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    5 Ways to Be a True Team – by Teams of Distinction

    Many work teams are only teams on paper. Just because a group is labeled a team doesn't mean they are operating as one. In reality, they undermine each other, are afraid of their manager; and lack strong leadership. And yet they wonder why they are not productive and happy. • Learn the 5 things you can do to create a real team, to build a team where team members feel connected to something larger than themselves and feel positive about working together towards shared goals. Be a leader that sets the culture by being honest and talking up people. • Learn how to develop a team to have productive debate with each other, to have a fundamental commitment to tell the truth to each other and work in the spirit of creating the best results possible. • Learn how teams leverage the positive. Have a team that interacts positively and restrains themselves from insulting and hurting each other. Learn to find the best in each other and each situation.
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    Shaping Talented People into a Successful Team – by Teams of Distinction

    Does your team have "swing?" Do the people who report to you work as a team in near-perfect synchronization, unified in mission, achieving outstanding results? A lot of talented individuals doing a good job doesn’t mean they are a high-performing team. They can simply be a collection of high-performing individuals. A true team is more like a crew team: each of the people in the boat is doing the same thing in exact unison. We can show you how to develop your crew into a true team operating at world-class level. We can help you develop characteristics that define a team with "swing": * fierce pride * synchronization * a mind of their own *aspirational ambition. Such a team will * collaborate to create a breakthrough innovation, * support each other through the challenges of a new market, a new strategy or reorganization and * raise each other’s results through pushing, prodding, and cheerleading. Don't be complacent and accept your group of talented individuals. Aim higher!
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    9 Ways You Are Destroying Your Team – And What to Do About It – by Teams of Distinction

    What is your team doing that destroys teamwork? Creating unreasonable time constraints? Insulting innovation and discouraging mistakes? Not involving the team until the last minute? Not defining who does what? Do you let corporate politics get in the way of progress? Do you establish roadblocks to virtual collaboration? Do you send mixed messages about team priorities? Do you motivate with rewards and recognition? Do you and your colleagues trust each other? One of these alone is enough to cripple your team. Combine them and you destroy your team. They create miserable workplaces and demolish productivity. Learn how to do the opposite. Learn how to create a pumped-up, focused, enthusiastic team of distinction able to take on the world!
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    Power, Politics and Partnership

    Format, 1 to 1-1/2 days, on-site. If your organization is struggling with misunderstandings between departments, organizational silos, finger-pointing, apathy, or dissatisfied customers, this program is guaranteed to provide new possibilities and practical leadership solutions. Key Learning Objectives: Understanding the organizational system patterns that interfere with success Using concrete strategies for working more constructively across organizational silos Seeing issues systemically rather than personally Understanding the multiplicity of roles each of us play and how to approach each role with more effective behavior Power, Politics & Partnership has been adopted by numerous government agencies including: The Environmental Protection Agency FDIC Department of Energy (Bonneville Power Administration) City of Longmont, CO State of Colorado
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    Fundamental Leadership Skills, For Technical Leads and Managers

    Format: 1 & 1/2 Days, Onsite Key Learning Objectives: Three keys to successful management and leadership Communicating and influencing others: Why effective communication is the cornerstone for becoming an effective manager 6 functions of an effective manager and leader Assessing the context: A decision-making model for technical managers Contextual Leadership® How to choose the best management style to accomplish your goals Personal flexibility and self-awareness: Requirements for becoming a competent leader While most technologists prefer an analytical mind-set of primarily dealing with projects and data, during this training program they’ll learn how to shift into a manager’s “people-oriented” mind-set. They’ll learn the six key functions of an effective manager and leader and gain valuable techniques that can be implemented immediately at work.
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    MBTI: Working More Effectively with Others Using the MBTI®

    Format: Onsite, 1 day for intact teams or 1/2-day introduction/refresher course. During this interactive training program, participants will discover how they prefer to maximize their energy, process information and make decisions, communicate with others, and implement strategies for how to work more effectively with co-workers, managers, and customers. This program may be used by intact teams (full day) to identify team dynamics and explore techniques for improving them. It's also offered as a semi-customized 1/2-day (4 hour) training as an introduction (or refresher) to type theory and the practical application of MBTI in any work environment. Key Learning Objectives: Complete the MBTI online assessment, prior to the training. Understand the MBTI model and its application within a technical environment. Understand the difference between preferences and competencies and why that’s important.
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    DiSC- Discovering Your Communication Style For Team Productivity

