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    California AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training

    Training Benefits & Deliverable Include: Meet CA AB 1825 sexual harassment training requirements…Build stronger working relationships through increased understanding…Improve productivity by providing a more comfortable working climate…Communicate more professionally and effectively with co-workers…Reduce the instances of being misunderstood or misrepresented…Reduce the exposure to employment and labor law claims by documenting sexual harassment training…Deal with cultural, generational, religious and other differences more sensitively…Learn communication skills that can eradicate harassment and discrimination before it begins…Sensitize employee awareness to colleague perceptions and perspectives…Address the most common causes of harassment and disrespect…Increase the employee’s understanding of their responsibilities of behavior…Identify and avoid risky work place conduct…Reinforce your company’s anti-harassment and discrimination policies
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    Promoting a Diverse & Harassment-Free Workplace

    Training Benefits & Deliverables Include: Prevent discrimination or harassment situations from arising with co-workers…Build stronger working relationships through increased understanding…Provide a more comfortable working climate…Communicate more professionally and effectively with co-workers and customers…Reduce the instances of being misunderstood or misrepresented…Reduce the exposure to legal claims by documenting sensitivity training…Deal with cultural, generational, and other differences more sensitively…Learn communication skills that eradicate harassment or discrimination…Sensitize employee awareness to colleague perceptions and perspectives…Address the most common causes of harassment and disrespect…Reinforce your company’s anti-harassment and discrimination policies
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    Tax Levies and Creditor Garnishments: What Payroll Must Know to Stay in Compliance

    Tax levies and creditor garnishments can be some of the most complex tasks required of any payroll department. If garnishments are not handled precisely, you may have to face heavy fines for non-compliance. Why Should You Attend: This webinar will concentrate on processing garnishments other than child support in the payroll department. It will cover: Federal rules for creditor garnishments IRS rules for federal tax levies Who Will Benefit: Payroll professionals Human Resources Accounting Personnel Instructor Profile: Vicki M. Lambert, CPP, is president and academic director of The Payroll Advisor™ a firm specializing in training payroll professionals. With over three decades of hands-on experience in all facets of payroll functions as well as over 20 years as a trainer and author, Ms. Lambert is a sought-after and respected voice in the practice and management of payroll issues.
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    Exporting to Canada Procedures and Documentation

    This training on export compliance will help you understand documentation and procedures to assist in expediting clearance of commercial goods through Canada Border Services Agency. Why Should You Attend: Canada is the United States' largest trading partner. This webinar will assist U.S. companies who export goods to Canada to learn the newest updates in procedures and regulations. Who Will Benefit: Exporters Manufacturers Purchasing Personnel Accounting Personnel Shipping/Receiving Personnel Instructor Profile: Jan Seal, is a Management Consultant on International Trade and a Licensed Customhouse Broker with over 35 years of experience in imports and exports. Ms. Seal is a frequent speaker/instructor at nation-wide seminars and webinars for international companies located around the world and international trade organizations.
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    Guidelines for Performing a Corporate Wide Internal Audit Risk Assessment

    Performing a corporate wide risk assessment is doable, and can provide internal audit and its organization a roadmap for the upcoming audit year. In this webinar, participants will learn how to maximize the time spent on the risk assessment process on an annual basis. Why Should You Attend: Performing a corporate wide risk assessment can seem like a daunting task for an organization. In reality, it can be done using a template and brainstorming with internal auditors, certified fraud examiners and business unit leaders throughout your organization. Who Will Benefit: Internal audit personnel involved in performing the annual risk assessment Internal audit management interested in performing a risk assessment Professionals responsible for performing risk assessment duties Instructor Profile: Marna Steuart has been in the audit industry for over twenty years. Ms. Steuart began her career with a big four firm as an external auditor.
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    Telehealth and Regulation of Health Care Services Delivered via Telehealth

    In recent years, there has been an increase in the delivery of health care services via telehealth to bridge distance and time and provide better follow on and more conveniently accessible care to patients. Why Should You Attend: This growing mode of care delivery in which providers and patients are not in close physical proximity has drawn interest from policymakers and regulators charged with protecting patient safety and quality of care. Who Will Benefit: This webinar will prove highly beneficial for health care providers interested in providing services via telehealth as well as public policymakers, regulators and others seeking a greater understanding of telehealth and its regulation. This includes: Licensed health care professionals Hospital administrators and telehealth managers Instructor Profile: Frederick Pilot, principal of Pilot Healthcare Strategies, has substantial experience in the private and public sectors .
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    Payroll Record Keeping: Who Requires What, for How Long and in What Format

    Personnel records are documentation of an individual's employment history encompassing all employment-related information collected and maintained by the employer. Why Should You Attend: Employers are often confused concerning the legal requirements for recordkeeping, the retention of employee files and other employment-related records. Who Will Benefit: Employers Human Resource and Talent Management Professionals Managers Supervisors Instructor Profile: Betty J. Jackson, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), is president and chief career strategist at B J Magnum & Associates, a management consulting firm.
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    Hot Topics in Disability Leave - ADA, FMLA, PPACA and HIPAA

    Between federal and state laws, with so many changes and additions to disability leave, employers must be familiar with the latest updates to the disability laws. This webinar will offer insights into these updates on disability leave including ADA, FMLA, PPACA and HIPAA. Why Should You Attend: Disability laws have undergone significant changes in the past year. This includes changes to leaves pertaining to breast feeding, remote access, mental disabilities, and use of medical marijuana. Who Will Benefit: HR Directors HR Professionals HR Managers Instructor Profile: Deirdre Kamber Todd, Esq., is a partner with The Kamber Law Group, P.C., a next-generation law firm located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. With fifteen years’ experience, Ms. Kamber focuses her practice on labor and employment law, social media and technology law, HIPAA, and business law.
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    FFIEC BSA/AML Examination Manual Update

