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    Business Etiquette

    How you present yourself to others in the business world speaks volumes. Business etiquette provides a framework for building successful professional relationships. From introductions to dining manners to how you interact with your coworkers, this course offers some foundational tips on what you need to know when establishing business relationships.
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    ESL Grammar & Writing Skills

    This fun, interactive workshop is designed to help non-native English speakers improve their grammar and writing skills in the workplace. We will work on grammar, organization, clarity, sentence structure, tone, punctuation, and more. You will gain confidence as you see your business writing improve in just two days.
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    Business Writing Essentials

    Overview of Effective Business Writing Skills. Fast-paced, hands-on practice. Strategies and techniques for writing clearly and concisely. Plan, draft, and revise documents. Proofreading tips. Pre- and post-testing available. Reasonable rates and discounts. Groups of 3-30.
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    Business Grammar Essentials

    Brush Up on business grammar and punctuation skills. Interactive, hands-on practice with each topic. Subject-verb agreement, verb tense use, problems with pronouns, sentence types and structure, parallel structure, dangling modifiers, etc. Pre- and post-testing available. Reasonable rates and discounts. Groups of 3-30.
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    Writing Effective Email

    Avoid 12 common email mistakes. Ensure a clear, focused message. Begin and end email effectively. Organize for greatest impact and readabilitiy. Ensure professional presentation. Reasonable rates and discounts. Groups of 3-30.
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    Business Grammar & Usage

    ENGLISH BOOT CAMP - Know the rules! Business people who know grammar judge others based on their correct (or incorrect) usage. Be the professional who is able to be clear and correct in writing. Business Grammar & Usage: ENGLISH BOOT CAMP is the answer for today’s business competitive environment. Interactive instruction and collaboration with your fellow attendees means that you will master the skills and apply your new knowledge to the classroom exercises and activities. When you return to work, you’ll have new confidence about what is right and wrong, when it comes to writing. Attendees Will Be Able To: -Parts of Speech -Sentence Structure (Subject-Verb and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement) -Plurals and Possessives -Spelling, Mechanics (Capitalization, Abbreviation, Number Use), and Punctuation Format—Business Grammar & Usage is an 8-hour class for up to 20 people.
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    Effective Business Writing

    Be a better and more confident writer. Master skills that are necessary in today’s competitive business environment. Learn to write in a way that elevates you with increased confidence and enthusiasm. The focus of Effective Business Writing training is how to organize ideas and communicate clearly. This class will show you how to write in a concise manner with conviction. For business professionals who have written contact with others, these areas of development are necessary. Improved written English means increased internal and external customer satisfaction. Attendees Will Be Able To: • Get document-writing started, increasing efficiency; • Gain greater awareness of audience and how to communicate ideas effectively; • Organize writing, following guidelines for appropriate style; • Write correctly and successfully, eliminating the need for constant revision; • Edit writing with confidence; and Communicate more clearly, fostering an increased perception of expertise.
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    The Grammar Course

    Eliminate embarrassing grammatical mistakes, and improve the way you communicate! If you want your business communication to be taken seriously, it's time you took your grammar seriously.
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    Business Writing: When English Is A Second Language

    Improve your ability to write in English...and increase your chances for success. Writing clearly and correctly in the language of business is critical to your success!
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    Business Writing: When English Is A Second Language Level II

    You've mastered the take your business writing skills to the next level!
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    Math CD Tutorials & Certificate Courses

    New highly interactive CDs with Virtual Labs help students study applied mathematics. Easy-to-learn CD courses in Algebra, Trig, Graphs and Vectors, Pre- Calculus, Calculus, Equations, Fractions, Geometry, Integers, Percent, Powers and Probability.