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    PMI-ACP Certification Training Course in Arlington, VA,United States of America

    EzCertifications would like to present to you our upcoming 3 days PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) training in: Location: Arlington, VA Date: Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2015 This is an Instructor-led Classroom Training which will help you to prepare for the PMI-ACP examination conducted by PMI, USA. For your convenience, we conduct PMI-ACP Classroom Training every month! If you can’t make this one, join us next month! We are a Global Registered Education Provider (Global REP) of PMI® in the area of professional certification courses. We provide high quality and cost-effective training solutions to meet individual and organizational training requirements in mission critical areas of Project Management, IT Service Management, Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis and Agile/Scrum. Enroll Today! Looking forward to serve you better, Tapa Jyoti Marketing Manager Direct: 1-732-7225220 Website:
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    Certified Ethical Hacker CEH Certification Training

    The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is a professional certification achieved through the EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) that develops modern cyber security skills as they relate to protecting virtual environments. The objective of the ethical hacker is to enable organizations to establish preventative measures against malevolent cyber-attacks by probing the system themselves for security flaws while staying within legal confines. If you are interested in learning how attackers break into corporate networks or are considering moving into IT security, then the CEH training course and certification is the ideal career move for you.
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    CompTIA Security+ Certification Training

    CompTIA’s Security+ training is a must for IT Professionals just beginning to focus their careers towards computer security. This certification course can be taken either in-person or through our live virtual classroom, making it easily accessible to professionals around the world. The 5-day training course will cover foundational principles vital for understanding how to secure a network, manage risk and ultimately prepare students for their certification exam. This course is ideal for: Security Consultants Security Engineers IA Technicians/Managers Network Administrators
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    Green Belt Traditional and Lean Six Sigma

    This course is intended for entry-level Process Quality Engineers and Systems Engineers looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Six Sigma methodologies. This Six Sigma training course includes a hands-on workshop and in-depth curriculum addressing every detail within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C necessary to prepare individuals to earn their Green Belt certification and meet performance goals.
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    Essentials of Project Management for the Non-Project Manager

    To work together effectively on any project, everyone on the team needs to use a common language and have a clear understanding of all expectations. This unique seminar is designed for individuals with little or no prior knowledge of project management who serve on project management teams, those who simply want to know more about PM or those who are making the transition to project management. In just two days, you’ll develop an understanding of essential terminology and apply basic PM tools and techniques to increase your effectiveness both on the team and in your own functional area.

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    AMA's PMP Exam Prep Express

    Get on track to achieving this prestigious credential and greater career potential. This PMP certification exam prep seminar will help you prepare for today's more rigorous PMP® exam based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide). You'll cover all 47 processes and 10 knowledge areas, including professional responsibility, through instruction and testing and increase the probability of gaining your PMP certification.

    Get on track to achieving this prestigious credential and greater career potential.  Plus gain tools and techniques to help you overcome challenges when managing projects.

    FREE Books—Required Reading

    Kim Heldman’s PMP® Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (a $59.99 value)

    A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 5th Edition by PMI® (a $69.95 value)

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    AMA's Comprehensive Project Management Workshop

    Delays, cost overruns, or quality problems can wreck your project. Keep it on course with this 5-day overview of project management.

    Aligned with PMI’s PMBOK®, this workshop helps you master the entire project management process. You’ll earn 35 professional development units (PDUs) pre-approved by PMI, and you’ll gain skills and in-depth knowledge that prepare you for the next level: the Project Management Professional certification.

    You Will Learn How To:

    • Manage projects with confidence
    • Avoid dangerous shortcuts and omissions
    • Monitor risks and correct trouble spots
    • Put together a solid team and effective documentation
    • Pave the way for achieving PMP® status

    You’ll Also Receive:
    • A complimentary copy of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), 5th Edition, by PMI®—a $65.95 value
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    Succession Planning: Developing Leaders from Within

    Research shows that most companies have little or no deliberate succession planning in place—and aren’t fully aware of how much the lack of it can cost their organization, especially in an unstable economy. Managing the succession of talent is a vital strategic process that minimizes gaps in leadership and enables your best people to develop the skills necessary for possible future roles.

    This seminar will show you how to design and implement an effective and flexible succession plan that will help your organization continue to grow and achieve its business goals.
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    Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees

    Learn everything you need to know about employee selection in this seminar! Making the wrong hiring decision means throwing away a substantial investment of time and money on recruitment, training and benefits. This fundamentals seminar is your ticket to make the right hiring decisions and contribute more to your company's bottom line.

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    AMA's Employment Law Course: Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of EEO, FMLA, and ADA

    Learn how to implement and apply legally defensible best practices in your organization. This two-day, interactive, case-study-centered seminar helps you gain confidence and expertise in dealing with complex employment law and employee relations issues. You'll gain a comprehensive overview of employee discrimination/EEO, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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    Fundamentals of Human Resources Management


    Whether you're a recently appointed HR manager, are new to HR or have a non-HR job with HR responsibilities, this course can give you the know-how you need. Understand essential HR functions and learn to develop an action plan to put to work in your organization.

    This comprehensive seminar delivers a clear-eyed analysis of HR's role in organizations now, and identifies future trends. . .from confronting issues of workplace harassment to recognizing compliance red flags. . .from preparing policies and procedures manuals to identifying the elements of effective performance management. . .from flexible benefits packages to cost-effective retention strategies, and more.

