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    These one-on- one and group sessions help individuals and teams gain clarity, remove self-imposed limitations, gain valuable insights and confidence so they can leverage their strengths and help others achieve their higher potential. Suitable candidates for this service are: Executives Leaders Managers Team leaders or leads Identified High potential employees Educators Individuals in Career Transition Parents
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    Coaching for Executives

    Coaching is a good fit for those wanting balance and performance in their life and in their careers. No one has to have a coach, rather working with a coach is a decision to bring power and velocity to your life in the areas you choose. Request more info to talk through your options.
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    Coaching Services

    Work with seasoned coaches to take you to next level development. Aside from tapping into their personal experiences, Kerr Hill coaches utilize state of art diagnostic assessments to understand yourself in up to four key areas; Behaviors, Motivators, Skills and Acumen. Action and traction is the goal.
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    Coaching: Meaningful Coaching

    You are invited into the possibility of creating your life in ways that move beyond what is known, into the unknown - creating your life by design, and supporting that design with an integrated approach of both how you are being, and what you are doing. The most popular coaching topics include: Leadership, Career Performance,Financial Success, Life Balance, Stress Management, Well Being, Life Partnership, Practicing Presence, and Building Relationships.
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    Effective Presentation Skills

    Our expertise is people development. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering a full range of corporate training opportunites and career development services. Our team of business coaching consultants can analyze your organization’s current needs, design “best fit” program modules and deliver programs for implementation. Training can take the form of “train the trainer” or direct to the people in team building. Can be customized to your specific situations. We work with your Subject Matter Experts to create realistic scenarios that reflect your real life workplace challenges.
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    Protecting Time® Professional Program License

    In addition to marketing our well-known Protecting Professional Time program, Licensees have access to seven different staff-level training courses as well. Licensees are free to market these three programs without restriction using our unique iPad sales presentations, which are included with the license. Full facilitation presentations are designed to help coaches and trainers deliver the programs correctly first time, every time. Only one licensee is appointed for each market. Contact us today!
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    Science of Achievement: Programs for Coaches

    If you're a life or personal coach and you're tired of selling time, sell a packaged program instead! Our 'Science of Achievement' series focuses on individual development, relationship management, time management and healthy lifestyles. Each program is beautifully crafted and designed to be delivered via email, so there's nothing to print. Best of all, all four Science of Achievement programs incorporate your photo or business logo into the layout, and your clients won't know you didn't develop the material unless you tell them. Each program is an affordable five-week coaching journey toward clearly-defined results, and all four programs are unique ... meaning your clients could go through several courses without duplication. A 'Science of Achievement' license is affordable, and the sample Segments on our website give you an excellent 'feel' for the programs before you consider a license. The coaching industry is changing ... isn't it time you changed with it?
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    Strategic Planning and Organizational Change

    Is your business proactively moving to the next level? Strategic Planning helps you set the course, prepare for risk, and get results systematically. We work with organizations around the world in every economic sector that are serious about being successful and creating a designed future. You and your team will create and execute a strategic plan that gets results and energizes and engages every employee to fulfill your mission. We work with you to develop your teams' abilities to think and decide strategically, implement and amend plans, and achieve your goals. We provide individual and team coaching to: facilitate organizational/culture change; create internal education programs to support your development and implementation needs; and support executives leading change. We help you implement customized assessments of your current state and help you develop a customized solution to close the gaps.
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    Top Training & Development Company

    We take a collaborative approach to create a tailored strategy for success. TrainSmart’s goal is to partner with you to assess, envision, develop and execute powerful training that increases productivity, improves performance and inspires continuous focus on excellence through a wide range of learning solutions.