    This webinar will go through every section of the revised FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual to highlight changes and areas where banks should review their internal policies, processes and procedures for compliance. Why Should You Attend: The revised FFIEC Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual provides current guidance on risk-based policies, procedures, and processes for banking organizations to comply with and safeguard operations from money laundering and terrorist financing. Who Will Benefit: BSA/AML Officers Internal and Independent Auditors Staff with Roles and Responsibilities in BSA/AML Management and Oversight
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    Changing Supplier Controls Requirements

    This training on FDA supplier controls will help you refine your supplier chain management and vendor audits to match the FDA's tougher position. Why Should You Attend: Recent FDA statements and actions indicate the past ways of managing a company's supply chain / outsourcing will no longer be acceptable. Increasingly reports from the field indicate that the agency is using high-profile cases to drive compliance to smaller companies and suppliers. Who Will Benefit: The following personnel from the medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and biologics fields will benefit: Senior management Regulatory affairs Quality assurance Purchasing Instructor Profile: John E. Lincoln is principal of J. E. Lincoln and Associates LLC, a consulting company with over 31 years’ experience in U.S. FDA-regulated industries, and 17 years as a full-time consultant.
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    Legal and Effective Behavioral Interviewing

    In this webinar, HR professionals, and managers can learn how to prepare, conduct, and evaluate behavioral interviews when hiring or promoting employees; to eliminate subjective hiring decisions and increase effectiveness and validity in the selection process while following legal guidelines. Why Should You Attend: Have you ever been completely blind-sided by a job candidate? In the interview he seemed perfect; once hired, he was a disaster. Who Will Benefit: Managers Supervisors Human Resource Professionals Shift Leaders Sales & Marketing Professionals Instructor Profile: Judi Clements, President of Judi Clements Training & Development, in Clifton Park, NY, is a veteran training professional who offers training, coaching and keynotes in the areas of management, communication, wellness, and customer service.
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    Getting Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Right! Worker Classification for HR Executives

    This webinar will help attendees comprehend how exempt and non-exempt workers are classified. It will offer key guidance for HR professionals to identify exempt versus non-exempt employees as given by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Why Should You Attend: This course will highlight classifications between exempt versus non-exempt employees as per the Fair Labor Standards Act. Who Will Benefit: HR Professionals Payroll Leads/Supervisors/Managers C-Level Executives Operations Leads Instructor Profile: The webinar is led by HR strategy consultant Douglas L. Pilarski, president of Sawyer TMS. Mr. Pilarski has a proven track record of helping his clients drive results and enhance business effectiveness.
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    Advanced Python 3 Programming

    This is two-day advanced training addresses the programming language's more complicated features. The topics discussed include high level data structures, constructing GUIs, network and CGI programming. Programmers within roles dedicated to constructing applicafiton frameworks, distributed computing and software integration with Python benefit from this instruction.
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    MS 40365A - Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

    This Microsoft course is offered online and in-person. This three day instructor-led training experience covers topics such as installing Windows Server, Active Directory, storage options, server performance management, server maintenance, and server roles. This course is intended for IT professionals with entry-level experience and knowledge interested in working with Windows Server technologies and understanding server administration
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    Risk Management Framework (RMF) Training Course

    Risk Management Framework (RMF) is the unified information security framework for the entire federal government that is replacing the legacy Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes within federal government departments and agencies, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). DoD officially began its transition from the legacy DIACAP process to the new "RMF for DoD IT" process. This course is designed for system owners, administrators, developers, integrators, and information assurance staff who need to understand: FISMA RMF process (including Security Authorization or A&A) NIST baseline security controls Documentation package Continuous monitoring process
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    CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

    CompTIA’s Security+ training is a must for IT Professionals just beginning to focus their careers towards computer security. This certification course can be taken either in-person or through our live virtual classroom, making it easily accessible to professionals around the world. The 5-day training course will cover foundational principles vital for understanding how to secure a network, manage risk and ultimately prepare students for their certification exam. This course is ideal for: Security Consultants Security Engineers IA Technicians/Managers Network Administrators
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    Green Belt Traditional and Lean Six Sigma

    This course is intended for entry-level Process Quality Engineers and Systems Engineers looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Six Sigma methodologies. This Six Sigma training course includes a hands-on workshop and in-depth curriculum addressing every detail within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C necessary to prepare individuals to earn their Green Belt certification and meet performance goals.
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    Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Power ToolsSM

    Program based on definition by National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking. OBJECTIVES o Solve problems, make effective decisions o Prioritize decisions for effectiveness, efficiency o Make better decisions with limited data o Minimize poor decisions; neutralize stress OUTLINE What are Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving? o Define principle o Strengths, Challenges o Meet business challenges Use art, science of critical thinking o Role of values, facts o Challenge knowledge, beliefs, facts, assumptions o Methods to explore alternatives, stimulate thinking Creative critical-thinking; o Use Clarity methodology; proven results o Develop solution options, plan o Make decision with confidence, test decisions Develop action plan to improve critical thinking. IMPLEMENTATION o Interactive o Customized workshops on your issues o Web-based follow-up to answer questions, share experiences
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    Creating Technical Competencies

    Most competency models created today require the inclusion of technical, functional, or professional competencies. These competencies are so job-specific that there are no competency dictionaries or libraries from which to draw competency definitions. This program teaches participants how to collect and analyze the data needed to create technical competencies to include in job competency models.
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    Achieving Success as a New Manager

    Transition from your previous role to a management position - Model your day-to-day actions for success - Build effective working relationships with your management peers - Leverage delegation for responsive delivery.