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    Sales Presentations

    Get sales presentation training in one or two day format that builds presentation skills for sales staff. Our expert facilitators provide onsite instruction, feedback & digital recordings so sales executives make immediate improvements.
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    Business Presentations

    Get business presentation training that builds presentation skills for professional staff. Our expert facilitators provide onsite instruction, feedback & digital recordings so participants improve their business presentations.
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    Negotiation Success

    Get negotiations training that builds skills for professional staff. Our expert facilitators provide onsite instruction, roleplays and application exercises so participants improve their business negotiation skills.
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    Onsite Presentation Skills Training

    Get onsite presentations training that builds skills for professional staff. Our expert facilitators provide onsite instruction, coaching and digital recordings so participants learn how to improve their presentation skills.
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    Certified Professional Coach

    ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach class by IACET-accredited CEU provider Center for Coaching Certification.
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    People Trends & Strategies Including Multi-generational Workforce

    Provides a look at societal & organizational trends & how they affect people strategies of organizations. Multi-generational workforce, rapid rate of change, highly mobile workforce, cost-cutting measures, etc. are discussed. Trends in Business & Reasoning for Strategies o Current business & market trends affecting people strategies and diversity o Business case for managing people strategies & developing a greater diversity response Diversity Dimensions, Issues & Awareness o The dimensions of diversity in a workforce – age, gender, race, nationality, abilities, education, goals, values, personality, lifestyle, etc. o Barriers & Types of -- Attitudes, Stereotypes, Prejudices, Discrimination, Harassment o Legal issues of Harassment – broad EEO categories Workforce Trends & Concerns, and Responsive Strategies o What are the workforce trends which are driving a more diverse workforce o How to respond to and take advantage of (build on) workforce trends Further People Strategies & Idea
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    Strategic Planning including Operational Planning

    Provides an overview of a strategic planning process through divergent thinking to consensus on values/mission/vision, decision-making, board involvement, key actions, creation of an operational plan w/ timeline, & assessment of improvements.
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    Writing Policies & Procedures

    Writing Policies & Procedures/SOPs • Requirements/Guidelines for Policies and Procedures/SOPs • Writing/Development Process & Project Reporting • Policies and Procedures Identification and Job Task Analysis • Writing Readable Policies • Planning for Policies and Procedures • Keeping the manual to a manageable/usable size • Policy and Procedure Format and Layout • Review and Editing Policy and Procedure Drafts • File Naming and Storage of Policies and Procedures • Management of Policies and Procedures • Types of Policy and Procedure Manuals – What is needed by your organization • Practical Practice and Writing/Drafting
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    Technical Writing

    Technical Writing • Analyzing and Assessing Customer Requirements and Needs • Identifying what readers need to know vs. what they want to know • Technical Writing Style • Reviewing Original Documents for Format, Sequencing/Flow & Technical Content Accuracy • Using simple language and messaging • Recommended Action Verbs; Using Active Voice • Knowing the difference between technical and narrative writing • Following the four steps of development • Writing with greater clarity and precision • Avoiding ambiguities • Determining the appropriate level of detail • Word choice and recognizing words to avoid • Organizing material within an established format/template • Designing pages and using visuals • Review & Editing • Practical Practice and Writing/Drafting
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    Professional Business Writing

    • Writing to Your Audience • Clarity, Efficiency, Brevity, & Active Voice • Writing with Professional Impact • Structuring Sentences for Effectiveness and Readability • Creating Paragraphs – organization, flow, content • Words and Expressions to Avoid • Writing Meeting Agendas • Writing Business Letters/Correspondence • Writing Emails • Writing Proposals • Writing Reports & White Papers • Performance Review: Shortcuts for Proofreading and Editing • Summary & Action Planning
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    Online DiSC Certification

    Everything DiSC Certification is for coaches and trainers who want to strengthen how they deliver a DiSC Workshop. This workshop covers DiSC Theory and the history of the DiSC assessment. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth look into all of the supporting reports and features of the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment. On the second day of the training, participants will take what they learn and present their 'culminating project' and outline how they can enhance a future DiSC Workshop. Trainers can now receive 15 SHRM PDCs when they successful complete this training.
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    Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team has showcased how teamwork is still the most ultimate competitive advantage. In 2015, Patrick Lencioni teamed up with the publisher of Everything DiSC to take his training and add a behavioral component to this powerful training program. Lencioni's training is now called the Five Behaviors of a Team and accreditation for this program is now available. In this five-week, online program, trainers and coaches will complete self-paced pre-work and join weekly live sessions where they dig into Lencioni's team-based model. Learners will walk away with a better understanding of the model and how to conduct a successful program. Facilitation materials are included in the cost of this program. Register now for $3,695.
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    Leadership in Healthcare and Higher Education

    This program is focused on people who, through their talents, have grown into a position of leadership within their organization. Now in this new position they have had no real leadership training. This happens in many groups but healthcare and higher eduction are two key ones. Help your leaders become more skilled at handling: planning, coaching, engagement, emotional intelligence, goal setting and effective communication this is the program for you.
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    Speak Like a Pro

    Named Consummate Speaker of the Year, Lorna Riley CSP, is one of the elite presenters in the country, winner of five productivity and speaker awards, author of four books, three audio programs, 30 sales programs, and 60 productivity programs.
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    "Management and Leadership Training Courses"

    Our leadership development courses help managers and team leaders maximize their effectiveness and better understand what it takes to build, develop, and grow exceptional team work. Our training courses can be delivered online, in the classroom or you can order our facilitator kits. We can also provide you a branded online campus, where participants go to complete online courses. The online campus allows organizations to integrate and manage its own learning management system. (LMS) Our training courses are available in four flexible delivery options.
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    Business Communications Certificate Course

    This certificate course covers the kind of writing and speaking used in business today - from the routine memo to the long formal report. Learn time tested formulas that can be applied in just about any project. Plus resume & interview tips.
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    Business Report Writing I Certificate Course

    Learn to development your own effective writing style with this powerful business report writing course and lab. Includes an academic certificate of completion, instructor support, 10 writing projects & study guide.
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    Contagious Communication: How to Get Your Message Across in a Way that Sticks!

    With Contagious Communication™, you’ll be able to get them to do what you want them to do by speaking in a language they understand. Your communication will flow better, feel better and get understood so more things get done. Whether with senior leaders, bosses, colleagues, employees or friends and family, communication skills from this course will you give you the tools to understand what you want to say and how to clearly convey it to others.
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    Contagious Confidence: How to Boost Your Own Leadership Confidence (and talk to the voices in your head!)

    A lack of self-confidence can rob you of objectivity, good decision making and quality work. The Contagious Confidence™ course will give you belief in yourself and elevate your results.At the completion of this course, you will be able to:Stop processing and being easily influenced by negativityFocus on what others mean instead of what others think about what you’re doingAttract more prospects, customers, and high caliber new hires with the confidence you exude
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    Make Difficult People Disappear: How to Reduce Stressful Behavior and Eliminate Conflict

    Go beyond just dealing with difficult people. In this session, based on the popular book by the same title, gain the 10 steps for changing your approach and reducing stress, while creating far greater acceptance, tolerance, and productivity. You will be able to:Motivate themselves and others Improve how they see, label and work with others Increase and apply emotional intelligence skills