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    10 Simple Steps to Being a Better Boss

    Beyond basic leadership skills, this course uniquely addresses both the role of manager and leader and how to get those who report to you to do what you’ve asked them to do, all with 10 steps to be better at both! Whether recently promoted or held the position for years, you’ll be able to understand the pride and pitfalls of your title and power, and get the secrets behind truly leading employees instead of being seen as someone they need to go through, work around, or tolerate.
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    How to Do What You Say and 5 Faster Ways to Build Your Credibility™

    A leader’s credibility impacts their promotability and doing what you say is only one piece. If your boss or team doesn’t see your follow through they’ll keep more responsibility from you. If they see a perceived lack of integrity, they assume you also lack ability. That’s a problem! Whether you’re looking for a future promotion or simply to enhance your current reputation, this webinar was designed for you and will help! In How to Do What You Say and 5 More Ways to Build Your Credibility, you’ll learn the power of consistency, how to change perceptions other people believe, and how to ensure your reputation is stellar. Six steps in total that will help you rapidly climb any job ladder and that without, your technical abilities won’t matter.
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    How Leaders Can Make Better Decisions™

    Decisions are part of every leader’s daily routine, but what if you could make them faster, be more efficient, and be more confident about the decisions you make? If you’ve made decisions strictly based on the moment’s emotions, decided to move forward just to get it done, or wanted a more concrete method to ensure your decision was the right one. With five distinct decision making methods, this webinar will equip you with the skills that time, pressure and sheer workload may not have allowed you to develop until now. No more trial and error time or the need to whine when a decision goes awry, as you’ll now be able to calculate the cost, assess the pros and cons, and even understand the real reason for your choice. Whether you struggle with confusion, or simply see a tornado with what seems to be to be way too many things flying around in your brain on any given day, this webinar will give you the guidance you need to ensure your decisions help you succeed.
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    How Leaders Prioritize and Focus™

    So much to do, so little time! How does a leader do it and get the RIGHT things done at the RIGHT time. In How Leaders Prioritize and Focus™, you will learn valuable skills in staying on track and not getting distracted. With multiple projects, team members, deadlines, and customers, making your to do list work for you is much more than choosing an app or calendar. Those choices are important and resource choices will be provided, but the real trick in how to decide what is most important and worthy of your attention and valuable time. How Leaders Prioritize and Focus™ is a powerful session that will help you be more efficient, feel better about your own leadership and show you how to be more effective with those you lead!
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    How to Engage, Influence, and Motivate Employees™

    Employee engagement… ahhh, the holy grail of organizations today, but how do you do it? How do you get employees to care as much as, or at least close to as much as, you do? How do you get them to treat this not like a job, but a joy? In this one hour webinar, How to Engage, Influence, and Motivate Employees will put you in the coaching seat without the pom-poms and with proven strategies for true motivation. You’ll get action steps, simple solutions, and long term strategies that will make your leadership life so much more easy! Join this webinar if you want to not only get them to do as you ask, but have them demonstrate initiative, take on more tasks, and appear to have an attitude make over faster than you can do “do over”!
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    The Fundamentals of Business Crisis Management

    +Is your Company Prepared for a Crisis? +Demonstrating Accountability in a Crisis Situation +Perseverance and Flexibility in Times of Crisis
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    Managing Organizational Change

    +Managing Change: Understanding Change +Managing Change: Building Positive Support for Change +Managing Change: Dealing with Resistance to Change +Managing Change: Sustaining Organizational Change +Communicating Properly during Layoffs +Involving Employees in Corporate Change +Communicating Organizational Change +Beyond Change: Working with Agility
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    Management Essentials

    +Management Essentials: Directing Others +Management Essentials: Delegating +Management Essentials: Developing Your Direct Reports +Management Essentials: Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior +Management Essentials: Managing a Diverse Team +Management Essentials: Treating Your Direct Reports Fairly +Management Essentials: Caring about Your Direct Reports +Acting Decisively +Employee Dismissal +Managing Fairly
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    First Time Manager Essentials

    +First Time Manager: Understanding a Manager's Role +First Time Manager: Challenges +First Time Manager: Meeting Expectations +Making the Move Into Management +Adopting the Appropriate Management Style
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    Performance Appraisal Essentials

    +Performance Appraisal Essentials: Planning for Appraisals +Performance Appraisal Essentials: Conducting Traditional Appraisals +Performance Appraisal Essentials: 360-degree Appraisals +Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal +Selecting Appropriate Performance Appraisal Method
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    Become a Leader

