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    Become a Protecting Time® Licensee

    Protecting Time® is the nation's preeminent source for productivity enhancement in small- and medium-sized companies. We're actively seeking experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators to market our programs to their clients. Currently, we offer 6 different staff-level programs, designed for different work environments. The Staff Program License is free; you can pay a per-sale fee to have digital files delivered to you, or buy hard copy programs from our Mimeo Marketplace. Deliverables are customized for the coach, and there's no additional per-sale charge. We are the sole American licensee for The Reluctant Salesman, a UK-based sales training methodology that incorporates three day-long training events. Protecting Time® leverages more than 30 years of experience in training and development, and we're happy to discuss a revenue-sharing model with coaches or trainers who want to produce their own material
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    Instructional Design Development

    Your instructional design need has found a solution! TrainSmart has the knowledge, skills, tools, creativity, drive, and partnering attitude you are looking for to close the gaps that define your need.
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    Utilizing Assessments For Development

    Understand which assessments, which work best and why. Learn to leverage the right tools to optimize productivity, profitability, teamwork, communication and execution. Help your people understand how they work with problems, people, pacing and procedures.
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    We Conduct Training Needs Assessments

    TrainSmart works with you to understand corporate and department goals and uses a variety of tools and methodologies to pinpoint the gaps that are preventing you from attaining those goals.