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    Business Planning, Modeling and Forecasting Services

    We help develop your business planning model. Our experts ensure that your Business Plans are definable, measurable and achievable. We empower your staff to develop objectives, assumption sets, and identify the causes of budget variances.
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    Business Process Maturity Assessments

    A formal business process maturity assessment can provide the detailed insights into an organization’s ability to perform its operational and strategic support activities in a manner which maximizes value to the organization.
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    Business Profitability Consulting

    We simply help you make more money! Our Profit Enhancement team brings more than 25 years of hand-on experience in a wide-range of industries. Using our unique ProfitPlus Framework, we identify the root causes of your profitability issues and work with you and your team to develop and implement systemic changes that will drive your profits up. We can provide everything from simple bookkeeping to Virtual CFO Services, to Total Back Office Support. We help you see the view from the windshield, while never losing sight of the rear-view mirror. We let you focus on the revenue and client support while we take care of the bottom line.
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    Business Soft Skills Training Consultants

    TrainSmart is an industry leader in on-site employee soft skill training. Our programs promote continued learning for employees in the workplace. These programs benefit both the individual employee as well as the entire organization in a variety of ways: Reduced Absenteeism, Higher Employee Morale/Job Satisfaction, Greater Time Management Skills, Enhanced Productivity, An Overall Increase in Bottom Line Profits. TrainSmart’s soft skills programs are fully customizable to meet your company's needs. We work with you and your team to design a training program that links their emotional intelligence and unique personal preferences with the skills relevant to your organizational issues. Some of our sample training topics include: Communication Skills Training, Human Resource Training, Leadership Training, Management Training, Sales Training, Customer Service Training, Team Building. Our customized soft skills training courses are designed to take your employees to the next level
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    Business Training

    Our leadership training and management training seminars help managers become leaders who build better, more effective work environments. Effective communication is a cornerstone of management and we work with you to focus on what you need.
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    California Training Facilitators

    Whether you need assistance in assessing and improving your Standard Operating Procedures and Training Performance checklists; require Executive Coaching; one-on-one consulting; design, development and delivery of a company-wide training initiative; or a training solution that addresses cross-cultural differences and borders, TrainSmart will deliver!
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    Career Counseling

    We provide complete career counseling from determining what one is best suited to do to resumes to effective job search tactics to interviewing and handling offers. RCC has career counseled over 15,000 individuals and groups.
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    Career Development Roadmap

    With this in mind, the career architects who administer The Career Roadmap combine metric assessments and one-on-one career coaching to provide clients with immediate feedback about how and why they make the choices they do in their professional lives. It is a combination of 9 self-assessments, that, when combined with 2 hours of individualized career counseling, provides clients with a working knowledge of their key working competencies and values. This tool can then be translated into a specific decision-making plan and suitable career path so that individuals may discover their true professional passions.
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    Career Development Services

    By partnering with one of TrainSmart’s experienced coaches, any individual has the chance to pinpoint their own areas of weakness and determine tactical steps that they can take to move toward solutions going forward.
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    Carlo Pellegrini

    Perhaps I Didn't Make Myself Understood - Your primary objective in life is to make yourself understood to others. Learn from a professional communicator how to clarify your thinking in written and spoken words. Your future depends on it.
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    Change Management Consulting, Training & Development Workshops, Performance Coaching, Adventure Programming, Community Building Events

    Short-term training events to full-scale change projects. Our services encompass the following five areas: Consulting Services, Training and Development Workshops, Adventure Programming, Performance Coaching and Community Building Events.
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    We are a network of premier management consultants focused on helping organizations analyze their current business environment, identify opportunities and threats, envision innovative solutions, and implement these effectively.
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    CLI Team Jump Start Program

    This accelerated program motivates your participants to experience the feeling of being one team. We create a fast-paced learning environment to open communication, build trust and optimize collaboration. Our collaborative hands-on breakout sessions allow your team to feel successful and want to apply learning gains back to work.
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    Client Retention Strategies for Growth

    Assessment, strategic planning, best practice sharing and coaching are all part of our proactive client retention plans. Ideal for all sectors, we'll help you leverage your strengths.
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    These one-on- one and group sessions help individuals and teams gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, gain valuable insights and confidence so they can leverage their strengths and help others achieve their higher potential. Suitable candidates for this service are: Executives Leaders Managers Team leaders or leads Identified High potential employees Educators Individuals in Career Transition Parents
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    Coaching Business, Executive, and Professional

    Coaching through strategic partnerships that focus on setting goals, creating action plans, developing strategies, overcoming obstacles, and achieving results. Coaches will be selected according to best fit based on specific client needs.
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    Coaching Certification

    Enhance your Coach training experience with quality, professionalism and support. ICF-approved and authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for this class.
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    Coaching Focused on Productivity and Organization

    Our coaches have worked with people in a number of industries and situations including: transition, promotion, change, building relationships, managing, their own coaching of others and enhancing work organization, productivity and life experience.
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    Coaching for Executives

    Coaching is a good fit for those wanting balance and performance in their life and in their careers. No one has to have a coach, rather working with a coach is a decision to bring power and velocity to your life in the areas you choose. Request more info to talk through your options.
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    Coaching for Small Business Owners

    Work on your business not just in or at it. Run it like a Fortune 500 CEO would. Learn techniques need to do more with less. Increase productivity, profits, forward growth while decreasing waste, poor organization, and burnout.
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    Coaching Services

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    Coaching Services

    Work with seasoned coaches to take you to next level development. Aside from tapping into their personal experiences, Kerr Hill coaches utilize state of art diagnostic assessments to understand yourself in up to four key areas; Behaviors, Motivators, Skills and Acumen. Action and traction is the goal.
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    Coaching: Meaningful Coaching

    You are invited into the possibility of creating your life in ways that move beyond what is known, into the unknown - creating your life by design, and supporting that design with an integrated approach of both how you are being, and what you are doing. The most popular coaching topics include: Leadership, Career Performance,Financial Success, Life Balance, Stress Management, Well Being, Life Partnership, Practicing Presence, and Building Relationships.
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    Colorado Training Facilitators

    Whether you need assistance in assessing and improving your Standard Operating Procedures and Training Performance checklists; require Executive Coaching; one-on-one consulting; design, development and delivery of a company-wide training initiative; or a training solution that addresses cross-cultural differences and borders, TrainSmart will deliver!
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    Communication Skills Coaching Services

    If one of your employees, supervisors or managers isn’t getting along with others, or is unable to communicate effectively, labeled as too aggressive or not assertive enough, accused of harassing others or being insensitive to diversity, or otherwise struggling with interpersonal skills and collaboration, coaching might be the answer. Our coaching methods are focused on meeting organizational needs, and fostering self-awareness in order to inspire the motivation to change.