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    The Role of the Non-Financial Manager at The Financial Table

    Money matters can be intimidating for even the smartest people If you have not picked up financial intelligence through your work or in the classroom you will easily be relegated to the sidelines However having a solid understanding of basic financial terms and methods is critical to your position as a Professional Today corporations and business owners want Professionals that are able to participate in financial discussions When terms like ROI EBIT and GAAP are used you'll want to know what people are talking about Learning how your position and/or department affect the company bottom line will ensure that you can fully participate in the financial success of your company Securing your seat at the table means developing and continuing to exercise your ability to influence decisions and decision makers within your organization In this 2 day workshop you will be able to practice financial decision making and problem solving in a real life simulated environment
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    Rapid Learning Building Collaboration & Teamwork Skills Workshop

    Strengthen your organizations’ collaborative potential! This course will increase your team members’ efficiency at working together towards your shared vision. By learning and applying this information, team members become more effective at contributing and tackling challenges in collaboration with other team members and the organization as a whole. Individuals will learn how to effectively assist and aid one another as team members.
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    Rapid Learning Managing Conflict Workshop

    Learn to effectively manage conflict with our new Rapid Learning workshops! This workshop focuses on developing your organizations ability to deal with inter-personal conflict. CLI will aid you in developing your skills as a manager and leader by strengthening your conflict resolution skills. Learn how different work styles can influence conflict styles and how to deal with those unique styles in the workplace!
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    Rapid Learning Using Delegation Skills Workshop

    Learn how to effectively handle employees with our Using Delegation Skills workshop! This program focuses on developing your ability to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to your employees. Delegating at work can be extremely challenging. Learn how to recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them. Learn how individual unique workstyles can impact work delegation and how to most efficiently delegate tasks to unique workstyles!
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    Rapid Learning Performance Feedback Workshop

    Educate your supervisors and managers on how to most effectively give feedback to employees! This program will aid leaders in taking a better approach to handling employee performance issues. Giving feedback to employees with performance issues is one of the most difficult aspects of being a leader in todays business world. This workshop will outfit leaders with the important skills they need to effectively give and receive feedback from their employees.
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    Rapid Learning Influencing Others without Authority Workshop

    Improve your organizations inter-personal relationships with our Influencing Others Without Authority workshop! This program will impart your employees with the skills necessary to delegate and co-ordinate to others through coaching and participating rather than authoritative directing. This workshop uses the DiSC assessment tool to equip individuals with the skills necessary to influence others in the organization in a co-operative manner. Increase employee morale and effectiveness by teaching them the skills they need to co-operate!
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    Rapid Learning Developing Effective Leadership Skills Workshop

    Learn the leadership skills that will take your organization to the next level! This course will focus on developing leadership capabilities within individuals to aid in achieving their leadership goals. This program allows individuals to learn effective leadership skills and values that will bring their organization to the next level of performance. Individuals will work on the attitudes, behaviors, and values that define successful leadership.
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    Rapid Learning Living the Mission and Values Workshop

    Learn how to enact the mission & values of your organization! This program will train employees in enacting the ideals of an organization. By following the mission statement of your organization, employees will be more informed to act out the values that your organization promotes. This workshop focuses on training individuals in better understanding and adhering to the culture of your organization. Take your organizations performance to the next level by imparting a clear understanding of your values to employees!
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    Rapid Learning Negotiating & Project Management Workshop

    Educate your organization with our Negotiating & Project Management workshop! This program will impart your organization with the skills needed to effectively give and take from one another on important projects. This workshop uses the DiSC assessment tool to educate individuals on their own personal workstyle as well as the styles of the people around them. Employees will learn how to delegate and receive feedback, resolve conflicts, and more.
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    Rapid Learning Leveraging Your Strengths Workshop

    Learn how to identify and enact your strengths within your organization with our Leveraging Strengths workshop! This program will aid individuals in identifying their unique strengths in their workstyle and how to enact those within the workplace. This workshop will inform employees in how to use their unique style to succeed within your organization. This includes learning how to work best with other unique workstyles and how to use individual strengths to address conflicts or challenges within the workplace.
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    Powerful People Skills

    Although your are technically competent, your job satisfaction and climb up the career ladder forces you to solve more people problems than technical ones. You have to communicate more and more with non-technicals, stand out as a leader, function as a corporate organizational entrepreneur (a person who takes action instead of waiting to be told what to do), and attack those tasks and problems of which you’re fearful, head-on. How equipped are you to cope with these new rules? If you think the company pays your salary; if you view yourself as a “boss;” if you view your department somewhere on the pyramid with the CEO at the top; and if you use the same management techniques you always have, then you’re in for a rude awakening as your organization travels along the technical superhighway. Now is the time to reengineer and reinvent yourself and your people!
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    Conflict Resolution: Converting that "Negative Stuff" into the POSITIVE

