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Accounting and Financial Training Programs - Financial

Personal Finance & Money Management

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Mindleaders Business Courses on OpenSesameOpenSesameWeb Based TrainingUSAEnglish
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MindLeaders provides innovative electronic content, software, and services to increase skills and empower human capital, including courses in address leadership, H.R. compliance, IT, Hospitality, safety and business skills.
Banking Literacy, Personal Finance & Credit WorkshopMoolah 101Public & Onsite,RetreatUSAEnglish
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6 hour onsite workshop teaching the basics of handling a checkbook, paying bills, tracking savings and expenses, understanding credit, managing credit, and creating habits for maintaining healthy personal finances.
Money MattersJEDlet.comCBT,Web Based Training,Self-StudyCanadaEnglish
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40-minute online tutorial. Quick & Effective. Whether you are young or old, in school or in retirement, discover how to improve your financial situation without winning the lottery. budgeting, saving, finance, bank, banking, customer
Investments for Non-Financial ProfessionalsINNESSKIRK GLOBALOnsite,Public & Onsite,Blended LearningUSAEnglish
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Review of common investments used in corporate financial strategies. Review of definitions and uses of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, direct participation vehicles, registered and non-registerd offerings
Pinched Head Finance Courses on OpenSesameOpenSesameWeb Based TrainingUSAEnglish
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Pinched Head's personal finance training helps learners identify good strategies for managing money. This course is designed to teach financial concepts with a fun, light-hearted attitude.
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