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"COPE" Training, Development, Coaching & ConsultingCenter for Organizational and Personal Excellence 
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COPE designs, develops, and delivers “leading edge” training materials, organizational effectiveness resources and interventions for individuals, teams, and organizations.
Affordable & Guaranteed Custom On-Site TrainingProven Training Solutions 
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Proven Training Solutions...Your guaranteed satisfaction in Change Management, Project Management, Customer Service, HR, Team-Building, Management and Supervisory training programs. All courses are individually customized to meet your specific needs.
Business & Industry Training - Technical and Non TechnicalHarford Community College Business & Industry Training 
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Being successful in your chosen field means having a broad range of up-to-date skills. Our business courses help you acquire the skills you need quickly and confidently, so you can apply them on the job.
Conflict management, communications, mediation, sexual harassment awareness training; group and retreat faciliation; mediation services; consultingAlternative Resolutions 
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We have over 25 years of legal experience helping diverse public and private sector organizations solve problems and resolve conflict. We provide conflict management, mediation and communications training and group facilitation.
Corporate Training ConsultantsClarity Consultants 
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Clarity Consultants represents hourly consultants with expertise in instructional design, project management, SAP software implementation, training facilitation and specialized consulting.
Custom On-site Training and Consulting ServicesAlliance Training and Consulting 
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Management & Supervision, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Leadership, Human Resources, Time & Stress Management, Presentation Skills, Project Management, Accounting, Sales, Security, OSHA and other topics delivered by master facilitators.
Dr. Liz Berney, Berney Associates, Staff & Management TrainingBerney Associates 
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Offering high impact, hands on staff & mgmt training in change, conflict, stress & time mgmt; delegation, communication, teams, performance feedback, supervision & Myers Briggs.
Eogogics: Technology and Soft Skill Classes, Information, and ServicesEogogics, Inc. 
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Eogogics offers suitcased soft skill and technology classes worldwide; live webinars and public classes on select technology topics; research reports to support technology decisions; 3000 course eLearning collection; consulting services in all areas.
Green Peg - On-Site, Customized and Public TrainingGreen Peg 
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Green Peg specialties: Management Skills, Accountability, Team Building, Creativity, Root Cause Analysis, Customer Service, Communication, Handling Difficult Behavior, Organizational Processes, Metrics/KPIs/Balanced Scorecards.
Management & Staff Communication Skills Training & ConsultingApplied Communications Group 
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We provide on-site off-the-shelf, tailored, and customized workshops in writing, presenting, leadership, intepersonal, and customer service.
Management Training and Certification (CM)Institute of Certified Professional Managers 
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The Certified Manager (CM) Program is a comprehensive program of management training and assessment that leads to CM certification. The program can be taken as self-study or group classroom training. Contact ICPM at 800-568-4120 for more information.
Media Training, Executive Presentation Skills Training, Speech CoachingThe Pincus Group 
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Expert consultation and training in presentation skills, speech skills, media training, and crisis communication. Enhance your leadership skills through powerfully effective communications. On your site or ours:(301) 908-3896
Organizational Consulting, Coaching and TrainingThe Kilgore Group 
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we provide organizational analysis, executive and senior management coaching, soft skill training on numerous skills. See out listings under training topics or our website.
Public and On-site Leadership, Public Speaking, Team Building, and Sales CoursesThe Leader`s Institute 
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Leader's Institute experts help individuals and teams become more confident leaders and salespeople. Our programs -- High Impact Leaders, Fearless Presentations, Cutting Edge Sales, and High Precision Teams -- are offered in both public and on-site classes.
Training and Instructional Design ServicesTravis Consulting Associates 
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Inscape Publishing Distributor, a full line of self- assessment productions including DiSC Classic, DiSC INDRA, Time Mastery, Listening Skills, and Managing Work Expectations. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
training, consultingApplied Performance Strategies 
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APS is a professional consulting firm specializing in training and performance improvement. We help our clients identify opportunities to improve the performance of their people, processes, equipment, and organizations.
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