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    'TruScore' - Become a Certified Trainer

    The Task Cycle® Certification is designed for HR/Talent Management professionals, trainers, coaches, and consultants. The session prepares these professionals to administer Task Cycle® assessments, interpret individual feedback reports, and guide the development planning follow-up with participants.
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    Accelerate Your Results Training and Coaching

    Accelerate your business results via customized workshops, coaching, training, webinars, and materials so you can enjoy a more balance and successful business and life. Call 858-456-0160
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    Accountability Coaching for Accelerated Results

    Proven business success principles and systems for Working Less and Making More Money so You Can Enjoy a Balanced and Successful Life. Call 858-456-0160
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    Brittney C. Barbe, MBA, SHRM-CP

    Brittney C. Barbe, a native of Boone, North Carolina and current resident of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is an associate consultant of The Kegler Group. Brittney delivers high quality, in-depth HR offerings. Her expertise as a HR leader spans across the multiple industries that enables her to reinvent what HR is, should be, and will become. In addition to Human Resource Offerings, Brittney also offers training programs on generations in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, thinking outside the HR box and many more.Brittney is part of the East Tennessee State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies concentration on Business Management and Sociology. In addition, Brittney has a Masters in Business Administration. Her work is regularly published at leading magazine, Talent Culture. A Certified Professional from the Society of Human Resources. Also a John Maxwell Coach.
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    Career Development Roadmap

    With this in mind, the career architects who administer The Career Roadmap combine metric assessments and one-on-one career coaching to provide clients with immediate feedback about how and why they make the choices they do in their professional lives. It is a combination of 9 self-assessments, that, when combined with 2 hours of individualized career counseling, provides clients with a working knowledge of their key working competencies and values. This tool can then be translated into a specific decision-making plan and suitable career path so that individuals may discover their true professional passions.
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    Career Development Services

    By partnering with one of TrainSmart’s experienced coaches, any individual has the chance to pinpoint their own areas of weakness and determine tactical steps that they can take to move toward solutions going forward.
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    Center for Coaching Certification

    Enhance your Coach training experience with quality, professionalism and support. ICF-approved and accredited by IACET to offer CEUs for this class.
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    These one-on- one and group sessions help individuals and teams gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, gain valuable insights and confidence so they can leverage their strengths and help others achieve their higher potential. Suitable candidates for this service are: Executives Leaders Managers Team leaders or leads Identified High potential employees Educators Individuals in Career Transition Parents
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    Coaching Business, Executive, and Professional

    Coaching through strategic partnerships that focus on setting goals, creating action plans, developing strategies, overcoming obstacles, and achieving results. Coaches will be selected according to best fit based on specific client needs.
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    Coaching Focused on Productivity and Organization

    Our coaches have worked with people in a number of industries and situations including: transition, promotion, change, building relationships, managing, their own coaching of others and enhancing work organization, productivity and life experience.
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    Coaching for Executives

    Coaching is a good fit for those wanting balance and performance in their life and in their careers. No one has to have a coach, rather working with a coach is a decision to bring power and velocity to your life in the areas you choose. Request more info to talk through your options.
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    Coaching Services

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    Coaching Services

    Work with seasoned coaches to take you to next level development. Aside from tapping into their personal experiences, Kerr Hill coaches utilize state of art diagnostic assessments to understand yourself in up to four key areas; Behaviors, Motivators, Skills and Acumen. Action and traction is the goal.
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    Coaching: Meaningful Coaching

    You are invited into the possibility of creating your life in ways that move beyond what is known, into the unknown - creating your life by design, and supporting that design with an integrated approach of both how you are being, and what you are doing. The most popular coaching topics include: Leadership, Career Performance,Financial Success, Life Balance, Stress Management, Well Being, Life Partnership, Practicing Presence, and Building Relationships.
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    Communication, Executive Speech Training

    Executive speech coaching Coaching, on site or in Washington DC Aileen Pincus
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    Custom Communication Services: POSITIVELY ORGANIZED!® WRITING and SPEAKING

    Positively Organized! will make you look and sound good in print, online, and in personwhether you're a native or non-native English speaker or writer.
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    Custom Leadership Programs

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    David Spungin, MSOD, ACC

    David understands how effective leadership generates success. He holds a degree in Leadership Development from the United States Military Academy at West Point, a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University and the National Training Laboratories for Applied Behavioral Sciences (NTL), and has completed advanced studies at Harvard University. A combat veteran with corporate leadership experience, he now consults to primarily Fortune 500 companies and has worked with clients that include Google, U.S. Marine Corps, Schlumberger, and Facebook. He is recognized for his ability to quickly assess an organization's culture, develop creative learning designs, and facilitate highly engaging training events. David also holds expertise in the EQ-I 2.0, MBTI, DiSC, and PMAI behavioral assessments, as well as in non-verbal (somatic) communication. Additionally, he is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified executive coach.
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    Dr Rick Goodman

    Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. "Dr. Rick = RESULTS"
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    Dynamic Sales Management Coaching

    Learn best practices, motivational techniques and unique organizational strategies! Positive, build-on- strengths approach to professional coaching - ideal for business owners or sales managers at all levels. On-site and remote options.
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    Effective Presentation Skills

    Our expertise is people development. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering a full range of corporate training opportunites and career development services. Our team of business coaching consultants can analyze your organization’s current needs, design “best fit” program modules and deliver programs for implementation. Training can take the form of “train the trainer” or direct to the people in team building. Can be customized to your specific situations. We work with your Subject Matter Experts to create realistic scenarios that reflect your real life workplace challenges.
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    Executive Coaching

    Our coaches have worked with people in a number of industries professions and situations including: transition, promotion, change, building relationships, managing up, managing down, their own coaching of others and enhancing work and life experience.
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    Executive Coaching Services

    Benefit from C-Level executives coaches to guide, recommend,support improvement and advance growth in business areas you struggle with. Work with diagnostic assessments to better understand how you relate to problems, people, pacing and procedures
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    Individual Career Development Counseling

    Find your true career passion. Every person traces his or her career path according to professional ambition, lifestyle choices, and personal interests. APLS Group is excited to introduce the “Career Roadmap” which provides clients with an understanding of their core competencies and what is important to them. Please click on “more information” to learn about this exciting tool for Career Development!
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    Innovation and Creativity Coaching

    To bringing more creative approaches to your life and your organization. Broaden your creative scope, ability and skills Explore barriers to your creative action, and Build a personal environment for your creativity to thrive.