Profile: Miles Hutchinson is a CGMA and experienced businessman. He has been an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the chief financial officer of a $1 billion real estate development company. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    High Frequency Trading: HFT and its Supervision

    The key to success in dealing with the present and future of HFT (High Frequency Trading) and to understand how to face the continuing changes in our markets, in part, is attributable to understanding how and why we are on our current path. Why Should You Attend: The primary reason to be concerned with HFT is the potential misuse of very strength it was meant to accomplish: its ability to detect patterns in the market place and act to take advantage of those patterns. Who Will Benefit: Traders and compliance staff in trading floors/desks Business development areas at trading firms Broker/dealer branch management and investment banking compliance officers Instructor Profile: Aldo Martinez is a retired NYSE regulation vice-president, founder of AJM Advisory Services, and currently a partner in the law firm of Vella, Singer and Martinez, P.C. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.
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    New Part 11 Guidance for Clinical Trials: What This Means for You

    This training on 21 CFR Part 11 guidance for clinical trials will explain the new 21 CFR Part 11 regulations for electronic records and what that means for your organization and the clincial studies you conduct. Why Should You Attend: FDA regulations related to Good Clinical Practices includes Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures. Who will Benefit: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in: Human subjects research personnel Clinical research coordinators Investigators Administration in charge of clinical research Regulatory affairs Instructor Profile: Sarah Fowler-Dixon, PhD, has been working with the Washington University IRB since May 2001. Note: Use coupon code 232082 and get 10% off on registration.