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    Become a Protecting Time® Licensee

    Protecting Time® is the nation's preeminent source for productivity enhancement in small- and medium-sized companies. We're actively seeking experienced coaches, trainers and facilitators to market our programs to their clients. Currently, we offer 6 different staff-level programs, designed for different work environments. The Staff Program License is free; you can pay a per-sale fee to have digital files delivered to you, or buy hard copy programs from our Mimeo Marketplace. Deliverables are customized for the coach, and there's no additional per-sale charge. We are the sole American licensee for The Reluctant Salesman, a UK-based sales training methodology that incorporates three day-long training events. Protecting Time® leverages more than 30 years of experience in training and development, and we're happy to discuss a revenue-sharing model with coaches or trainers who want to produce their own material
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    Earn Great Commissions by Selling ARC Consulting Group Seminars

    Earn great commissions by selling ARC's proven seminars. We provide finance, audit, accounting and business development on-site programs on a world-wide basis.
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    How Many 'Reluctant Salesmen' Do You Know?

    These days, thousands of professionals find themselves cast into the role of salesperson … and then discover that they’re reluctant to sell. The Reluctant Salesman series offers three individual one-day training events that break the mold of traditional sales instruction. By assimilating some unique concepts, developing action plans and getting into specific action, this program can dramatically effect sales results and the personal productivity of almost any salesperson. Best of all, because what we’re teaching is essentially a process, the habit patterns attendees develop will benefit them for years to come. A license to sell and facilitate all 3 The Reluctant Salesman programs is just $1995, fully backed with deliverable inventory for all 3 courses. Your license also includes detailed program facilitation guides, marketing methodologies and complimentary access to The Reluctant Salesman forum, where clients and licensees discuss the challenges of selling in the 21st Century.
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    Protecting Time® Professional Program License

    In addition to marketing our well-known Protecting Professional Time program, Licensees have access to seven different staff-level training courses as well. Licensees are free to market these three programs without restriction using our unique iPad sales presentations, which are included with the license. Full facilitation presentations are designed to help coaches and trainers deliver the programs correctly first time, every time. Only one licensee is appointed for each market. Contact us today!
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    Science of Achievement: Programs for Coaches

    If you're a life or personal coach and you're tired of selling time, sell a packaged program instead! Our 'Science of Achievement' series focuses on individual development, relationship management, time management and healthy lifestyles. Each program is beautifully crafted and designed to be delivered via email, so there's nothing to print. Best of all, all four Science of Achievement programs incorporate your photo or business logo into the layout, and your clients won't know you didn't develop the material unless you tell them. Each program is an affordable five-week coaching journey toward clearly-defined results, and all four programs are unique ... meaning your clients could go through several courses without duplication. A 'Science of Achievement' license is affordable, and the sample Segments on our website give you an excellent 'feel' for the programs before you consider a license. The coaching industry is changing ... isn't it time you changed with it?