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    90 Minutes Webinar On How To Effectively Coach

    Overview: Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop people. It creates an environment where people know how much you care and are willing to do to help them achieve greatness. It is not about the coach, it is all about the coaches. One of the real joys is both individuals will derive benefits from the experience.
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    A Comfortable Way to Learn How to Speak in Public

    This individual coaching and on-site group training is for business professionals who want to develop, enhance or improve their ability to speak to groups. The Taylor team custom designs High Impact Presentation Skills training with expertise in helping: • Executives speak to the Board of Directors • Sales teams present to prospect and client teams • Engineers and IT professionals present to a non-technical audience • Entrepreneurs and business development professionals speak at networking events • Project managers present to senior management
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    A Fully Customized Customer Service Training Program

    Customized customer service skills training.Highly interactive.Employees learn skills and techniques needed to create customer loyalty,reduce escalations and then apply techniques using your products and customer profile information. For more information call us at (800) 610-8170 or email us at
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    A Risk Based Strategy for the Development & Validation of and Validation of Analytical Methods with a QbD Approach

    Following the initial development, the steps further continues thru optimization and subsequently to Validation, leading to the understanding of Validation Parameters and their generic definitions. Guidance from EP, USP, ICH Q2 (R)1, AOAC etc. will be discussed. The presentation continually builds on from a conceptual level to practical applications leading to data handling, Data Integrity, Validation Protocol and other documentation, vis-a-vis Regulatory requirements. Discussions provide extensive guidance for preparing Methods Validation Protocols for the various stages of regulatory submissions, e.g. IND, NDA, ANDA, PAI, CMC etc. Various aspects of Laboratory Controls (CGMP), QC procedures, SOPs that cover calibration, standardization, Qualification and Validation, will be included, along with statistical tools, SQC, SPC for processing and monitoring of analytical data. Strategies for the development Stability indicating assays will be touched along ...
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    A Strategic Approach to Business Negotiation Skills

    The ability to reach a Win-Win outcome when negotiating with clients,internal colleagues or external vendors is a critical competency for success.This workshop focuses on the best practices of the world's top negotiators and the ways they achieve success.
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    Account Based Marketing & Nurturing

    Overview: Once a customer has been acquired, an organization needs to maximize the lifetime value of the relationship. This course will explore the following topics: Understanding the customer journey What is journey analytics? Building an omni-channel customer view Creating Behavior-Based Dynamic Customer Segments Using predictive analytics Measuring campaign results Ideal Customer Profile targeting and alignment
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    Adobe Captivate Certificate

    The Adobe Captivate Certificate program is a practical workshop that covers everything you need to know to create visually rich, artistic, and highly interactive customized e-learning. Discover how easy it is to use this powerful software when you apply best practices in production techniques that significantly cut development time. Learn how to effectively interact with other software programs, including Microsoft Word, to optimize your design. With the help of gurus in Adobe Captivate, leave this up-to-date workshop knowing how to apply in-depth development techniques on a tight budget, using effective simulations, quality quizzes and assessments, and standard objects and widgets. You will also learn to insert images and record, import, and edit audio.
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    Advanced Business Analysis

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit This course is for business analysts looking to improve the way they elicit, analyze, document and (UML) and Information Engineering.
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    Advanced FMLA: Issues and Solutions

    Overview: Is ensuring your company's compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) giving you a 'serious health condition'? Does trying to determine the interplay between the FMLA, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) make you want to file an unfair labor practice charge? If so, then this information is for you.
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    Advanced Management Skills Series

    +Developing a High-performance Organization +Cross-functional Strategic Management +Managing for Rapid Change and Uncertainty +Managing High Performers +Managing New Managers +Managing Experienced Managers +Developing Adaptable Managers +Assessing Employees for Cultural Adaptability +Considering Key Features of a Policy and Procedure Manual +Employee Engagement +Delivering Bad News Effectively +Building Upward Relationships
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    Advanced Presentation Skills

    Focus is on powerful presentation skills and structuring a presentation which will persuade people and keep the audience interested. Self and tutor analysis through the use of video provides awareness of current flaws and builds confidence.
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    Advanced Project Management

