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    Access Boot Camp

    Do you need to master building and managing databases in a hurry? Our Boot Camp is an intensive crash course in Access. You will start with the basics, such as navigation and basic forms, and work your way through to the advanced features of the application, such as macros and writing statements in SQL. You will even finish with a workshop, where you can get instructor feedback on your individual projects. There will be ample of hands-on activities that allow you to be sure you have mastered each lesson, and our experienced educators will be there to lead you to a thorough understanding of the material. This intensive four-day Access Boot Camp will take you from beginner to master of this powerful database application.
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    SharePoint Designer and Workflows

    With Mission Critical’s SharePoint Designer training courses in Denver and Phoenix, you will be able to open up the back end of SharePoint, enabling you to create a more customized site, and create better branding. You will learn to create customer pages and workflows. In our two-day course, you will learn SharePoint Designer to bring your skills to the next level, beyond the basic functionality of SharePoint. This training course includes plenty of hands-on activities, so that you can be sure you have mastered the material. In this SharePoint Designer class, Students exiting this class will be able to improve the customization and content on their sites. Students will also learn to build and deploy workflows, using this powerful tool to pursue more complex projects.
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    SharePoint Level 3

    Our SharePoint Level 3 provides advanced level training that allows the site editor to add complex functionality to their SharePoint sites, with out-of-the-box components. If you are the company or departmental site manager, you are looking to improve your skills as a SharePoint designer/consultant, or you want to learn different concepts for building dynamic SharePoint sites, then our SharePoint Level 3 class is for you. Learn more advanced features that a site manager and editor would use in creating dynamic company sites. Learn how to edit and configure more advanced webparts, how to create app templates, and view settings to customize content by audience targets. Use lookup content and filtered columns to make accessing data easier. Learn about Document Sets to better organize and access documents in a library.
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    SharePoint Level 2

    Our SharePoint Level 2 class provides Intermediate and Advanced level training in this powerful website application. It builds on concepts covered in SharePoint Level 1 , and covers more advanced features and design techniques. If you will be maintaining and editing a SharePoint site or sub-site for your company, then you will want to take both Level 1 and Level 2 to get the entire range of knowledge needed. Students completing this SharePoint course will have the skills needed to use more advanced features of SharePoint and develop better and more effective sites. Students will learn to better organize their sites, and incorporate pages and other web parts. They will master the implementation of collaboration tools, discussion boards, wikis, and blogs. Developing workflows and Task Lists to further simplify and manage complex projects will also be covered. InfoPath integration will be introduced in this class. Students will also learn to manage permissions.
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    SharePoint Level 1

    Welcome to SharePoint 101! This class is designed to be an Introduction to SharePoint, and covers basic concepts which allow you to design and develop a SharePoint site. This SharePoint course, is intended for non-technical administrators of sites and pages, and will enable you to be comfortable with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality, after the back-end of the application’s structure has been set up. This course includes plenty of interactive activities to make sure you have mastered each lesson. Upon completion of this SharePoint introduction training course, students will have a mastery of the basic functionality and tools of the application. They will be able to navigate sites, search for and work with content, create and customize a home page, create additional types of content, work with libraries, and integrate other applications, such as Outlook and Excel, into their SharePoint sites.
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    SharePoint Boot Camp

    If you need to become the expert on building, editing and maintaining SharePoint sites after your SharePoint server or 365 account has been set up, then this class is for you. It is for people who are going to be the point person on maintaining company sub-sites for SharePoint. You do not need to be an IT person to attend this class as SharePoint is a software program that allows individual department heads and regular business users the power to create and manage their own sites. This course includes plenty of interactive activities to make sure you have mastered each lesson. It covers all content from our SharePoint Level 1, 2 and 3 classes as well as SharePoint Designer. This course is intended for non-technical administrators of sites and pages, and will enable you to be comfortable with SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality, after the back-end of the application’s structure has been set up.
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    CAPA Simplified - A one-form, easy-to-complete, method for simplifying your CAPA process

    Overview This presentation will cover the FDA regulations (21 CFR Subpart J) regarding CAPA, how CAPA should be integrated into other branches of your Quality Management System, how to best approach CAPA (including initiation, evaluation, and follow-up verification), examples of documentation you can use to fulfill the CAPA requirement, as well as tips and tricks to what FDA auditors will look for when they come to visit your site.
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    Secrets to Writing Effective SOPs for Medical Device QMS

    Overview Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are a critical ingredient in an effective and efficient Quality Management System. SOPs are typically one of the first things an investigator asks for in an inspection. Well written SOPs send a message to the FDA and Notified Bodies that your QMS is complete, accurate, and followed.
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    FMEA & Risk Management for Medical Devices

    Overview FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) has long been recognized as a valuable tool in risk assessment and should be considered as an integral part of risk management. FMEA has been used as part of Risk Analysis under the obsolete standard EN 1441 -Risk Analysis for Medical Devices. The term "Risk Analysis" is no longer appropriate for medical device manufacturers and has been replaced by "Risk Management". EN 1441 is now a withdrawn standard and ISO 14971:2007 Medical Devices Application of Risk Management to Medical Devices has been the harmonized standard for risk assessment of medical devices under the medical devices directives and has been emphasized in the new ISO 13485:2016.
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    Persuasion: Getting Employees, Bosses and Colleagues to See the Light

