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    Leadership and Teamwork

    Respectful communication skills that inspire others to willingly follow,cooperate, and buy-in. On-site, 3 days or 6 half-days. Developed by The PAR Group.
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    Business Writing

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This class concentrates on the essentials of effective business communication. We begin with paragraphs and learn paragraph construction. We then move on to formatting business letters and emails. The core of the class is learning to create effective business letters and emails. We must first identify our reader's (or customer’s) needs and expectations. We look at the three different types of emails and how to choose the appropriate one. We learn techniques for achieving clarity and precision. We conclude the module by looking at letters and emails with specific goals: the sales email, the proposal, the executive summary, getting meetings, saying no gracefully, and getting people to respond to your emails. The class concludes with techniques for editing and proofreading the final version. One day class. Cost $649.00.
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    Communication Strategies

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. The Communication Strategies class will help you understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Powerful Painless Presentation Skills Workshop

    Make powerful, painless presentations. Keep an audience's attention. Present your message with confidence, clarity, conviction. Control nervousness & fear. Handle difficult audiences. Presentations are recorded and constructive feedback is provided.
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    Effective Business Communication

    Learn to run the best meetings, teleconferences and webinars and how to keep everyone engaged and on track; create and maintain a more efficient work environment and leverage enhanced communication skills to lead and motivate others.
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    Business Communications Certificate Course

    This certificate course covers the kind of writing and speaking used in business today - from the routine memo to the long formal report. Learn time tested formulas that can be applied in just about any project. Plus resume & interview tips.