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    'TruScore' - Become a Certified Trainer

    The Task Cycle® Certification is designed for HR/Talent Management professionals, trainers, coaches, and consultants. The session prepares these professionals to administer Task Cycle® assessments, interpret individual feedback reports, and guide the development planning follow-up with participants.
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    360's, DISC, Firo-B, Emotional Intelligence, TKI Assessments

    Learn to see yourself as others see you. Better understand others behavior and how to use this knowledge to increase your influence, performance, sales, influencial and leadership effectiveness. Our assessments include: Leader and Manager 360's DISC assessments - up to 15 varieties Motivators Assessment Emotional Intelligence Business Acumen Skills Rankings TKI - Thomas Kilmann Instrument - Conflict assessment Firo-B
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    Leveraging Assessments For Greater Effectivity

    Understand what assessments work best in what situations and why. Choose right tools to optimize individual and team productivity, profitability, communication and execution. Help your people understand how they work with problems, people, pacing and procedures.
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    Productivity and Quality Assessment

    Productivity and Quality assessments on 8 critical dimensions to apply your scarce resources and budget to: improve performance; manage technology investment; define existing and needed skills; profile the work environment; set standards; evaluate tools, techniques, and service providers; quantify productivity and quality. Our team has a track record in IT and software development and management and consulting with IT executives and teams to improve quality and productivity and reduce costs. We customize assessments to your specific needs and work with you to implement practical solutions that demonstrate value and ROI.
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    Strategic Planning and Organizational Change

    Is your business proactively moving to the next level? Strategic Planning helps you set the course, prepare for risk, and get results systematically. We work with organizations around the world in every economic sector that are serious about being successful and creating a designed future. You and your team will create and execute a strategic plan that gets results and energizes and engages every employee to fulfill your mission. We work with you to develop your teams' abilities to think and decide strategically, implement and amend plans, and achieve your goals. We provide individual and team coaching to: facilitate organizational/culture change; create internal education programs to support your development and implementation needs; and support executives leading change. We help you implement customized assessments of your current state and help you develop a customized solution to close the gaps.
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    Tim Schneider

    Tim Schneider is the founder, president and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning. His mission, in total alignment with Aegis Learning is “Dedicated to Your Success”. Tim brings passion, heart and 25 years of successful experience to all leadership development projects, customer service initiatives and when building high performance teams. Tim is one of the most sought-after and in-demand speakers, training facilitators and individual development coaches in the United States. Tim is the author of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership and Beyond Engagement, high impact books about leading the right way and creating an organizational culture that is both healthy and successful. His works have been featured in many business and professional development publications and he his one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the U.S. Stylistically, Tim brings unparalleled commitment and enthusiasm to each engagement and works hard to make to each enga
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    Training Needs Assessment

    Looking for a company to identify skills gaps and develop appropriate training programs and interventions to meet the needs of your organization? Is your training aligned to business strategies and goals? We can answer these questions and more by performing a needs assessment and analysis for your organization. TrainSmart, can help!