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    AML Recent Developments, Compliance issues and Risk Assessment

    Course Objective: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel with AML responsibilities in banks or other financial institutions: • Designing controls • Detecting money laundering attempts • Managing the Investigating of AML alerts • Analyzing controls improvement options • Understanding money launderers’ strategies and techniques
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    Document and Record Retention- You don’t have to be overwhelmed with that all too frustrating paper chase

    Course Objective: In this session, we will be discussing important tips for business records retention, the finer points of an effective management policy, and how to make that policy work for your organization. You will learn: • Specific tips for business records retention practices that both strengthen your process and standardize your records management program • How to plan for worst case scenarios • Developing records retention schedules • The key elements of a security assessment of your plan
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    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. Six Sigma has taken the corporate world by storm and represents the thrust of numerous efforts in manufacturing and service organizations to improve products, services, and processes. Although Six Sigma brings a new direction to quality and productivity improvement, its underlying tools and philosophy are grounded in the fundamental principles of total quality and continuous improvement that have been used for many decades. Nevertheless, Six Sigma has brought a renewed interest in quality and improvement that few can argue with, and has kept alive the principles of total quality developed in the latter part of the 20th Century. This three day class shows students the essence and basics of Six Sigma, as well as how Six Sigma has brought a renewed interest in the principles of total quality to cutting-edge businesses.
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    Guidelines for Performing Fraud Risk Assessment and How to Conduct an Internal Fraud Investigation

    Course Objective: With an increased awareness of fraud and the ongoing cost to organizations, an entity wide fraud risk assessment is imperative to all organizations. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) “Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse” published in 2012, it predicted that 5% of an organization’s revenue is lost to fraud. Performing a fraud risk assessment is doable, and can provide internal audit and its organization peace of mind for having gone through the process. Once it is completed, it only requires an annual review for additions of possible new fraud schemes and results from internal audit anti-fraud projects conducted during the year. Internal Fraud investigations are stressful, no matter what the situation; someone has been accused of something that is against the internal code of conduct.
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    Meet the Tougher U.S. FDA CGMPs

    Course Objective: The last few years have seen several major "names" in drugs and devices stumble over cGMP issues, resulting in multi-million dollar fines, recalls, lawsuits, and even possible criminal prosecution beyond the corporate "veil". This indicates an on-going, major shift in the emphasis of the U.S. FDA cGMP compliance expectations and resulting audits, also affecting clinical trial expectations, product submissions and company response requirements. This change in focus has a major impact on interpretation of individual compliance objectives, cGMP objectives, and measurements of success. The major failures of key industry "players" in pharmaceuticals, devices, as well as events in unrelated industries have caused the Agency to "get tougher on compliance / enforcement". The cGMP compliance audit, validations, 510(k) submissions / data, "better science", lifecycles, closed-loop CAPA, outsourcing / globalization and supply
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    CE Mark – Required to Sell Medical Devices in the EU

    Course Objective: CE marking of all medical devices is required before shipment into most of the European countries. Technical documentation requirement for obtaining the CE mark is similar for shipment into Canada and is rapidly expanding to other countries. Course Outline: • New approach directives & background • IVD, MDD & Active Implantable Directive • Competent Authorities & Notified Bodies • Medical Device Directive • Device classification • Routes to CE marking under various MDD annexes • Technical files • Essential requirements • ISO 13485:2003 Quality System Certification
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    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Assessment

    Based on the work and the book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment and accompanying material is designed for an intact team. Before choosing this program, consider the questions: Is the team really a TEAM? Individual Profile Includes:
    36-page highly personalized assessment results for individual and team
    Strong visuals illustrate key messages
    Context-specific feedback
    Tips and strategies for improving teamwork effectiveness
    Opportunity for building an action plan
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    Building Global Leadership Skills

    As your company recognizes the difference between Global and International, their approach to multicultural needs and management development becomes much more complex. In today’s global marketplace, change is rapid, required and always prevalent, Global leaders must work to identify their skills, be adaptive, maintain awareness in various cultures, and then embrace the team and process knowledge to execute against business strategies. This program will expose you to the tools and techniques needed to be more effective global leaders and will do so in a scenario based workshop led by executive level practitioners who have experience dealing with Globalization, M&A, Transformational Change and Multicultural/Global team deployment. 3 credits from SHRM, HRCI, and/or PMI.
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    Auditing for Microbiological Aspects of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Course Outline: • Review of recent recall data • FDA’s expectations for an effective Contamination Prevention Program • Sources of contamination – where do bugs come from? • Preventing contamination – what to do to ensure bugs don't get into our product? • Controlling contamination • What about the suppliers? • Everyone has a role in contamination control Target Audience: This webinar will provide valuable assistance to the personnel: • Senior Management with decision making responsibilities • Quality Assurance personnel • Quality Control personnel • Microbiology professionals • Validation • Manufacturing • Quality system auditors • Warehouse managers • Facilities/Maintenance
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    Risk of Presence of Objectionable Microorganisms in Biopharmaceutical Drug Products

