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    ARC019 - ARC's Audit Report Development Course: The Audit Report as a Business Plan

    The Internal Audit Report can be the single greatest strategic advantage a company can possess - if it is developed with the success of the company in focus. The One-Day program will provide you with the skills, structure and tools essential to create an effective Internal Audit report that will be read and get results. You'll learn the five elements of an effective audit item, how to take ownership of the recommendations, and develop a report that is truly a business plan for the future! Make your audit reports truly value added. This is not a grammar course, but a true is not a grammar course. It is a true, hands-on "Let's sell the change" HOW-TO program.
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    The advanced technologies of today have forced the Accounts Payable to evolve far beyond the processes of the past. Today’s AP professionals are still responsible for collecting, filing, and processing invoices and making payments to vendors, customers, and other third-party companies. However the task of fraud prevention and detection is more formidable than ever. AP Professionals must take every precaution to ensure accounts are protected and safeguarded as well as reconciled while ensuring the accounting entries are complete and accurate. This fast-paced, “hands-on” program will provide you with the essential skills and tools to ensure your latest tools and techniques to optimize the completion of other AP duties include 1099 and other tax form preparation, assisting the company with the year-end closing, and coding accounting documents. This One Day program will provide the latest tools and techniques for invoice handling, checks, 1099s, e-invoicing, and audits.
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    ARC021 - ARC's Effective Corporate Controller's Course: Meeting the Needs of Internal and External Customers

    The tasks and demands placed on today’s corporate controller have evolved significantly in all companies and industries. The threat of Fraud and Abuse are greater than ever in companies of all sizes. Today’s successful controller must continually add value while being acutely aware of how your actions both impact others in the company as well as how you are impacted by your customer’s enhanced expectations. Today’s successful corporate controller needs to be a financial professional, business analyst, asset manager and business partner all at the same time. Today’s controller must recognize that internal management is their customer base that they must continually support. Whether you are a seasoned professional, or someone new to the job of the controller, our course will help you discover how to improve your effectiveness and benefit to the organization. This course is specifically designed for corporate controllers, division and plant controllers.
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    ARC021 - Cost Accounting for Health Care Entities

    We designed and developed this intensive program specifically for accounting and cost professionals who serve health care entities. This program will give you a clear and concise grasp of health care cost accounting. You won’t find a better program to show you how to effectively determine the true costs of determining the true cost of services and protocols. The most successful health care facilities truly understand the cost of their operations including managed care, governmental-backed insurance entities, private insurance, pharmaceutical services and inventories, and other activities integral to your facility. You’ll learn how to develop budgets and standards, track and determine the true causes of variances, and use the cost information as a profit enhancement tool Also, you will learn how to determine pricing for goods and services and make the best use of people, money and materials.
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    Ask, Get, Perform - 4 CPEs

    How do you really ask questions and get to the facts in the audit fieldwork interviewing process? Do you struggle with asking clients the right questions? Inquiry and observation are two of the most important internal auditing skills. The ability to ask appropriate questions is powerful. Curiosity is the cornerstone of internal auditing; it requires auditors to ask a lot of questions. Continuously questioning clients is difficult. This course provides the tools you will need to effectively ask questions. "Ask, Get, Perform: The Auditors Essential Guide to Asking Better Questions, Getting Better Answers, and Performing Better Audits" is a new book just published by the instructor of this CPE event, Robert Berry. You can get a copy of this book at Amazon. Often auditors know what to ask, but many struggle with how to ask and how to listen. This session is designed to arm auditors with the tools necessary to create and sustain effective client communications through questions.
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    Audit Sampling Techniques - 4 CPEs

    Are your standards really effective in using audit sampling for substantive and internal controls testing? Ensure Audit and Quality Testing Consistency. For auditors, choosing and applying the appropriate sampling method is crucial in performing an efficient and effective audit, quality assessment or control test. This event was developed to help the auditor, compliance assessor or quality tester in determining appropriate sample sizes, as well as selection and evaluation of samples in conjunction with performing auditing procedures. The focus of this session includes both nonstatistical methods and statistical sampling techniques. Also included are case studies to help the audit professional apply these methods and establish best practices.
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    Audit Trail Generation and Review

