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    Auditing Analytical Laboratories for FDA Compliance 2017

    Auditing analytical laboratories can be complex because of the preparation that is often required. All of the GMP rules do not apply to the laboratory; while there may be additional requirements depending upon the type of testing that is being conducted. In many cases, the laboratory itself may not understand what regulations apply to the work that is being conducted. Read More:
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    Media Training for Executives

    Media raining is designed to help you gain confidence in every media interaction. We'll help prepare you for print or broadcast interviews and we'll make sure your messages are media ready. If you're representing your company or organization, make sure you're delivering exactly the right message to media in every interview opportunity you have. We'll coach you to success with realistic and rigorous practice to get you ready. We'll even work with your communications team to make sure your messaging and content is working well for you. Then we'll stay committed to you at no additional charge so you can check back in before each interview you have. Start Matching the Power of Your Communications to the Power of Your Ideas! Give us a call today for a free consultatio
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    Managing the Media

    Whether it's your moment in the spotlight, or you're planning for it, these seminars will prepare you for any encounter with media communication. We help you handle any situation, deliver strong messages, and handle all questions.
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    Executive Communication Skills, Executive Media Training, Executive Crisis Training

    TPG provides expert coaching and consultation for sr. executives in media, messaging and crisis training. Former journalists and sr. communication experts. Individual or group courses, full/half-day, real-world expertise. (301) 908-3896
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    Public Relations: Strategies For Success

    A well-designed public relations program can supercharge your organization's image, reputation & success at little or no cost to you. Learn how to use PR tactics, strategies & approaches to give you a clear-cut advantage in today's cut-throat business world