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    5 Ways to Be a True Team – by Teams of Distinction

    Many work teams are only teams on paper. Just because a group is labeled a team doesn't mean they are operating as one. In reality, they undermine each other, are afraid of their manager; and lack strong leadership. And yet they wonder why they are not productive and happy. • Learn the 5 things you can do to create a real team, to build a team where team members feel connected to something larger than themselves and feel positive about working together towards shared goals. Be a leader that sets the culture by being honest and talking up people. • Learn how to develop a team to have productive debate with each other, to have a fundamental commitment to tell the truth to each other and work in the spirit of creating the best results possible. • Learn how teams leverage the positive. Have a team that interacts positively and restrains themselves from insulting and hurting each other. Learn to find the best in each other and each situation.
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    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. Many studies show we communicate mainly through body language, especially when we are in an emotional state. Since many of our achievements in life depend on how well we interact with others, it is quite critical to know how to communicate beyond words. Knowledge of body language can greatly help individuals in many areas such as communication skills, leadership skills, customer services, sales skills, and more. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Customer Service for Health Care Professionals

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. It is safe to say, most health care facilities you deal with fail to deliver superior customer service. No one was born knowing this is a learned trait. How can you expect to deliver the kind of customer service that wows your customers if you do not train to do so? This one day class examines who we are and what we do as a health care provider. We analyze our attitude and communications skills, and take a hard look at what our customers need. We learn customer service skills whether delivered in person, over the phone, or electronically. Finally, we learn how to handle complaints and difficult customers. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Active Listening

    Communication skills are at the heart of everything we do each day, whether at home, at work, or at play. Active listening encompasses the best of communication, including listening to what others are saying, processing the information, and responding to it in order to clarify and elicit more information. This course will help participants develop and practice their active listening skills.After you complete this course, you will be able to: Define active listening and its key components Identify ways to become a better listener Use body language to reflect a positive listening attitude Understand the difference between sympathy and empathy, and when each is appropriate Create a listening mindset using framing, positive intent, and focus Be genuine in your communications Understand the communication process Ask questions, probe for information, and use paraphrasing techniques Build relationships to create an authentic communication experience
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    Listening & Communication Skills

    Employees learn the advanced skills of identifying social styles and adapting as well as the best practice methods for different forms of communication and contexts.
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    Target Listening Webinar

    In this communications skills webinar you will learn how to:

    * Understand the body language of the speaker
    * Use your own body language to make others more receptive to your message
    * Identify the true intentions of the people you are speaking with
    * Take effective notes during conversations, meetings, training classes
    * Stay alert & focused during meetings, classes, and conversations

    This webinar includes:

    * On-Demand Scheduling (you start when you want)
    * A self-paced program accessible for 3 months using any Internet-capable device
    * Access to your own Target Learning instructor for 3 months
    * Interactive slide presentation with a voice & text narrative
    * A workbook containing all the listening strategies & and implementation steps

    Cost: $75 per person
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    Active Listening

    Training provided by public schedule and in-house training in NC, SC, AL, FL, GA, TN, and MS
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    Listening Skills ...... (All levels)

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars, consulting professionals & exceptional coaches, with quality academic backgrounds. Largest family operated seminar company in USA. Please call 510-558-3495.
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    If We Can Hear, Why Aren't We Listening?

    Our effectiveness at work and the quality of our personal life hinge, in large part, on our ability to listen. However, studies indicate that we listen with only 25% efficiency. In this workshop we will learn and practice the skills necessary to be a more effective listener. .
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    Contagious Communication: How to Get Your Message Across in a Way that Sticks!

    With Contagious Communication™, you’ll be able to get them to do what you want them to do by speaking in a language they understand. Your communication will flow better, feel better and get understood so more things get done. Whether with senior leaders, bosses, colleagues, employees or friends and family, communication skills from this course will you give you the tools to understand what you want to say and how to clearly convey it to others.
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    Transition From Buddy to Boss

    Transition from Buddy to Boss™ is for new managers who’ve been promoted, but perhaps not prepared. Help them swiftly move from former peer to partner without the challenges, conflict, or confusion and by developing awareness, leadership skills, and a plan.After this course, you will be able to:Approach their new role with skill and confidenceDevelop existing team members and former peersClarify their expectations, coach, develop assess and plan with the team
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    How to be Appreciated More: Understanding the Entertainer Preference

    Understanding the Entertainer Preference™ is designed for those who find themselves drawn to the Entertainer quadrant from the CORE Snapshot™. Whether you have attended the Make Difficult People Disappear™ webinar or are familiar with the CORE Snapshot™ version of this assessment, or simply want to enjoy what you do, let some of your creativity show, and share ideas that get heard and appreciated, even if they aren’t used right away, this course is for you!
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    Sharpening Your Listening Skills

    Listening is a critical skill that is frequently not used effectively and can be improved. Participants will learn about their strengths, understand their profile, and build a realistic action plan.
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    Civility & Professionalism

    At the end of this course attendees will be able to build positive relationships with co-workers, managers and customers; demonstrate active listening skills; use language that builds a positive workplace; understand the power of nonverbal communication; rise above emotions during conflict; get their ideas heard through persuasive techniques; maintain a positive and professional image online and in email communications; and communicate in ways that are respectful and positive.
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    Sharpen Your Listening Skills

    Listening is the most effective way to build trust and improve communications with your customers. This course teaches people how to build stronger relationships and stronger businesses through the use of enhanced listening skills.
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    Listen UP!

    Listen UP! Learning to listen is tough. This course is designed to produce participants who not only understand why listening is critical, but who ARE better listeners.
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    idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Participant Workbook

    Learn to adapt personal listening styles based on the situation and communication styles of others. Online assessments are sent prior to class. From the assessment a personalized workbook is created and includes data and handouts for each participant.
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    idXready: Improving Your Listening Skills Facilitation Kit

    Minimize prep time with a fully scripted facilitation guide. Our kit includes activities that keep participants engaged and action planning exercises that extend the learning beyond the classroom. A separate Participant Workbook required.
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    Personal Listening Profile

    Help people discover their most natural approach to listening and gain insight into the different approaches. Learn how to adopt another approach for more successful communication.
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    Personal Listening Profile EPIC

    This 16 page report gives feedback on personalized strengths and growth areas while developing a strategy for improvement. It includes an analysis of the Communication Gap and an action plan for continued development.