    Check the "negative stuff" you have experienced lately: conflict burnout negativity attitude problems difficult people/situations complaints stress/pressure criticism rigidity office politics anger chaos/crises put-downs downsizing defensiveness hostility manipulation excuses incompetence fear rejection If you checked more than 10 of the above, this seminar is a must for you! The "negative stuff" severely impairs the productivity, self-confidence, and emotional control of yourself and your staff. Learn how to resolve conflict and convert the "negative stuff" into these positives: cooperation, results, negotiation, productivity, motivation, consensus, solutions, enthusiasm, creativity, "can do" attitude, success, and compromise. imagine how much more effective your career and personal life would be after learning a variety of conflict management skills. Resolve the conflict and replace it with positives.
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    How to Conduct a Performance Appraisal... ...Painlessly

    Are you a manager who: Dreads conducting performance appraisals? Feels more anxious or intimidated than the employee sitting across from you? Waits until the last minute to prepare your appraisals? Wants to maintain the high productivity of your outstanding employees and turn around the unsatisfactory ones? Needs to become better skilled at solving performance problems and setting the performance goals of your employees? Avoids discussing performance problems with your employees? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this course is a must for you.. A critical part of your job is to be able to openly discuss and manage performance with those people who report to you. The evaluation of your employees' performance can be agonizing, if you let it or it can be a positive experience that produces positive results. Performance management - or how well you conduct your performance appraisals - can have a significant affect on your own career as well as your staff's.
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    How to Criticize & Discipline Through Positive Management

    As a manager, having to criticize or discipline an employee's performance is a task you dread. Your failure to do so properly will often "snowball" and have a negative impact on your whole staff's attitude, morale, motivation, and productivity. Are you afraid of being viewed as too harsh, too lenient, or unfair? Many managers are unaware of the extent they undersupervise or oversupervise - both of which can cause performance, behavior, and attitude problems of your staff. Criticism and discipline through positive management are learning experiences for both you and the person requiring the feedback. Your failure to criticize or discipline often results in the appearance of unfairness to all concerned. Your productive employees see your control being undermined and feel taken advantage of while the problem employee continues to take advantage of you. All managers have to deal with problem employees and behaviors. Learn to do it right!
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    Webinar: Learning the OSHA Recordkeeping Analysis by William Principe

    Who will Benefit: Anyone responsible for completing an OSHA 300 Log, including: HR Managers Safety Managers Facility Managers In-house Attorneys Risk Managers Business Owners Nurses Physicians
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    How to Prepare for, Manage, and Follow-up to an FDA Inspection: Risk-driven Approach By:Fubin Wu, Co-founder of GessNet and Dannie Rowland (Guest Spea

    Do you worry about an upcoming FDA inspection? Do you know how you should behave during the inspection? Do you know what an end to end FDA inspection process looks like? Do you know what an FDA investigator(s) will look for? Do you know how to proactively assess and mitigate FDA compliance risks? Do you know what information you should get ready ahead of an FDA inspection? Does your organization have a game plan for managing an FDA inspection? Does your organization know how to respond to and manage FDA observations (483s), or warning letters?
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    Trade Compliance Seminar - Harmonized Tariff Schedule/Schedule B and NAFTA Rules of Origin and Documentation

    Gain in-depth knowledge on Harmonized Tariff Schedules and get up-to-date with NAFTA rules of origin and documentation. In addition, get complimentary copies of reference books related to each topic.
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    Change Management

    This program, based on William Bridges best-selling book, teaches participants how to more effectively manage organizational changes. As a result of this workshop participants will be able to explain the importance of effectively managing change, learn William Bridges’ three phase Transition Model and develop change strategies using this Transition Model.
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    Time Mastery Profile Workshop

    Setting priorities and managing time are central to good performance. The pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, stay ahead of the competition, respond quickly to customer needs, and enjoy life outside of work is increasingly intense in today's less-structured, information-driven workplace. Key Learning's: The Time Mastery Profile® is a self-directed assessment of participants’ time-management effectiveness. The tool places participants’ time-related behavior in 12 categories: • Attitudes. • Interruptions. • Goals. • Meetings. • Priorities. • Written communications. • Analyzing. • Delegation. • Planning. • Procrastination. • Scheduling. • Team time
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    Personal Time Management

    Personal time management is critical to every manager’s success. This session provides the tools and techniques for balancing short-term reactive management with long-term proactive management. It also focuses on how to accomplish individual work, while supervising others. Key Learning's: • Participants will learn how to prioritize their work using a simple check list process. • Participants get a reference workbook to use back on the job. Program Outcomes: Managers will better prioritize tasks and projects.