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    Team Building: 5 Steps to Become a Team of Distinction

    When you look closely, is your company really teamless? Of course you have people at their desks who do their work, but are they galvanized into a team that is greater than the sum of its parts? Do they have momentum? Is the culture electric? Are they caught up in internal debates? The hard truth is that when cultures lose the magic of true teamwork, they begin to devolve into Teams Of Extinction. The goal is to reverse this slide into mediocrity, to revitalize the culture, and use teambuilding techniques so that it evolves into a Team Of Distinction. If your team has split into factions, is caught up in internal debates or lacking energy and morale that leverages the power of collaboration, you NEED this course. Join award winning and international expert in team building and team performance, Lawrence Polsky, for a powerful course where you’ll learn the tools.
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    Business Planning and Execution

    It’s surprisingly common for employees to get elevated to management positions without the fundamentals of business planning. In fact even as the head of a project or company, many leaders operate without the benefit of clear objectives and strategies and flounder when attempting to align teams around a common goal. Execution drifts, and everyone is left scratching their heads a year later when intended results have failed to materialize. Based on Jim Horan’s best-selling book, “The One Page Business Plan,” this program provides a clear and easy method for corporate executives, department or unit managers or small business owners to develop a business plan. Department managers and project managers learn to articulate the mission, strategies, and metrics related to their area of the business and design action plans that tie to strategies and measurable results. Business owners learn to prioritize and focus on the key goals that will drive business success.
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    Presentation and Facilitation Skills Certification

    This train the trainer program teaches core skills required of those conducting training programs. Presentation skills include thoughtful organization and wordsmithing of presentations including storytelling, effective use of voice and body to reach your target audience and creating compelling visuals. Facilitation includes effectively reading cues, listening, engaging participation and responding to challenges participants throw your way.
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    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) Understanding Personality

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) MBTI is the most used and researched personality assessment. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and MBTI Master Practitioner, works with you individually or as a team to understand how your personality preferences influence your work, communication, and management styles. Maximize your unique gifts. Understand and interact with others more effectively. Individuals: Use MBTI to consider key life decisions, become a better communicator, and use your strengths and talents to become more productive. Teams: Gain insights into fellow team members, work together more effectively, and eliminate needless conflict. Everyone: Learn the art of Flexing to "speak the other person's language" without giving up your own. Receive a detailed profile, content-packed notebook in an interactive feedback and education session. Choose from different types of in-depth profile reports based on your needs. Integrate into leadership, team, and personal development.
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    Structure Versus Flexibility - a Key Management Choice

    Balancing project structure and flexibility is a fine art. Too little structure gives us the Wild West, unmet commitments, and a team limited to what can be achieved by the fittest survivor. Too much structure smothers the initiative needed to overcome the unknowns limiting The Plan at the start of any project. Everyone knows this, but getting the right balance is so difficult that most of the time most projects find themselves some distance from the sweet spot. In this course, leaders with discover how to make their projects more successful by creating organizational structures and processes that * Are realistic about uncertainties * Tailor information infrastructure * Foster transparency with all stakeholders
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    Tools for Better Communication and Better Meetings

    Open, respectful communication is key to any relationship, team, or organization. This course focuses on raising awareness of and overcoming two common barriers to successful interpersonal and team interaction: (1) unstated but consciously or unconsciously held beliefs, expectations, and needs; and (2) entering an interaction with an implicit goal to win rather than to learn and collaborate.
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    Understanding the Multiple Facets of Organizations and Leadership

    This course uses Bolman and Deal's Four-Frame Model to expand the versatility and effectiveness of leaders, by allowing them to act from perspectives appropriate the situations they face. These perspectives include: * Structural Frame – organization as a factory or machine, making sure rules, roles, and process are attuned to objectives, environment, and technology * Human Resource Frame – organization as a family, making sure the team is aligned, empowered, and fulfilled * Political Frame – organization as an arena, with appropriately developed advocacy and power base frameworks, and an environment for productive handling of competition and conflict * Symbolic frame – organization as theater, that inspires faith, beauty, and meaning.
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    Strategic Teamwork

    Teams can accomplish amazing things when individual talents, experience, and perspectives find a way to collaborate, and avoid the pitfalls of conflict, isolation, and confusion. This course provides a conceptual framework and practical exercises to help leaders establish effective teams based on: * Shared vision and purpose * An enabling team structure * Effective personal interaction * Personal engagement and growth
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    Rapid Learning Performance Feedback Workshop

    Educate your supervisors and managers on how to most effectively give feedback to employees! This program will aid leaders in taking a better approach to handling employee performance issues. Giving feedback to employees with performance issues is one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader in todays business world. This workshop will outfit leaders with the important skills they need to effectively give and receive feedback from their employees.
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    Rapid Learning Developing Effective Leadership Skills Workshop

    Learn the leadership skills that will take your organization to the next level! This course will focus on developing leadership capabilities within individuals to aid in achieving their leadership goals. This program allows individuals to learn effective leadership skills and values that will bring their organization to the next level of performance. Individuals will work on the attitudes, behaviors, and values that define successful leadership.
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    Personal Time Management

    Personal time management is critical to every manager’s success. This session provides the tools and techniques for balancing short-term reactive management with long-term proactive management. It also focuses on how to accomplish individual work, while supervising others. Key Learning's: • Participants will learn how to prioritize their work using a simple check list process. • Participants get a reference workbook to use back on the job. Program Outcomes: Managers will better prioritize tasks and projects.
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    Managing Change

