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    Business Etiquette

    How you present yourself to others in the business world speaks volumes. Business etiquette provides a framework for building successful professional relationships. From introductions to dining manners to how you interact with your coworkers, this course offers some foundational tips on what you need to know when establishing business relationships.
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    Conducting Effective Meetings

    Conducting effective meetings is part of every manager's job. Learn how to: Engage participants productively before the meeting starts, Establish a clear agenda, Stay on track during a meeting, Ensure meeting results once it's over.
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    Interpersonal Communication Skills

    Core communication skills at work apply to countless day to day situations including responding to customer complaints, correcting performance problems and ongoing communication with coworkers. This course covers: Classic roadblocks to communication, Asking the right questions, Productive listening, Providing non-judgmental feedback, and Setting goals
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    Excelling as a Highly Effective Team

    “One of the biggest adjustments graduating students make is going from thinking about themselves to thinking about the team.” Part of this program is based on Eric’s chapter “Building High Trust Teams,” in which he tells stories and provides a system on how to build a high trust communication team. This is an interactive, high energy, and engaging program. Your Audience will learn: The 4 steps to building a high trust team; including an interactive session on trust. Why healthy conflict is essential to a high performing team; including a group exercise on the distinction between healthy and unhealthy conflict. How to receive feedback and coaching; including an exercise on personal awareness and how it impacts the teams performance.
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    Prioritizing and Managing Multiple Projects

    “Learning how to prioritize and manage the chaos of a work day is a learned skill.” Part of this program is based on Eric’s chapter “Prioritize for Productivity,” in which he provides a system on how to be effective and deal with everything life throws at you. This is an interactive, high energy and engaging program. Your Audience will learn: Why to-do lists aren’t as effective as possible, including an audience interaction to demonstrate. Understanding and implementing the 80/20 rule, in which the audience creates their personal priority list. How to effectively handle interruptions; including a role play exercise. How to handle stress and understanding the impact of energy management.
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    Leadership By Choice

    "Stop Managing People and Start Managing Their Promises" This is a complete 3-day leadership course. It doesn’t matter if you have been a manager for years or you are newly promoted. This course is designed to be of value at any level. This course is based on Eric’s two books. Your Audience will:   • Realize that leadership is a choice not a position or title • Build a greater degree of trust with co-workers, clients, and friends by listening and asking better questions • Increase productivity and effectiveness by understanding a model on productivity • Discover the impact of personal and team accountability
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    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) Understanding Personality

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) MBTI is the most used and researched personality assessment. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and MBTI Master Practitioner, works with you individually or as a team to understand how your personality preferences influence your work, communication, and management styles. Maximize your unique gifts. Understand and interact with others more effectively. Individuals: Use MBTI to consider key life decisions, become a better communicator, and use your strengths and talents to become more productive. Teams: Gain insights into fellow team members, work together more effectively, and eliminate needless conflict. Everyone: Learn the art of Flexing to "speak the other person's language" without giving up your own. Receive a detailed profile, content-packed notebook in an interactive feedback and education session. Choose from different types of in-depth profile reports based on your needs. Integrate into leadership, team, and personal development.
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    Structure Versus Flexibility - a Key Management Choice

    Balancing project structure and flexibility is a fine art. Too little structure gives us the Wild West, unmet commitments, and a team limited to what can be achieved by the fittest survivor. Too much structure smothers the initiative needed to overcome the unknowns limiting The Plan at the start of any project. Everyone knows this, but getting the right balance is so difficult that most of the time most projects find themselves some distance from the sweet spot. In this course, leaders with discover how to make their projects more successful by creating organizational structures and processes that * Are realistic about uncertainties * Tailor information infrastructure * Foster transparency with all stakeholders
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    Tools for Better Communication and Better Meetings

    Open, respectful communication is key to any relationship, team, or organization. This course focuses on raising awareness of and overcoming two common barriers to successful interpersonal and team interaction: (1) unstated but consciously or unconsciously held beliefs, expectations, and needs; and (2) entering an interaction with an implicit goal to win rather than to learn and collaborate.
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    Building Collaborative Team Skills at all Levels of your Organization

    CLI is your partner for designing personalized training that fits your needs. Our team building skills training helps individuals and teams become better problem-solvers, be more collaborative, increase trust, and become more result-focused. We do this by designing training services that make the most out of your time and budget needs. We start by developing the right design for you, whether it is a one-day or multi-day facilitated session, or a combination approach-using our virtual coaching and training online options. We can add helpful assessments, like the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, the DiSC Work Style Assessment, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or even a customized survey. Best of all, we bring exciting hands-on team building skill activities so that participants can practice and perfect the team skills that they need to work together. Your training services will be branded with your logo and incorporate important elements of your culture to personalize training.
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    Rapid Learning Managing Conflict Workshop