    Format: 1 Day or two 1/2-Days Onsite Everything DiSC Workplace® can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. This onsite program, designed specifically for technical professionals and people working within technical environments, uses a pre-training online assessment, engaging facilitation with contemporary video, and interactive exercises to make the learning come alive. Participants are guaranteed to better understand and appreciate other people’s styles, resulting in more effective and productive working relationships. Key Learning Objectives: Understand the DiSC® 4-quadrant model. Recognize common perceptions of other social styles, including the role styles can have with collaboration and conflict. Adapt to different personal styles to interact in a positive and productive way with others, regardless of style. Plan how to work more effectively with individuals with varying personal styles.
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    Negotiation Skills for Technical Professionals

    Format: 2 Day Onsite Training Session Participants: Minimum: 12; Maximum: 24 In this 2-day training program, participants learn to consistently and confidently diffuse win-lose exchanges so they can build win-win-outcomes. They’ll complete their individualized Negotiating Style Profiles and Dealing with Tough Negotiators assessments while learning the ten most common communication styles others use to defeat win-win philosophies. This interactive training includes a combination of classroom instruction, facilitative discussion, individual skills assessments, and team or small-group negotiation simulations for achieving win-win outcomes in any technical work environment. • Understand how to deal with tough negotiators • Learn to maintain an atmosphere of respect for win-win outcomes • Practice negotiation scenarios from participant’s real work-related situations
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    Influencing Skills for Supervisors and Managers

    Format: 2 Day Onsite Training Session During this training, participants will learn how to access a variety of supervisory tools including: persuasion, positive motivation, personal power, and effective use of authority. Knowing when and how to apply these tools results in more productive working relationships with direct reports, cross-functional team members, customers, vendors and project sponsors. This 2-day training program is designed specifically for supervisors. Participants are encouraged to bring one or two challenging work situations to discuss and utilize in the session exercises. Participants will immediately be able to apply the techniques and strategies demonstrated in this course. Key Objectives: • Explore the key differences between communication and influence • Identify your “map” of the world –with the STCI Circle of Influence® process • Practice the importance of building rapport to create influence
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    Large Group Conference Music Team Building

    Tired of talking heads, restless participants and clock watchers? Our conference ice breakers, conference energizers and KeyNotes will bring your event to the next level with our interactive, fun and powerfully inspiring programs. Led by Grammy award winning hit songwriters, you’ll create and perform a song that celebrates your company’s culture. From 30 to 90 minutes – From 50 to 2,500 participants. You don’t have to be musical to have fun – Both introverts and extroverts will shine. With our hit songwriter-leaders on stage and moving throughout the crowd, everyone gets involved. There’s lots of participation as ideas are shared and lyrics are projected overhead. You’ll create a powerful take-away, Your Song. When the song is complete, your entire group will perform and record it with our hit songwriters leading the way. MP3s will be available for download within hours of your event. The performance of your company song will become a lasting part of your grou
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    Dynamic Problem Solving (SHRM Approved!)

    Dynamic Problem Solving provides participants with the tools, techniques, knowledge and reflective exercises necessary to succeed in solving a wide range of problems through the use of critical and innovative thinking. Participants will explore both the personal and technical aspects of making, implementing and supporting sustainable solutions to workplace problems. This interactive program prepares participants for a progressive approach to finding solutions for their problems and affords them the opportunity to participate in a scenario based thought leader discussion and then generate a takeaway action plan to secure forward momentum when they return to their jobs.
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    Applied Strategic Thinking (SHRM Approved!)

    In today’s business environment, the ability to embrace strategic thinking is more important than ever as a catalyst toward creativity and problem solving. However, the nature of radical change, global infrastructure and managing in times of crisis tends to diminish our ability to see beyond the business at hand. Successful leaders and businesses are seeking solutions to promote the essence of strategic thinking while embracing the critical need for tangible and practical implementation plans. This workshop blends the nuance of the strategic thinking process with the practical aspects of building robust, visible and measurable implementation plans. Participants will be offered an opportunity to participate in a scenario based thought leader discussion and then generate a takeaway action plan to secure forward momentum when they return to their jobs. (Renders 7 PDC's from SHRM)
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    Team Building Through Song®

