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    Accelerate Your Results Training and Coaching

    Accelerate your business results via customized workshops, coaching, training, webinars, and materials so you can enjoy a more balance and successful business and life. Call 858-456-0160
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    Accountability Coaching for Accelerated Results

    Proven business success principles and systems for Working Less and Making More Money so You Can Enjoy a Balanced and Successful Life. Call 858-456-0160
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    Coaching Business, Executive, and Professional

    Coaching through strategic partnerships that focus on setting goals, creating action plans, developing strategies, overcoming obstacles, and achieving results. Coaches will be selected according to best fit based on specific client needs.
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    Effective Coaching That Drives Results

    Led by an former C-Level turn around executives. Learn processes to identify core client problems blocking effective performance and how to introduce solutions to correct them. Work with a range of assessment tools to leverage performance.
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    Executive Presentation Skills, Executive Speech Consulting

    Expert coaching in presentation skills,including sales, and special appearances:regulatory board incl. pharmaceuticals,Congressional and legislative testimony, individual and team training. Speech/media/crisis communications coaching.(301)908-3896
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    Leadership. Engagement and Connection

    To be successful leaders must connect with staff. Not just rules , regulations and policy manuals but on a deeper more emotional intelligent level. Many leaders simply haven't been trained. To accelerate engagement, productive and build a positive culture use our training or coaching programs to build powerful these connections.
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    MVP Coaching: Corporate Coaching

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars,consulting professionals, & exceptional coaches, with quality academic backgrounds. Affordable prices, call 510-558-3495.
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    One-On-One Professional Development

    Need to communicate effectively? Learn business communication skills with our one-on-one coaching. We meet with you prior to the session to design a program that fits your needs, and give you private feedback on each communication skill covered.
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    Professional Coaching Services

    By partnering with one of TrainSmart’s experienced coaches, any individual has the chance to pinpoint their own areas of weakness and determine tactical steps that they can take to move toward solutions going forward.
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    Teams of Distinction: Team Building and Executive Coaching

    The greatest delta in business is the difference between the performance of a group of people working together and the achievements of a fully synchronized team. Which raises an interesting point: do you really have a team focused with determination and espirit de corps on a singular mission? Or has your group devolved into factions, caught up in internal debates or lacking energy and morale that leverages The Power Of Collaboration. Our programs are specially customized for each client to transform your team into a Team Of Distinction: those that move past the buzzwords and the clichés to put people in motion to achieve their personal and collective best. Over 30,000 leaders on 5 continents have profited from our Team Building and Executive Coaching programs. Our customer research shows that, we achieve a 200%-6,600% ROI from applying our proprietary methodologies. Clients include Pfizer, NASA, Bayer, Dell, Walmart, UBS and others.
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    Tim Schneider

    Tim Schneider is the founder, president and lead facilitator for Aegis Learning. His mission, in total alignment with Aegis Learning is “Dedicated to Your Success”. Tim brings passion, heart and 25 years of successful experience to all leadership development projects, customer service initiatives and when building high performance teams. Tim is one of the most sought-after and in-demand speakers, training facilitators and individual development coaches in the United States. Tim is the author of LeadWell-The Ten Competencies of Outstanding Leadership and Beyond Engagement, high impact books about leading the right way and creating an organizational culture that is both healthy and successful. His works have been featured in many business and professional development publications and he his one of the most sought after speakers, trainers and coaches in the U.S. Stylistically, Tim brings unparalleled commitment and enthusiasm to each engagement and works hard to make to each enga