    Overview: This webinar will demystify audit trails and describe the benefits of audit trail for your company. Attendees will the tools required to generate compliant audit trails on a domestic and international basis and will answer the questions on how to handle systems without automated audit trails, in a compliant manner. Why should you Attend: Attendees will learn how to review audit trails, using a risk based approach to cull through the thousands of audit trail records that can be generated on a daily basis.
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    Auditing and Inspecting Preclinical Research for GLP Compliance

    The Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines have progressed through various transitional phases to become guidelines in some countries and regulatory/statutory instruments in others. The objective of the GLPs is to ensure that a standard approach is undertaken, covering traceability and accountability of medical research and drug development process. This webinar discusses various aspects of auditing and inspecting preclinical research compliance with GLP. Price:$250.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Auditing Essentials

    +Introduction to Auditing +Auditing for Internal Control and Risk Assessment +Auditing the Revenue Cycle +Auditing for Cash and Inventories +Using Audits to Help Prevent Business Fraud +Establishing Role of the Auditing Department +Final Exam: Auditing Essentials
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    Auditing Procure to Pay - 4 CPEs

    Are you getting the audit results within the Procurement-To-Pay business process? Auditing the Procurement Function is an important assignment for auditors and compliance departments. The seminar presents: · The definition, scope, and importance of purchase to pay process, · The core challenges of procurement process, · The important risk areas of fraud, ethics, and external factors, · Common risks, procedures, and internal controls at different stages of the purchase to pay process, · Procurement tactical and strategy planning. This training seminar looks at how world class organizations reduce costs. Procurement is usually the largest category of administrative expenditures. This seminar offers practical advice for auditing the procurement function, and it is intended to be of relevance for all types and sizes of organizations globally-in the private sector, the not-for-profit or charitable sectors, local and national government, and international organizations.
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    Auditing Social Media - 2.5 CPEs

    How big of a risk is using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin? Definition: A social media management audit is a series of steps taken to evaluate and optimize critical processes supporting the social media strategy. Performing a social media audit can help any organization to stay on top of its virtual presence. Conducting a social media audit is a key part of managing the operational risks within this social media driven world. You will hear sensible solutions to controlling the chaos that comes with social media connections. Social media needs to be managed properly with internal controls to reduce the inherent risks it creates. Completing a social media management audit answers several questions about the relationship between an organization and its virtual audience including: - Do policies align with and promote good practices? - Are the appropriate virtual assets being acquired? - Do processes adequately mitigate reputation risks? - Is access security adequate?
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    Banking Best Practices to Prevent Fraud - 2 CPEs

    This event takes a hard look at preventing fraud in the retail banking organization. It gives you an execelant overview of a bank organization's best practices to prevent fraud. Attend to improve the anti-fraud efforts at your institution. Fraud is of more concern to banking leaders today than ever before. These concerns are driven by national media coverage, social media reports, actual dollar losses, the attack on trust (which is key to customer relationships), costs to allay customer concerns, changing regulatory environment, and changes in how fraud efforts are being organized. Fraud is no longer just a "cottage industry", it is moving to an industrial model where specialists steal data and sell it to others who organize high-volume attacks by multiple perpetrators. Banks cannot combat the "Fraud Industry" with yesterday's methods.
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    Banking Compliance Failures - 2 CPEs

    The level of fines levied against banks resulting from failure to comply with various regulations has soared, reaching into the billions of dollars in individual instances. Every bank organization is responsible for compliance with a wide variety of regulations. Compliance failures are risks to both the bank's reputation and its stockholders. There is an increasing discussion that, rather than punish stockholders, individual officers should be personally held accountable for their decisions in causing failures to act in compliance. Already the Sarbanes-Oxley law specifically requires that companies, including banks, have accurate financial reports as well as sound controls which are required to assure the material accuracy of those reports. CEOs and CFOs have to personally sign statements to that effect and can be charged personally under some circumstances.
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    Becoming an Awesome New Auditor! - 24 CPEs