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    Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) Level II Training

    Moving beyond the basics covered in COR Level I Training, this hands-on, interactive 5-day course builds on your experience, deepens your understanding of the acquisition process, and takes your skills and capabilities to the next level. It is taught by trainers who have worked as federal CORs and are experienced course leaders. You'll examine each acquisition award step in detail, learn advanced concepts, and fill in knowledge gaps. You will tackle complex issues with case studies on topics such as choosing the right buying process, dealing with contract modifications, and resolving problems with deliverables. You will discuss ethical issues and ways to avoid misconduct, and return to work ready to increase your involvement in more complicated acquisitions.
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    Contracting Officer's Representative Level I

    The Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) is a crucial link between the Contracting Officer (CO) and the contractor.  In effect, CORs are the eyes and ears of the contracting officer, ensuring that the work the contracting officer has authorized gets properly done. In order to understand the roles and responsibilities, CORs must know the acquisition process and the various steps, as well as the associated terminology. They must also be aware of ethical considerations when performing their duties. In addition, each COR must recognize certain agency process distinctions. This hands-on course provides the training necessary for FAC-COR Level I certification and provides practical and relevant interactive course material and methodologies. You’ll get an overview of the COR’s responsibilities and explore the entire acquisition process, as well as the agency-specific information you need to know. You’ll leave the workshop with a strong understanding of the Level I COR’s job within the entire acquisition process—and pave the way for your next level of involvement.
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    Launching and Managing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

    If your organization has forged strategic alliances—or is planning to—you can’t afford to miss this information-packed session. You’ll gain insight into both the operational and cultural requirements of management strategy for successful partnerships, as well as learn practical methods for ensuring top performance throughout the alliance life cycle.

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    Territory and Time Management for Salespeople

    Time is a salesperson’s most valuable asset. Lost hours mean lost sales and lower earnings. Poor sales territory management leads to missed opportunities and meager results. To survive in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, you need the best sales territory management training you can get!

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    Project Stakeholder Management

    It is commonly said that up to 90% of a project manager's time is spent communicating.

    In the recently-released fifth edition of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK), a new 10th Knowledge Area was added addressing Project Stakeholder Management.

    Keeping influential stakeholders involved and engaged for long-lasting, positive relationships is important to a project’s success.

    In this 3-day course, you will acquire new tools and techniques and upgrade your communication skills so you can successfully resolve thorny issues that often derail projects. Discover how to implement, review, and monitor tools and resources to control stakeholder engagement. Plus, manage stakeholder expectations and deal with difficult personalities and conflicts of interest.

    Now you can describe project benefits without sounding technical, so stakeholders buy in. Give relevant status updates to outside vendors and clients. And, manage remote teams involving stakeholders who are not colocated.

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    Project Management Simulation Workshop

    Powered by SimulTrain® --- industry-leading simulation software.

    Your immediate takeaway

    • Tackle a real-world execution of the PMBOK Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide)—Fifth Edition, in a simulated environment
    • Match resources and skills crucial to each project activity
    • Grow your capabilities by experiencing the pressures of a real project

    Managing a project is like piloting a plane. In flight, anything can happen, from sudden turbulence to a stalled engine. Real-world projects are also subject to unplanned events, from missed milestones to poor communications. Like the pilot, the project manager must learn to react quickly and take appropriate action. In this seminar, you’ll have the unique opportunity to time-travel through a three-month project in a matter of hours. In the simulated project environment, you’ll experience leadership challenges and changing expectations—as well as the stress, emotions, and other issues that can derail projects.

    Working in groups of four, you and your peers will start with an unfinished project plan and see it through, from planning to closing. With the clock ticking, the project simulation software will hold you accountable for reaching every milestone. You’ll choose your project team and assign resources to project activities, and make the necessary decisions to solve problems, manage conflicts, and motivate team members. The immediate feedback you’ll get will help you identify areas where improvement is needed.

    Attend this fast-paced, decision-making project simulation to help ensure your projects succeed first time, every time.

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    Strategic Project Management

    Your immediate takeaway

    • Clearly define the strategic benefits of your projects
    • Prioritize projects effectively and maintain their scope over time
    • Maximize resources and gain executive buy-in

    Tired of constantly changing project priorities, scope creep and projects that aren’t prioritized? Are your resources stretched too thin, in too many directions? Having trouble getting consistent executive support for your projects? This seminar can change all that, and more. Get proven tools and techniques to help you ensure active and future projects are in alignment with strategic goals and business priorities. Learn how to create and lead projects that support organizational strategy—even if you’re in charge of multiple projects. Explore effective ways of proactively auditing external factors that can influence the direction for your projects. Get tools and techniques to support strategic alignment and communicating strategy to the team. Learn how to review key performance indicators and other success factors. The course will also help you to influence the viability of potential new projects.

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    Best Practices for the Multi-Project Manager

    Ace multiple-project assignments by balancing time and resources. This updated seminar provides you with examples of best practices within the profession. Learn how to develop a culture for consistent, standardized Multi-Project Management (MPM) practices, utilize proven metrics for MPM performance and implement innovative tools and techniques for successful completion of multiple projects.

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    The 7 Habits Leader Implementation: Coaching Your Team to Higher Performance

    By FranklinCovey—now available through AMA.
    If you’ve incorporated the 7 Habits into your thinking, you already know the transformational impact they can have on your life and job—but how do you translate these principles to your team? This 1-day workshop has been specifically developed to support the implementation of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Edition 4.0 in work teams, divisions, and organizations. It is based on extensive global research with clients who are highly successful at implementing the 7 Habits in their businesses. You will acquire tools and a 3-step process to make the 7 Habits the practical operating solution for work. You’ll also get guidance for coaching your team to a higher, more synergistic level of performance that truly reflects the 7 Habits.