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    Leadership Edge Lab

    Improve your leadership effectiveness through learning to master your environment, cultivate a coaching mindset, and build high performing teams. This three-day lab offers a distinctive approach that integrates research findings in neuroscience with practical insights and techniques for strengthening one’s ability to lead and influence others. Understanding emotional and social intelligence, cultivating a coaching mindset, building effective teams, managing performance, and problem solving are included in the Leadership Edge lab. Participants will learn the impact that their internal environment has on their success. This lab will introduce frameworks and principles aimed at more effectively managing oneself and others. Participants will examine topics such as personal values clarity, self-awareness, social awareness, adopting agility with different leadership styles, performance management, problem solving techniques, and what behaviors foster high performing teams.
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    Optimizing Your Emotional Intelligence

    Learn how EQ impacts performance and techniques to increase your EQ level for improved results in work and life. Tapping into a fundamental element of human behavior that is distinct from your intellect, the plasticity of your brain allows you to improve your EQ competencies. Once you understand how to optimize the management of your emotions, they help you communicate better, understand yourself and others better, manage your stress more effectively, and cultivate stronger relationships. This workshop helps you build a framework for understanding and taking ownership of your emotions, responding to the emotions of others, and improving your EQ to optimize performance. Who Will Benefit: Anyone who desires professional and personal growth to learn the tools for mastering their emotional environment. Particularly useful for those who have frequent interactions with colleagues and customers. Investment: $205
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    Foundational Selling

    Learn fundamental communication concepts and techniques to improve your selling performance. The fundamental concepts of selling in the twenty first century are introduced, with a focus on the impact of emotional and social intelligence in successful sales performance. Good selling begins with asking relevant, dialog-producing questions, and listening. Effectively managing buyer expectations, understanding different types of buyer behaviors, and communicating value are the focal points of this workshop. Who Will Benefit: This workshop is beneficial for anyone who is in their first two years of a sales career, as well as customer service, telemarketing, and account management professionals. Small business owners who want to know more about the fundamental concepts of selling should also attend. Investment: $345 Duration: 1 Day
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    Sales Lab ESiP3

    Based on research in neuroscience and psychology, Sales Lab ESiP3™ focuses on recognizing and developing Emotional & Social Intelligence competencies as the foundation to all sales success. At the core of successful sales performance is internal mastery through self-awareness, optimism, initiative, adaptability, resilience and social mastery through cultivating relationships and the ability to influence. Building from this foundation, Sales Lab ESiP3™ then emphasizes implementing a systematic approach to developing competencies in Product Intelligence, Productivity Management, and Problem-Solving for peak performance. Who Will Benefit: This program is right for anyone who regularly interacts with customers and prospects: sales professionals, account managers, business development, sales support, or sales managers. Sales Lab ESiP3™ is suited for anyone looking for results and improved sales performance. Duration: Two Days (8:30am-5:00pm) Investment: $745
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    Leaning Into Leadership

    Strengthen your leadership skills by learning how to lead with improved emotional and social intelligence. The fundamental concepts of leadership are introduced in the Leaning Into Leadership Lab with a focus on effective human relations, successful communication, personal leadership, coaching & influencing others, and building effective teams. This lab will introduce frameworks and principles aimed at more effectively managing oneself and others. Participants will examine topics such as direction, alignment, commitment, motivation, feedback, interpersonal dynamics, and how leadership behavior influences behaviors in the workforce. Classroom lecture, group discussion, and role play help optimize the learning experience. Who Will Benefit: Emerging leaders, aspiring leaders, newly appointed managers, team or project leaders, front-line managers, and human resource professionals
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    AB RSLogix PLC Training

    Business Industrial Network provides on-site Allen- Bradley Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) troubleshooting training as well as seminars. (1.6 CEU)