    This workshop helps employees through the emotional transition from “what was” to “what will be,” because change is successful when they reorient and adapt on a personal, emotional level. The program is based on a three-stage process developed by William Bridges, Ph.D., whose book, Transition – The Personal Path Through Change, integrates DISC® insights to help people transition effectively. This workshop provides everything participants need to get on board with changes. A personal learning guide actively involves participants in self-directed study, one-on-one coaching, in large- or small-group workshops.
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    The Bounce Back Strategy Workshop- Rebounding from Setbacks

    This workshop allows you to recognize and avoid performance-disrupting mental traps. It will help participants choose their reaction and pace their responses. Choose this workshop to teach and inspire participants to avoid the personal burn-out that can result from failures or set-backs. •This workshop can be formatted into half or full day sessions •Add as many participants as you want •Each workshop is custom-designed •Add an assessment or workbook to assure learning transfer Program Outcomes: •Stay calm in the moment and rebound quickly from set-backs. •Eliminate the destructive effects of self-talk. •Learn the mental toughness strategies taken from the world of sports psychology. •Choose their attitude and develop coping strategies for staying motivated. •Modify the peaks and valleys performance cycles which destroy self-worth and motivation. •Develop the mental do’s and don’ts for pre-creative session coping.
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    FISH! The Hidden Motivation of a Positive Culture

    Pike's Place market in Seattle is home to a great customer-service experience. This workshop focuses on how the market developed an exceptional culture of high performance, all by choosing its employees' attitudes. Workshops include the world -famous "The FISH! Philosophy" video and breakout exercises. Key Learning's: • How attitudes affects the workplace culture. • How changing attitudes and approaches can shift culture. • How being present for clients and others has a positive impact. • Why making someone’s day is critical. • The role of play in establishing a positive culture. Program Outcomes: Participants gain a renewed sense of positive engagement. The workshop includes a workbook, and helps participants develop action plans, to assure long-term development.
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    Building Your Team's Innovation Strategy

    Launch Team Breakthrough Thinking and Delivery Imagine the difference it would make to your projects if everyone knew their innovative thinking approach and developed an optimal team process to deliver break-through results. Your participants will discover their innovation style as well as the team’s collective style- strengths and limitations. Our three steps will truly optimize your innovative outputs: Your team will complete the FourSight Assessment Profile on line, which measures individual preferences. The brand new Team Report offers a 20-page debrief that provides the team with a clear sense of their strengths and problem areas to watch out for. Our one day workshop will provide feedback on your team’s strengths and limitations and offer new tools for easy use in thinking as a creative team. Your team members will develop their “signature” delivery process which includes clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing solutions using a real live business challenge.
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    Situational Leadership II

    Situational Leadership II (SLII) is a basic supervisory tool that teaches managers how to make decisions and manage each employee based on that individual's willingness, ability, and capacity to complete a specific task. The Situational Leadership Model focuses on tailoring your leadership style based on the follower you are leading. This powerful session allows employees to identify successful and effective leadership approaches that match followers’ readiness. Leading others situationally is the key to influencing followers’ performance. Your leaders will learn how to match their leadership style to another employee's development level, positively influence that employee, and build a commitment to achieve better long-term results. SLII will improve the effectiveness, impact, and dedication of your leaders.
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    It’s Okay to be the Boss!

    Managing people today is harder than ever, because: -They have to do more with less. - Employees are not only more likely to openly disagree openly and push back, they won’t work hard for vague promises of long-term rewards. -Workers look to their immediate supervisors to get what they need and want at work. Most managers take a hands-off approach to this huge management challenge. They “empower” employees by leaving them alone unless they really need them or something goes wrong. Then they have to fix the problem themselves, leaving even less time to manage people. Bruce Tulgan’s message, “It’s Okay to Be the Boss,” addresses the biggest problem in most workplaces – an under-management epidemic that affects managers at all levels and in all industries.
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    Introduction to Supervision

    Maximize your supervisors’ potential! This workshop lets your supervisors, managers and leaders focus on the skill sets and organizational challenges they face. We provide an in -depth understanding of the characteristics and responsibilities of supervisors, help participants identify their own supervisory style, and create a personal development plan. Workshop Key Learning's and Program Outcomes: • This workshop is practical and job-related. Our targeted approach focuses on your supervisor's most important challenges and needs, so they can improve. • Supervisors will learn about their leadership style, how to manage others, how to manage projects, what to do about conflicts, and how to "manage up". • Each participant receives a workbook, self-assessment and action plan.
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    CLI's Leadership Academy

    CLI offers a custom-designed workshop that is a dynamic blend of the best assessment tools available, the most effective leadership models and tools, and our exciting hands-on learning break-out activities. This program is designed to fit your timeline and location requirements and is offered as either an accelerated one- or multi-day format or multiple modules built around your time frame requirements. The learning tools available for this program include: the Denison Culture Survey®, Self Assessment Tools (such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® or Disc 363®), plus leadership case studies and models.
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    Adventures in Attitudes

    Adventures in Attitudes is designed to help people understand that they can choose how to perceive and respond to events around them, and that it’s in their control to change a negative outlook to one that’s positive. This product creates a program that will help you gain committed employees versus compliant ones, foster teamwork and communication versus control, and inspire leadership and innovation versus dependency.