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    Driving Results - Next Level Sales Closures

    Lead by sales leaders from branded companies. Understand your natural sales style, how your style is perceived by others & how to sell across other buyer profiles. Benefit from sales behavior assessments. Identify problems preventing closure and correct them.
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    How Many 'Reluctant Salesmen' Do You Know?

    These days, thousands of professionals find themselves cast into the role of salesperson … and then discover that they’re reluctant to sell. The Reluctant Salesman series offers three individual one-day training events that break the mold of traditional sales instruction. By assimilating some unique concepts, developing action plans and getting into specific action, this program can dramatically effect sales results and the personal productivity of almost any salesperson. Best of all, because what we’re teaching is essentially a process, the habit patterns attendees develop will benefit them for years to come. A license to sell and facilitate all 3 The Reluctant Salesman programs is just $1995, fully backed with deliverable inventory for all 3 courses. Your license also includes detailed program facilitation guides, marketing methodologies and complimentary access to The Reluctant Salesman forum, where clients and licensees discuss the challenges of selling in the 21st Century.
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    Instructional Designers

    Your instructional design need has found a solution! TrainSmart has the knowledge, skills, tools, creativity, drive, and partnering attitude you are looking for to close the gaps that define your need.
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    MVP Consulting: Green Methods

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars,consulting professionals, & exceptional coaches with quality academic backgrounds. Affordable prices, call 760-656-8043
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    MVP Consulting: Sales

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars,consulting professionals, & exceptional coaches, with quality academic backgrounds. Affordable prices, call 760-656-8043
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    Sales Management Consulting

    STAR offers a number of one-on-one sales coaching and consultation services for sales professionals of all skill levels. We offer three sales coaching and consultation delivery options - telephone, face-to- face, and joint sales calls.
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    Tim Schneider

    Tim Schneider is the founder, president and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning. His mission, in total alignment with Aegis Learning is “Dedicated to Your Success”. Tim brings passion, heart and 25 years of successful experience to all leadership development projects, customer service initiatives and when building high performance teams. Tim is one of the most sought-after and in-demand speakers, training facilitators and individual development coaches in the United States. Tim is the author of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership and Beyond Engagement, high impact books about leading the right way and creating an organizational culture that is both healthy and successful. His works have been featured in many business and professional development publications and he his one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the U.S. Stylistically, Tim brings unparalleled commitment and enthusiasm to each engagement and works hard to make to each enga