    Our clients include Microsoft, Walt Disney, Pfizer, Unilever, Novartis, L'Oreal, Honeywell and more. We deliver effective, innovative, interactive team building programs. Led by award winning hit songwriter-facilitators, Team Building Through Song will bring your group together in a fun musical setting. You’ll create and record songs that will become a part of your organization’s culture. Innovation, creativity, humor, leadership, compromise, and shared goals are all part of the process of songwriting. Everyone quickly gets involved as inhibitions melt away and ideas and themes are documented for posterity. This program will increase engagement, re-energize your team while enabling everyone to share best practices, increase trust and better understand your mission and vision. The team songwriting process increases communication as you create powerful take aways, "Your Songs".
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    The Ultimate Improvement Cycle (UIC) integrates Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints into a combined strategy that will help you immediately focus your efforts on those areas that will make the greatest difference. This class presents basic laws of factory physics that show why the UIC delivers significant bottom-line improvement while other initiatives so often fail. It explains to you why focusing your efforts on apparent problems rather than systemic concerns is wasted effort.
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    Meeting Mastery: How to Conduct Effective Meetings

    Format: 1 day, On-site. Meetings are a central and necessary part of any functioning organization. When conducted effectively, meetings facilitate communication, clarify goals, determine measurable action items, and move projects forward. Effective meeting skills are not optional – they are a core competency for anyone who leads or attends meetings at work. During this fast-paced, interactive training program, participants will learn specific tips and strategies for maximizing productivity through effective meeting preparation, participation, and facilitation. Key Learning Objectives: Set realistic meeting norms and engage all participants. Determine the four critical questions to answer before any meeting. Understand the role of a meeting facilitator or leader. Deal with dysfunctional behaviors and getting a group “unstuck." Learn how to decide as the leader (or turn it over to the group) using the Vroom Model. Build and reach consensus. Practice role-playing.
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    Power Up Your Presentation Skills

    Format: On-site, ½ Day - 2 Days. This fast-paced program provides numerous tools and tips for organizing and delivering powerful presentations, with or without PowerPoint. Participants will build their confidence for presenting in all types of situations including project team meetings, customer presentations, and large association or conference speaking engagements. Understanding your audience, organizing a clear presentation, and conveying your key messages are key to becoming an excellent presenter. Participants will learn best practices for making a strong first impression, using effective body language, implementing presentation delivery skills, engaging their listeners, and creating impactful and memorable messages. This training program is targeted for all levels of employees, even as a refresher program for more experienced presenters. It is available as a ½-day program (3.5 hours) or as an extended program that includes video-recorded practice.
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    Turning Difficult Conversations into Dynamic Interactions™

    Format: On-site, four hours. Difficult conversations are a reality in today’s workplace. Knowing how to face, plan for, and navigate these challenging conversations is crucial. This half-day, 4 hour course is designed for all levels of the workforce who face a variety of difficult conversations. Sample “difficult conversations” include (but are not limited to): giving feedback on inappropriate behavior or results, expressing a different opinion, delivering bad news (i.e., project delays, budget constraints, personnel changes), performance management, asking for help and/or additional resources, negotiating (for anything). This is a fast-paced, interactive course with the following Key Learning Objectives: Explore the various types of conversations that are often challenging. Understand what makes a conversation difficult. Learn a process to plan the best approach when faced with delivering a difficult message. Learn how to prepare for a challenging conversation.
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    Coaching for Sales Success Webinar

    Free 25 minute live online training session “Coaching for Sales Success” Monday June 1st at 2pm ET. Can’t attend? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the recorded event. Everyone will receive a free coaching article and planning form. Do you know who to coach on your sales team to generate the best results? Do you know how to coach effectively (do it well and do it quickly!)? As a result of this session, you will learn • How to avoid the 2 most common coaching mistakes made by sales managers • Who to coach on your sales team in order to generate optimal sales results • What to say during the coaching conversation - practical language so that you can talk with, not at, your salespeople and mutually agree on an action plan
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    Emerging Leaders: Keys to Leadership Success

    This full-day interactive workshop focuses on tools, tips and techniques for creating leadership success while offering collaboration with other emerging leaders from different organizations. This open-enrollment session is ideal for current team leaders, those who have been a manager for two years or less, or any high-potential employee who is on track to move into management. In this session participants will: Learn the most effective ways to apply the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® to day-to-day activities. Examine seven steps they can take to minimize disruption and maximize results. Understand how unintended behaviors can derail their success. Explore real-time scenarios with other participants to practice their leadership skills. Gain strategic and practical insights that enable them to be effective leaders and improve communication with others.
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    *2 Day Persuasive Communication Workshop

    This two-day workshop is fun, thought-provoking, and packed with new ideas and fresh techniques to help you become a clear thinker and effective communicator. The session combines best-practice business examples, experiential-learning techniques, and accelerated-learning principles to give you practical, relevant skills you will use immediately.