    Learn to effectively manage conflict with our new Rapid Learning workshops! This workshop focuses on developing your organizations ability to deal with inter-personal conflict. CLI will aid you in developing your skills as a manager and leader by strengthening your conflict resolution skills. Learn how different work styles can influence conflict styles and how to deal with those unique styles in the workplace!
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    Rapid Learning Innovation and Creativity Workshop

    Educate your employees on how to most effectively use their unique creative drive in the workplace! This program introduces your employees to the process of using innovation and creativity to solve workplace conflicts and challenges. This workshop uses the Foresight Styles Assessment tool to help individuals better understand themselves and their creative process. Individuals will walk away with a better understanding of their creative process and how to implement that in the workplace.
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    Rapid Learning Customer Relations Skills Workshop

    Inform your employees on how to best handle clients with our Customer Relations Skills workshop! This program uses the DiSC assessment tool to identify unique strengths and weaknesses for each employee and how to best approach customer relations knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This workshop will train employees in the most effective tools or “people skills” used to enhance customer relationships. Employees will walk away with a better understanding of both themselves and how their unique workstyle handles client relations.
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    Rapid Learning Influencing Others without Authority Workshop

    Improve your organizations inter-personal relationships with our Influencing Others Without Authority workshop! This program will impart your employees with the skills necessary to delegate and co-ordinate to others through coaching and participating rather than authoritative directing. This workshop uses the DiSC assessment tool to equip individuals with the skills necessary to influence others in the organization in a co-operative manner. Increase employee morale and effectiveness by teaching them the skills they need to co-operate!
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    Rapid Learning Living the Mission and Values Workshop

    Learn how to enact the mission & values of your organization! This program will train employees in enacting the ideals of an organization. By following the mission statement of your organization, employees will be more informed to act out the values that your organization promotes. This workshop focuses on training individuals in better understanding and adhering to the culture of your organization. Take your organizations performance to the next level by imparting a clear understanding of your values to employees!
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    Creative Problem Solving & Strategic Decision Making for Highly Successful People: A Hands-On Workshop

    In a changing workplace of downsizing, rightsizing, capsizing, fear, uncertainty, and doubt, today's successful professional has to be more creative than ever to stand out, succeed, or even survive. Creativity has been described as that elusive characteristic that is available to anyone who can break through the barrier of rigid thinking...and this is the course that will teach you how to do it using a hands-on approach! The goal of this course is to teach participants new skills to: •Think critically. •Create and implement practical and innovative ideas that produce results •Conceive and improve problem-solving strategies in the workplace •Tap into their own creative potential •Increase self confidence and personal success •Generate new ideas •Become more a valuable employee by applying risk-taking skills •Figure out new and unconventional ways to do your job better
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    Customer Obsession: Total Quality Customer Care

    The customer is the most important ingredient to success in business. Customers want to deal with a business that is responsive, caring, knowledgeable and flexible. Meet these criteria and business increases! Employees must see their jobs as a contribution to the organization's total impact on your customers. Customer Obsession Test To assess if your business really cares about and is obsessed with your customers, ask your staff to complete the following sentence: "As a result of my coming to work, the customer benefits by..." How does Customer Obsession differ from customer service? By: Thinking "customer" whenever you establish a policy. Serving the customer better than expected. Creating value -making the customer feel good about doing business with you. Making your business one big customer service department that cross sells and secures new business Treating your customers as if your were going to see them every day.
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    Knock Your Socks Off Service

    Through a self-assessment, customer service employees and managers respond to 79 statements about customer service behavior and practices. The Employee Guide focuses on your employees' perceptions of their abilities — and those of the organization — to deliver KYSOS. The Manager Guide pinpoints developmental areas and helps customer service managers plan for improvement. Used together, there isn't a more powerful tool to diagnose your organization's readiness to deliver KYSOS. Can be customized based on organizations needs.
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    Rapid Learning Workshop Series

    CLI Rapid Learning Workshops These workshops are held at your location, in two-hour sessions to deliver essential workplace topics that you select. Our Engaging Format Includes: A session overview and icebreaker A review of last session An instructor led topic introduction A break out activity that allows participants to practice new skills A job aid to leave behind A short action plan to ensure transfer of learning to work Create a Year-Long Series of Trainings With Our Comprehensive Topics List: Effective Communication Building Collaboration & Teamwork Skills Developing Effective Leadership Skills Managing Time & Priorities Managing Conflict Introduction to SL2: Situational Leadership Using Delegation Skills Living the Mission & Values Personality Assessment Leveraging Your Strengths Performance Feedback Customer Relations Skills Using Innovation & Creativity at Work Influencing Others without Authority Negotiating & Project Management: Give & Take
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    Managing Change

    This workshop helps employees through the emotional transition from “what was” to “what will be,” because change is successful when they reorient and adapt on a personal, emotional level. The program is based on a three-stage process developed by William Bridges, Ph.D., whose book, Transition – The Personal Path Through Change, integrates DISC® insights to help people transition effectively. This workshop provides everything participants need to get on board with changes. A personal learning guide actively involves participants in self-directed study, one-on-one coaching, in large- or small-group workshops.