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    Expert Retreat Facilitation: Engaging and Collaborative

    We provide expert meeting facilitation services that is highly collaborative, engaging and productive. For... - Executive and company retreats - Project planning - Decision making - Product development - Ideation Are you looking to... ...get on the same page? ...get buy-in? ...have a highly productive meeting? the team? ...ensure everyone has the opportunity to contribute?
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    How To Design, Promote & Deliver Winning Retreats

    Learn from an international retreat master with over 20 yrs experience planning, marketing, selling, promoting organizing and facilitating international retreats. Learn best practices standards and methods needed to WOW clients and win more profitable business.
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    Teams of Distinction: Team Building and Executive Coaching

    The greatest delta in business is the difference between the performance of a group of people working together and the achievements of a fully synchronized team. Which raises an interesting point: do you really have a team focused with determination and espirit de corps on a singular mission? Or has your group devolved into factions, caught up in internal debates or lacking energy and morale that leverages The Power Of Collaboration. Our programs are specially customized for each client to transform your team into a Team Of Distinction: those that move past the buzzwords and the clich├ęs to put people in motion to achieve their personal and collective best. Over 30,000 leaders on 5 continents have profited from our Team Building and Executive Coaching programs. Our customer research shows that, we achieve a 200%-6,600% ROI from applying our proprietary methodologies. Clients include Pfizer, NASA, Bayer, Dell, Walmart, UBS and others.