    Overview Identify your personal power sources and their effectiveness. Use your personal power to meet your goals by creating an action plan to apply the principles of personal power to your specific situation. Hone your effective communication skills to enhance your personal power and your ability to communicate up and down the hierarchy effectively to stimulate change.
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    Surviving an Emotionally Toxic Workplace

    Overview You will leave this webinar with a clear understanding of what drives these emotional outbursts and how to use a 3 step process to deal with them constructively and productively. You will know how to use the Art of Emotional Aikido - you'll be able to protect yourself from even the harshest attacks. You will be able to leave "work at work" and enjoy your personal time without having to replay events of the day. Think about it: How much more work you'll get done? How much more energy you'll have at the end of the day? How much more you'll enjoy your job and going to work? Well now you can get more done, have more energy and enjoy your personal time more
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    Practice Safe Stress: Combat Strategies at the Burnout Battlefront

    Overview In a 24/7 always on, TNT - Time-Numbers-Technology - Driven-Distracted World, filled with change and uncertainty, to build personal-professional resilience we must rapidly identify stress "smoke signals." Also vital is understanding the individual and organizational characteristics that facilitate burnout, as well as the burnout battlefront stages. Then, let the Stress Doc's "Get FIT" -FUN-Interactive-Thought-provoking.
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    ISO 13485 Quality Management System for Medical Device Industry, How to build a Quality Management System for the European Market?

    Overview Introduction, who should apply the ISO 13485:2016. Overview about the changes of the ISO 13485:2016. Explaining of each change. Smart and fast ways to implement the changes in your quality management system. Fast track internal audit to approve the changes.
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    Workplace Bullying

    Overview Workplace bullying is described by many as a silent epidemic, so much so 29 states and two territories have passed anti-bullying legislation. Workplace bullying affects your company's bottom line, as well as your employees' health and well-being. Who is more likely to be a bully? Who is more likely to be a target of workplace bullying? What role can your organization, and its employees play in stopping or preventing workplace bullying? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is "A lot"! In this webinar, we will discuss some of the more common types of bullying in the workplace. You will learn the different legal issues that are implicated when you fail to proactively address even the potential issue of workplace bullying. You will learn about contributing factors in workplace bullying, the detrimental effects on employees, how to recognize it and what to do about a workplace bully and how to help the target of a bully recover.
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    FDA's Gluten-Free Labelling Rule: How to Comply

    Overview The gluten-free market is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide. For the 18 million Americans who suffer from gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, gluten-free products are a necessity. To help assure customer confidence, the FDA issued a final rule on August 5, 2014, that defines gluten-free claims across the food industry.
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    Managerial Primer for Ensuring Information Security

    Overview Usually, a formal ISG program is required to promote information assets safeguarding.ISG programs should ensure the Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT) framework confidentiality, integrity, availability, compliance, and reliability information criteria compromise does not occur through gaps in controls.
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    Dress Codes and Appearance in the Workplace

    Overview Policies on dress codes and employee appearance have generally been left to secretion of employers and management. There are advantages for organizations to have a dress code so a certain image is projected. Organizational culture may play a role in developing a dress code that is appealing to employees, customers and clients. More and more though, the workplace has become more diverse and as a result other factors must be taken into consideration such as an employee's gender, race, ethnicity, religion and disability.
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    Good Documentation and Record Keeping Best Practices (FDA & EMA)

    Overview Good documentation Practices (GDP) is an essential factor that needs to be closely followed by the personnel in any regulated environment as a process for a successful project completion including observations of unanticipated responses that are required to be accurately recorded and verified. This one-day workshop covers the essentials of GDP, its definition, purpose, and importance. Then expands on general rules and principles of GDP (US & EU), General tips for Laboratory Notebook documentation and finally discussing GDP enforcement by regulatory bodies in different countries with some examples of FDA citations and warning letters for different points presented in the session. In several occasions, group activities will be presented to find errors in documents based on the information provided in the class.
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    AML Risk and Responsibilities Related to Foreign Correspondent Banking

    Overview There are many risks related to acquiring, maintaining, and supervising correspondent banking relationships which employees and management of financial institution's need to be aware of and actively manage. With the enhanced scrutiny by regulators of a financial institution's compliance program regarding correspondent banking relationships and the trend for financial institutions to rethink their decisions to maintain these relationships,it is important that employees and management of financial institutions are aware of and fully understand correspondent banking regulations and guidance.
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    Computer System Validation (CSV) for FDA-Regulated Computers

    FDA requires that all computer systems used to produce, manage and report on GxP (GMP, GLC, GCP) related products be validated and maintained in accordance with specific rules. This webinar will leave you with the information needed to plan, execute and document a computer system validation effort that meets FDA compliance standards.