    So, you've accepted a new position as an Internal Auditor; congratulations, and welcome to our world! Internal Auditors provide an extremely important and unique function: to independently assess controls to balance risk that may impede the objectives of an organization. We are the "last line of defense" in organizations to report risk events. Please join us for this valuable in-person, interactive training and allow our expert instructors to carefully guide you as to how audits are planned, performed, documented, and reported. We will transfer our deep understanding of "audit tradecraft" to you in an educational and enjoyable manner. We will provide you with the knowledge to become a truly Awesome Internal Auditor! This comprehensive in-person event was designed for Internal Auditors and Compliance Analysts with little or no practical experience, as well as seasoned professionals who require a "refresher". Let's learn, grow, and enhance our Audit effectiveness! Sign up now!
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    Being an Audit Leader - 24 CPEs

    Are your audit leadership skills working to get the job done? This event is focused on helping attendees in mastering the skills necessary to efficiently lead audit teams. This course provides new leaders with the tools needed to effectively lead audit teams, while exploring the life cycle of an audit from an audit leader's perspective. "This course is not just for auditors or new audit leaders, it is for anyone who wants an understanding of the relationship between business objectives, risk, control, assessment and reporting." During this course, you will examine and practice the skills needed to lead by learning how to supervise and develop an audit team, manage change, and effectively manage relationships with not only your team, but also with the CAE, executive management, and the audit committee. This course is designed for internal auditors with 2-10 years of experience who want to learn the concepts, tools, and techniques to enhance their effectiveness as an audit manager.
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    Best Practices for Audit Committee Seminar - 2 CPEs

    How can the Audit Committee meet their duty to protect the organization from risks? This two hour CPE training seminar focuses on an overview of audit committee responsibilities and how to be an effective audit committee member. It will provide a basic understanding of best practices in each major fiduciary oversight area for audit committees. If you are a director or member of an audit committee, or if you advise audit committees, this CPE program will help you understand the full impact of recent and pending legislation resulting from the economic crisis and what is expected of audit committees in the current environment. The Audit Committee Seminar has been designed to meet the CPE education needs of senior officers, board and audit committee members and can be tailored for private presentation to your audit committee with industry examples. We have recently presented this program in the healthcare, banking, casino, retail, insurance and non-profit environments.
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    Best Practices in Electronic Invoices and Electronic Payments

    In this OnDemand Webinar, e-invoicing architect Henry Ijams will cover your options for a paperless invoicing process and guide you through a paperless plan.
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    Best Practices: Project Management - 4 CPEs

    This training event gets the attendee ready to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace to lead small projects and create successes for organizations. Build a solid base of project management knowledge, best practices, techniques, and tools in this 4 hour CPE event that covers the entire project life cycle. The key to success for your COSO 2013 implementation project to have effective project management. The use of project management skills is needed by internal control specialists, accountants, auditors, information technology professionals, project leaders and managers. In this CPE seminar, you will review the critical practices and techniques that have been proven necessary for project management success. While aligned with the PMI framework, this seminar is specifically designed to focus on the needs of the new project leader. The attendee will acquire the knowledge on how to get projects started and how to be successful as a project leader.
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    Biostatistics for Non-Statistician | Salt Lake City Seminar 2018

    Statistics is a useful decision making tool in the clinical research arena. When working in a field where a p-value can determine the next steps on development of a drug or procedure, it is imperative that decision makers understand the theory and application of statistics. Many statistical softwares are now available to professionals. However, these softwares were developed for statisticians and can often be daunting to non-statisticians. How do you know if you are pressing the right key, let alone performing the best test?
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    Bookkeeping Training Course

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. The Basic Bookkeeping Class provides the necessary training to enable you to maintain a small company's financial records. One day class. Cost $649.00