    Course Objective: In this webinar you will learn how to help your organization get a better handle on what is an “objectionable microorganism, ” exactly how “objectionable” it really is and what you can do to minimize the risk if you find one in your process or product. Course Outline: • Review of recent recall data • Definitions of Objectionable Microorganisms • What is the risk if you find one? • How bad the microorganism is depends on where you found it • Examples of Objectionable Microorganisms • Setting up an applicable risk assessment strategy
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    Understanding Costs of a Study and Which Costs Sponsors are Responsible to Cover

    Course Objective: Whether you are new to clinical research, or have years of experience, understanding and outlining costs, negotiating budgets, and complying with criteria Medicare provisions for determining Qualifying Trials and Routine Care are three areas of expertise you may not have mastered. If not, you may be a site that is underwriting sponsors costs, or you may be a sponsor that is overpaying site costs, and both sites and sponsors may be incorrectly submitting non-qualifying costs to insurers. This webinar is intended to provide comprehensive terms of expenses and steps for evaluating costs; tips for negotiating budgets; and key information on what determining qualifying trials and routine care. In addition to learning how to create complete and detailed cost plans and learning all terms are in fact negotiable, learn how to protect clinical research billing by keeping it compliant.
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    What You Should (and should NOT) Put in Writing

    Course Objective: This course will outline the common components of an employee handbook, and discuss how each can be approached and worded so as to mitigate potential legal issues. It will get you started on the road to creating / updating your handbook, and help you avoid the pitfalls that could cost you in the long run. Suggested formatting and policy components will be discussed, along with the handbook’s vital role as a communications tool within your organization. Course Outline: Review of common employee handbook components Establishing what you want to say Non- contractual wording • Policies/sections that leave you vulnerable to legal action • Policies/sections that protect you from legal action • Avoiding common compliance pitfalls • Additional policy and information suggestions • Incorporating benefits information • Distribution to employees
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    Secrets of Silicon Valley Innovation Immersion

    Over the past two decades, EDG has collaborated with many of the players that make up the Valley’s extraordinary innovation ecosystem. EDG’s Immersion Program was developed to open this remarkable world to anyone who wants to learn from those who create it every day. The customized program combines hands- on innovation skill building with company visits as well as conversations with visionary leaders and experts who share their insights and outlooks. During the program, each individual or team will create an Innovation Blueprint that captures insights and specific plans for moving forward. Participants will leave with a roadmap in hand, enabling them to “take Silicon Valley home.”
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    "Becoming a More Creative Individual"

    Stir up your creative juices and learn to let the ideas flow! Discover in this workshop how to turn on your creativity; whether you are delivering a training, leading a group, or just problem solving with other professionals - you can come up with hundreds of ideas to make your time with others more exiting, stimulating, and interesting. Join the Physician of Phun” himself; in this fun filled, idea busting session that is sure to turn the light bulb on inside your head and stimulate ideas like you’ve never thought possible before!
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    "SuperCharged for Life: Living a Happier, Healthier and More Energized Life!"

    If you want to refuel the tank, live an energized life and create positive energy in everything you do; then this is the one workshop you or your staff must attend this year! Catch Gregg’s energy, enthusiasm and love for life as he shares with you sound advice for dealing with daily stress, energy boosting techniques, and the formula for living a happier, healthier and more Supercharged life!
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    "Stressed? Fogetta’bout it: Techniques to Manage Daily Stress"

    Stressed? Attended other stress workshops and left disappointed? You won’t be in “Stressed? Fogetta’ bout it: Techniques to Manage Daily Stress.” Join Gregg has he shares with you real world techniques that anyone can use at home, at work, and with your teams to change the way you react to stress. Everyone has to deal with stress and most of us think we have a pretty good handle on its source, but stress comes from a variety of unexpected places. In this can’t miss workshop, improve the quality of your life by learning to identify signs of stress and then counter them with simple tips and tricks that will lead you toward a more productive, healthy, and stress-free lifestyle.
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    "Motivating Staff – 'It’s Easier Than You Think!' ”

    Motivation is the key to retaining good employees, keeping staff moral high, and helping staff to create that positive work environment that all successful programs have. Motivating staff sounds simply, and it really is if you understand how to foster motivation and use techniques that drive sustained inspiration in your staff. Join Gregg in this motivational session as he shares dozens of creative and unique ways to attain these goals, and how to really motivate your staff like the pros do!
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    "Making Staff Trainings More Phun!"

    Make staff trainings the highlight of your employee’s job. How? By making them Phun!! Research has proven that laughter lubricates learning! Join Gregg as he shows you how to spice up any staff training by creatively presenting your information through the use of teaching games, brain benders, and cooperative activities that anchor information and increase your staff’s retention levels.
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    "Leadership in the New Millennium"

    Whether you manage one person or hundreds, being an effective and efficient manager in the new Millennium requires adjusting to our changing times. In this highly informative workshop, Gregg will not only update you on the core competencies of managing and supervising in 2015, but will offer numerous ideas and techniques to help you guide your staff and programs to a success level you never thought possible!
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    "Exceptional Customer Service – Teaching the How to 'WOW' Each Customer!"

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Learn how to consistently exceed customer expectations, enhance image, and tap into using others positive word-of-mouth comments to separate your program from others. “First impression” excellence and long-term customer satisfaction is the goal, and Gregg will help you attain it as he provides tips, tools and cutting edge information to help you teach your staff the How to “WoW” your customers.