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit This workshop gives seasoned project managers the knowledge and skills necessary to meet desired goals and objectives.
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    After COVID-19, now what? How to Resume Business Operations and Be Prepared for the Future

    Overview Now that you have endured the COVID-19 crisis, how do you prepare to go back to work and bring others back to the office? How do you re-engage laid off workers? What emotional and other supports can you provide to transitioning employees? What supports are you required to provide? How do you phase in your resumption of normal operations? Whether you were shut-down or slowed-down, ramping back up to normal operations requires business resumption planning and careful transition. Learn how to restore business operations and help yourself and others resume activities while leveraging recent lessons learned.
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    Agile Bootcamp for Executives and Senior Managers

    With the widespread adoption of agile project delivery methods within our organizations, project teams and project managers work in new, innovative ways to avoid waste and to be more flexible to changes raised during the project. Most agile training focuses on the project managers and the people on the team designing and building the deliverables. But where does that leave executives and senior managers? What are the benefits – and risks – of taking an agile delivery approach? What projects are best suited to agile methods, and what are the implications for project governance processes? And finally, what are the lessons learned by other organizations that have tried to adopt agile and how do we avoid reinventing the wheel? This one-day course helps executives and senior managers answers these common questions through a series of lectures, group discussions, and case study activities.
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    Agile Business Stakeholder Basics

    When agile has been selected as a delivery approach, it has far-reaching impacts in the organization beyond just the project delivery team. One of the groups impacted are the business stakeholders who will be working with the agile delivery team. Aimed at these business stakeholders, this e-learning module addresses questions such as "How does my role change in an agile delivery approach?" and "What do I need to do differently?" The session addresses specific agile processes that business stakeholders need to be engaged in as well as cultural/behavioural changes expected of all agile participants. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.
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    Agile Documentation Best Practices

    Tired of wasting time creating documents that no one will ever read? Spending hours fussing with documents to make them “perfect” only to find out that they didn’t include the right content? Spinning your wheels updating documents to keep them current? Modern agile management practices propose techniques to operate our businesses more efficiently, to be responsive to changing needs, and to greatly improve our throughput. Agile Documentation is composed of a set of practices that will help you document only the necessary things, in the most efficient way, for exactly the right audience, and in a way that minimizes ongoing updates. This e-learning course will teach you how to save time and money while still producing quality documents, the agile way. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.
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    Agile Executive Awareness

    As more and more project teams start to talk about using agile methods to improve delivery success, project sponsors and other business stakeholders get nervous about adopting this new approach. They commonly raise concerns such as: - "Is agile mainstream or is it just the next fad?" - "How will agile affect the project budget and timeline?" - "How do we know if agile is right for us?" This e-learning module is aimed at project sponsors, executives, senior managers, and other business stakeholders to help them understand what have been the experiences of companies who have already adopted agile, what are adoption statistics telling us, what adoption approaches are being used, what are some lessons learned from adopting agile. This course uses sound. Please have computer speakers or a headset ready.
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    Agile Project Delivery for Functional Managers

    With the widespread adoption of agile project delivery methods within our organizations, project teams and project managers work in new, innovative ways to avoid waste and to be more flexible to changes raised during the project. Most agile training focuses on the project managers, sponsor or client business-unit representative, and the people on the team designing and building the deliverables. But where does that leave functional and middle managers? How does their role change when people in their departments are working on agile projects? This half-day course helps functional and middle managers understand how the use of agile within their departments will affect them, how they need to behave differently, and the benefits to be achieved by doing so. It assumes that participants have no prior knowledge of agile delivery methods.
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    Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management

    Overview: Many organizations are far from where they want and need to be with improving performance, and they apply intuition, rather than hard data, when making decisions. Enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM / CPM) is now viewed as the seamless integration of managerial methods such as balanced scorecards, strategy maps, enterprise risk management, driver-based planning and budgets, rolling financial forecasts, activity-based costing (ABC).
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    Anger Management Essentials

    +Anger Management Essentials: Understanding Anger +Anger Management Essentials: Managing and Controlling Anger