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    Executive Presentation Skills Training, Speech, Media Training, Crisis Communications

    Expert executive consulting in all areas of Executive Communications: presentation skills training, crisis communications, media training and speech coaching. Unleash the power of your communications.On your site, or ours: (301)908-3896
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    Executive Coaching

    Our coaches have worked with people in a number of industries professions and situations including: transition, promotion, change, building relationships, managing up, managing down, their own coaching of others and enhancing work and life experience.
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    Executive Coaching Services

    Benefit from C-Level executives coaches to guide, recommend,support improvement and advance growth in business areas you struggle with. Work with diagnostic assessments to better understand how you relate to problems, people, pacing and procedures
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    Executive Presentation Skills, Executive Speech Consulting

    Expert coaching in presentation skills,including sales, and special appearances:regulatory board incl. pharmaceuticals,Congressional and legislative testimony, individual and team training. Speech/media/crisis communications coaching.(301)908-3896
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    Expert Retreat Facilitation: Engaging and Collaborative

    We provide expert meeting facilitation services that is highly collaborative, engaging and productive. For... - Executive and company retreats - Project planning - Decision making - Product development - Ideation Are you looking to... ...get on the same page? ...get buy-in? ...have a highly productive meeting? the team? ...ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute?
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    Facilitation Services

    High energy, highly experienced IAF-certified profession facilitators will lead your group in strategic planning, decision-making, or issue resolution processes customized to your business and culture. Kerri McBride (404) 338-1062
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    Facilitation Support and Consulting

    Learn customized approaches, processes and methods for improving training facilitation quality and systems. Course work specifically applied to client direct needs.
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    FIRO Element Bâ„¢ in Organizations

    The Element B is the latest generation of assessment tools measuring interpersonal behaviors in three areas: Inclusion, Control and Openness, further allowing you to understand and improve your behaviors.
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    Florida Training Facilitators

    Whether you need assistance in assessing and improving your Standard Operating Procedures and Training Performance checklists; require Executive Coaching; one-on-one consulting; design, development and delivery of a company-wide training initiative; or a training solution that addresses cross-cultural differences and borders, TrainSmart will deliver!
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    Forensic Accounting Services

    A typical CPA can only go so far. When you suspect financial fraud or any other discrepancy, you need more than just an audit – you need a Forensic Audit. Our Forensic Audit team finds the perpetrators and show you how they did it, AND show you how to prevent it from happening again! Our certified forensic accounting professionals have the skills and experience that is second to none. Past clients include manufacturing, medical practices,health care, school districts, municipalities, privately-held service companies, and transportation companies. Mr. Balog,who leads our team, is a Member of the American College of Forensic Examiners, Certified in Financial Forensics by the AICPA, and had lead seminars and conferences for American Management Association and other international training organizations. He has over 35 years of hand on Fraud Investigation and Expert Testimony experience. If you have doubts about the validity of your financials, you need a Forensic Accountant.
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    Gaining insight through testing and assesment

    Organizational skills assessment, assessment of workplace behaviors, organizational culture and climate surveys, employee attitude surveys, alignment issues relating to actions, goals, and outcomes, leadership and training challenges.
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    Game-Based Learning & Development

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    Generational Workplace Workshop

    The objective is to engage the audience in a deeper understanding of this diversity issue as well as exploring the impact social media and evolving communications technology has on the different generations and their interactions in the workplace.
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    George Phirippidis

    Create a Strategic Plan with initiatives that apply to the current state of your business and address current pressures. Focus on near term challenges for long term success. Kerr Hill's unique and proven Strategic Planning process has been implemented and proven with many large and small organizations.
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    Georgia Training Facilitators

    Whether you need assistance in assessing and improving your Standard Operating Procedures and Training Performance checklists; require Executive Coaching; one-on-one consulting; design, development and delivery of a company-wide training initiative; or a training solution that addresses cross-cultural differences and borders, TrainSmart will deliver!
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    Getting To Next Level Sales Earnings

    Define next level sales performance. Evaluate what's working and what's not. Leverage sales behavioral assessments to understand your style, how you're perceived by others, and how to adapt your style to different buying types.
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    Handling Conflict and Stress

    Utilizing a key conflict assessment Tool (The TKI Five Modes of Conflict) we identify your conflict modes and preferences. Understand the modes, situations and how to better manage conflict.
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    High Performance Leadership

    Our work with leaders is based on the High Performance Leadership Model which identifies four levels of leadership and requisite skills. Each leadership level is linked to a specific timeframe, level of complexity and cognitive ability.
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    How Many 'Reluctant Salesmen' Do You Know?

    These days, thousands of professionals find themselves cast into the role of salesperson … and then discover that they’re reluctant to sell. The Reluctant Salesman series offers three individual one-day training events that break the mold of traditional sales instruction. By assimilating some unique concepts, developing action plans and getting into specific action, this program can dramatically effect sales results and the personal productivity of almost any salesperson. Best of all, because what we’re teaching is essentially a process, the habit patterns attendees develop will benefit them for years to come. A license to sell and facilitate all 3 The Reluctant Salesman programs is just $1995, fully backed with deliverable inventory for all 3 courses. Your license also includes detailed program facilitation guides, marketing methodologies and complimentary access to The Reluctant Salesman forum, where clients and licensees discuss the challenges of selling in the 21st Century.
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    How To Design, Promote & Deliver Winning Retreats

    Learn from an international retreat master with over 20 yrs experience planning, marketing, selling, promoting organizing and facilitating international retreats. Learn best practices standards and methods needed to WOW clients and win more profitable business.
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    How To Structure A Language Globalization Business

    Learn from an accomplished multi-award winning professional translator with over 20 years experience working for industry leaders. Learn best practices standards, methods, approach, process and tools needed to wow clients and win more contractual business.
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    How To Successfully Navigate Through Change

    Learn critical elements for successful end- to-end transformational management. Includes mission, strategic, operational,systems,methods,techniques and procedures to effect smooth change as well as behaviors to adapt during and after changes take place.
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    Human Blueprint Consulting

    Do you need to produce a specific business result and it looks unlikely or impossible given your history, your workforce and/or your business circumstances? We might be able to help!
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    Human Resource Performance Consulting

    We provide human resources services, performance improvement, training, change management, process redesign, and business initiatives and practices, for the purposes of improving performance of and creating positive change in, individuals and organizations.
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    Human Resource Solutions

    APLS Group can provide a wide range of HR Solutions that can be customized to meet your unique business needs. Whether you need assistance managing your current HR function, ensuring compliance with state and federal standards, completing HR projects or helping you resolve an HR issue you are facing, APLS group can provide solutions and services that are right for your business.