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    "Chart Your Course International"

    For over 20 years we have provided training programs, online courses, consulting to hundreds of organizations on attracting, retaining and creating great places to work. Free articles, newsletters, videos and other valuable human resource tools.
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    Coaching Certification

    Enhance your Coach training experience with quality, professionalism and support. ICF-approved and authorized by IACET to offer CEUs for this class.
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    Competency-Based Performance Management

    Competency-based performance management systems shift the emphasis of appraisal from organization results achieved to employee behaviors and competencies demonstrated. Diagnosis and problem solving to deal with poor performance takes this form: “If results are not at the desired level, give higher priority to these job tasks, demonstrate these behaviors more often, and develop these competencies” (i.e., model the task priorities, behaviors, and competency levels of the best performers in the job)
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    Competency-Based Talent Management

    Helping organizations develop competency models and competency based talent development and management systems; conducting three- day public and onsite Building Competency Models workshop that trains HR staff to build models.
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    Consulting in Human Resources, Training, & Organizational Development

    KAW Consulting provides Training & Development, Instructional Design, Organizational Development and Human Resource Consulting. KAW also provides Team & Personal productivity tools, such as Meetings That Work that can be purchased directly via our online store.
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    Contagious Companies: Training and Consulting in Telecom/Technology

    With broad experience in working with Microsoft, AT&T, and Olympus, as well as our founder with wireless and call center training background, our experienced consultants and consulting process, will help you: - uncover workplace challenges - resolve training deficiencies - train your leaders and managers - implement strategic planning - change your organizational culture For more information, go to and click on Your Industry or call 1-866-382-0121.
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    Custom Business Simulations for Training and Executive/Leadership Development

    Excite, engage, align, and deliver tangible business results utilizing a custom simulation of your organization. This is executive/leadership development adapted to your company. A mock-up of your organization delivering results people line up for!
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    Custom Training Events

    Our expertise is people development. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering a full range of corporate training opportunites and career development services. Our team of business coaching consultants can analyze your organization’s current needs, design “best fit” program modules and deliver programs for implementation. Training can take the form of “train the trainer” or direct to the people in team building.
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    Employee Handbook Development

    Contact us for assistance with creation, development, editing, and/or layout of your organization’s Employee Handbook, Policy and Procedures Manual, or related documentation. One of our experienced writers will respond to your request.
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    Employee Retention

    Leading authority on employee retention. Free articles, surveys, online training course. We can reduce your employee turnover guaranteed.
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    HR Consulting

    RCC HR services include HR Reviews & Audits, handbooks, HR advice, HR projects (e.g. surveys)& partical outsourcing. Services are offered as needed or by project or by contract where multiple services are needed.
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    Human Blueprint Consulting

    Do you need to produce a specific business result and it looks unlikely or impossible given your history, your workforce and/or your business circumstances? We might be able to help!
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    Human Resource Performance Consulting

    We provide human resources services, performance improvement, training, change management, process redesign, and business initiatives and practices, for the purposes of improving performance of and creating positive change in, individuals and organizations.
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    Human Resource Solutions

    APLS Group can provide a wide range of HR Solutions that can be customized to meet your unique business needs. Whether you need assistance managing your current HR function, ensuring compliance with state and federal standards, completing HR projects or helping you resolve an HR issue you are facing, APLS group can provide solutions and services that are right for your business.
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    Instructional Design Consultant

    Your instructional design need has found a solution! TrainSmart has the knowledge, skills, tools, creativity, drive, and partnering attitude you are looking for to close the gaps that define your need.
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    Linda Florence

    -CHIEF LEARNING OFFICER -CERTIFIED FACILITATOR AND TRAINER Linda F. Florence is a talented and dynamic instructor specializing in human resource management issues including hiring, disciplinary practices, policies, compensation and retention strategies. She has over 20 years of senior management level experience in the hospitality, financial services, retail and higher education. Highly competent, approachable and affable are among the many reasons that Linda is a senior and lead facilitator and coach for Aegis Learning. Prior to working with Aegis Learning, Linda oversaw an accredited institution designed for military, law enforcement and strategic security graduate level programs, and has been an instructor at several community colleges and universities. Linda has both a Doctorate (PhD) and Masters degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with honors, from Capella University, and she earned an undergraduate degree from George Mason University in Government and Politics.
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    Monica Wofford, CSP

    Contagious Consulting is a process of assessing your workforce, defining problems and providing solutions. In fact, with Contagious Consulting we have removed the barriers to working with a consultant and made it easy. We have 1 process with 3 steps that creates a measurable multitude of results. The most frequent challenges we are asked to address and provide solutions for include: - workplace dynamics - role clarity and job fit - leaders not effectively leading - managers who don't know how to lead - conflict in the workplace - culture shifting in the workplace - poor leadership training - training department audit - management and leadership training needs For more information, visit
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    Performance Improvement

    We plan and implement organizational interventions, conduct management audits and employee surveys, develop policies and procedures, design performance management systems, and provide coaching to key management personnel.
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    R. Scott Boots, MPA

    Persons who are responsible for the wellness of other persons and systems, such as care providers, managers, customer service staff and administrative professionals, often face stress and burnout resulting in absenteeism, turnover, increased errors and even mortality. This can be very harmful to organizational productivity and credibility, creating costly gaps in care and services. But who cares for the care providers and other employees? Providers and professionals working in education, healthcare, sales and hospitality must be reminded how to assert themselves, set healthy boundaries and respond to stress in healthy ways. Focus groups held by HCEI across the US confirm the need to celebrate the spirit and journey of caring persons while teaching self-preservation skills for the future. When employees care for themselves first they then provide better care and services to others.
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    Team Building and Corporate Events

    APLS Group can help your company create a Team Building and Development training event that is engaging, stimulating, provides learning and fun. We can design a customized team development training events around a theme. Some examples include: March Madness Basketball Olympic Day Kick-off of Self-Directed Work Team “train pulling out of the station” Build a Bike
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    Teams of Distinction: Team Building and Executive Coaching

    The greatest delta in business is the difference between the performance of a group of people working together and the achievements of a fully synchronized team. Which raises an interesting point: do you really have a team focused with determination and espirit de corps on a singular mission? Or has your group devolved into factions, caught up in internal debates or lacking energy and morale that leverages The Power Of Collaboration. Our programs are specially customized for each client to transform your team into a Team Of Distinction: those that move past the buzzwords and the clichés to put people in motion to achieve their personal and collective best. Over 30,000 leaders on 5 continents have profited from our Team Building and Executive Coaching programs. Our customer research shows that, we achieve a 200%-6,600% ROI from applying our proprietary methodologies. Clients include Pfizer, NASA, Bayer, Dell, Walmart, UBS and others.
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    The Conflict Transformer

    We offer three levels of conflict resolution. BizPsych helps organizations when facing a dispute between two individuals at any level of the organization. The goal is to create working agreements acceptable to both parties to help them work effectively together.