    Our leadership training and management training seminars help managers become leaders who build better, more effective work environments. Effective communication is a cornerstone of management and we work with you to focus on what you need.
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    Leading with Executive Presence

    How can you consistently perform and build favorable connections even when you’re being stretched or running low on energy? If you show fatigue, nerves, rigidity, or insensitivity, your credibility and likeability drops. That’s why executive presence transforms leaders, so that they can perform when the stakes are high and bring their best self into their communication with others. Solid executive presence is the net effect of how you act, look and communicate. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your professional success. This program will help you recognize your greatest strengths and qualities as a leader, connect you with your audience, and show others the talents and gifts you have to offer the world.
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    Growing Your Business: Projecting the Future

    While a growing business is the dream of most business owners, growth is not without risks. Many growing business fail simply because they fail to plan their growth, particularly the effect that growth will have on their profits and cash flow. In this course you will learn the best time to grow your business, how to develop and use budgets and cash flow projections as tools to analyze the growth of your business, and develop strategies to assure that your growth is profitable.
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    Is Your Business Sustainable

    This is a course for business owners, board members, and senior executives focused on a detailed analysis of how the business generates income, pays for its operating expenses, and generates profits. The outcomes of this course are focused providing participants with an understanding of which products are profitable today, which products are likely to remain profitable, and of the internal and external risks to the business.
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    Is Your NonProfit Sustainable?

    This is a course for board members and senior staff focused on a detailed analysis of how the organization generates income, pays for its operating expenses, and pays its program expenses. The outcomes of this course are focused providing participants an understanding of which programs are “profitable,” and with an understanding of the program, funding, and external risks to the organization.
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    What Business People Can Learn from Improve - Practices to Improve Communications, Connections, and Capport with Customers and Colleagues

    Overview: Successful improve actors must be able to "connect" immediately with their audience, as well as with their fellow cast mates on stage. The same is true in the business world. In order for business people to "connect" with their customers and/or co-workers, they need to know how to instantly create relationships and build rapport, and do so by enhancing their ability to listen, to be present, and to build trust with the people they are dealing with. In this interactive webinar, attendees will learn how to apply the three fundamental principles of improvisation to business situations in order to improve communications, boost sales, and uncover opportunities to improve the customer experience. We will discuss the tools that improv actors use to communicate with each other on stage, such as deep listening, give-and-take, and agreement, and show how they apply equally well to the work environment.
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    Webinar On Change Readiness - How to Thrive in the New World of Work

    Change is inevitable, the pace of change is unreliable, and the impact of change is unpredictable. These are the facts. In every business sector there are change factors at work which, if not managed appropriately, can have significant and lasting impact on individuals, work teams, management, organizations, and the business sector overall. One of the key competencies required for successfully managing change is the ability to learn and grow continuously.
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    Webinar On Calculating Overtime Correctly under the Fair Labor Standards Act

    The webinar will cover a host of issues under the FLSA - what time is "working time" and, therefore, must be used in an overtime calculation; legal methods of calculating the hourly rate (it is not as easy as you think); various legal methods of paying overtime that can save your company money; and recordkeeping requirements. We will also discuss how to "fix" your errors when you discover they have been made. Finally, we will discuss what you can expect if you have the misfortune of being named in a collective or class action lawsuit.
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    Webinar On Multi-State Payroll Compliance

    To better understand the laws in each state and the tax guidance on how to determine taxation when employees live in one state and work in another. Or for employees that work in multiple states for travel for work. Also other state laws that affect payroll will be discussed. Webinar will cover withholding rules, reciprocity and residency definitions. Areas Covered in the Session: Residency Reciprocity Agreements Resident/Non Resident Withholding Rules Evaluating taxation for multiple states What wages are subject to taxation? Withholding compliance issues. State Unemployment Insurance Travelling Employees Administrative Concerns HR Concerns Local tax residency rules Case Studies
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    Webinar On Conscious Leadership: Identifying Barriers to Success

    Investing in employee training and development helps organizations achieve their goals, builds a culture of inclusion, and provides managers with tools to nurture talent. But what happens after the training? Even the best business and employee development plans can be waylaid when unexpected obstacles arise. Recognizing and dealing with barriers to success is a vital skill for the self-aware leader. In the broader business context the barriers may be obvious-economic conditions, lack of resources, time constraints, or the competitive landscape.