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    Webinar on Managerial Primer for Assuring IT Legal Compliance

    The concept of industrial compliance with applicable laws and regulations deals with obeying the statutory requirements to which the entity is subject. Compliance infers acceptance. Societal expected behavior acceptance requires value(s) conformity to established norms. Conformance to government enforced rules is the ultimate goal for most societies to ensure a common baseline of legally acceptable entity behavior, whether laws or regulations apply to individuals or groups. Governments and governmental agencies enact governance related laws and regulations to ensure that entity managers refrain from participating in corrupt, fraudulent, or unethical behavior.
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    San Francisco Conference on Common Frauds: Creating and Improving Anti-Fraud Controls for Businesses

    This course will address the risks to a business from data breaches, various forms of cyberfraud and identity theft. We will discuss the legal issues with data breaches including issues for companies that are victims of data breaches. We will review the best practices for data security. Attendees will be given examples of cyberfrauds, including information on how they occur and internal controls that can help to prevent them. The new requirements for IT controls included in the 2013 COSO update will be discussed. The types of identity theft and methods used by criminals will be discussed, also how individuals and businesses can protect themselves from identity thieves. The new credit card rules will be reviewed. The compliance requirements of the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rules will be reviewed.
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    Webinar On From Mediocrity to Peak Performance - How to Implement a Sustained High Performance Culture

    In this webinar, we will not only outline the key drivers for the success of today's most successful businesses, but we will also explain, in detail, the key actions that you as a leader can take to implement a sustained high-performance culture in your organization. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On How to Build and Effective Disciplinary Process

    This webinar will cover the basic concepts regarding discipline in the work place followed by presenting a structured methodology for actually preparing ta formal, written, disciplinary notice prior to conducting the discussion. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Time Management and Delegation Best Practices

    In this webinar, participants learn best practices for delegating work and projects to staff along with managing their own time and that of their staff to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in meeting department/division or workgroup goals. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Handling Supplemental Pay Under the FLSA

    Today's wage and hour environment has become one filled with peril for employers who do not understand how to deal with the Fair Labor Standards Act. The US Department of Labor has stepped up its enforcement efforts by adding investigators, forming an alliance with the American Bar Association in order to refer cases and creating a smart phone application that allows your employees to report their time directly to the USDOL. Wage and hour lawsuits are costing employers into the multi-millions of dollars. Most companies have a basic understanding of how to deal with wages, however, often issues arise when dealing with supplemental pay. This session will help you understand areas such as when employees have to be paid to get dressed and undressed; when you have to pay them to be on an airplane and when you don't; what breaks need to be paid and what breaks don't need to be paid; why you have to pay for breastfeeding; and other areas of supplemental pay.
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    Webinar On Time Management

    Everyone gets the same amount of hours in a day, week, month and year. So, why is it that some people get so much more done than others? Time can be one of the most elusive resources a business owner and/or manager have. You may have a system for running all the other aspects of your business. But, are you managing your time efficiently and effectively? What is Time Management? Time Management refers to managing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. Time Management refers to making the best use of time as time is always limited. Time Management plays a very important role not only in organizations but also in our personal lives.
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    Webinar On Delivering Presentations that Pop

    This course offers insight into how to make your presentations pop. From handling anxiety, to working the room, to managing that loud person who keeps interrupting, to developing slides and handouts that are engaging… this course will provide a brief overview of it all.
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    Webinar On Herding Cats: Leading the New Generations without Losing your Mind

    Their idea of work is so different!" That's what some Baby Boomers and World War II folks say of the new generations. In reality, they will work night and day-if you know what buttons to push! What’s really important to the Gen Xers and Millennials? It certainly isn't what's important to most Baby Boomers and World War II Generation folks! What turns on these young people is not rocket science, but it does require a different attitude and additional insights. Join us for this fascinating look into the psyches of these new generations. In this session, if you will open your mind, you will learn how to handle your Generation Xers and Millennials in ways that will work for everybody. And you’ll be very surprised at how productive they can really be!
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    Webinar On Effective Social Media Use in HR

    Social media use is growing daily, in fact growing each minute, and the HR department needs to understand how to use the tool. While employees have become daily users many HR departments are behind the curve. They need to understand how properly position social media use, how to determine a target market and what social media is used for by HR departments today. Without this understanding of social media use companies will run afoul of governmental rules and regulations that could lead to expensive lawsuits. Without understanding social media use companies will find themselves behind the curve on attracting and retaining the talent employees they need to have to be successful. Without understanding social media use companies will create policies that will be useless.
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    Webinar On Understanding and Eradicating Workplace Bullying

    Join Catherine Mattice, internationally recognized expert and author of the book hailed by Ken Blanchard as, "the most comprehensive and valuable handbook" on workplace bullying, as she takes you through the process of developing effective strategies for dealing with workplace bullying and provides a step-by-step guide for building a healthy workplace where employees can thrive.
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    Webinar On Masterful Time Management

    Overview: Masterful Time Management will equip you with the tools and tips to deal with the challenges of creating the best mindset in hectic environments, getting things done effectively and efficiently, and resolving time-eroding issues as the pop up. You will see how: Identify the principles of masterful time management Overcome time-wasting activities Tie in your time management strategy with your self-defined goals Prioritize your schedule, tasks, and email Create a realistic timeframes Manage common interruptions Use your e-planners (laptop, tablet, smartphone) with ease Break bad habits such as procrastination and indecision Recharge your mindset with positive energy periodically
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    Webinar On The Business Fitness Program for any Organization

    Overview: The best people train their mental and physical bodies constantly; the best organizations do so as well. In congruence to personal fitness, we call this state of high performance "business fitness". In today's reality, with an ever-growing demand for profitability and best performance, many businesses are event-driven and don't pursue excellence as a process. These organizations and their employees are constantly stressed in order to deal with the "next big event", in the forms of outside threats, challenges, unlimited customer expectations, and a demanding workforce.
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    Webinar On Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People

    Overview: Over the last few years, many companies have become complacent. Finding and keeping good employees has been less difficult during the Great Recession and its aftermath, but trouble is just around the corner. Now, we're moving into a period of intensifying labor shortages and most employers are simply not prepared.
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    Webinar On Planning and Managing Critical Employee Handbook Issues

    Overview: The purposes and the scope of employee handbook policies and the practices are changing and expanding. From a siloed HR activity that creates insular documents concerned primarily with communicating the organizational work rules and benefits, employee handbook policies and practices have evolved into a critical component of an organization-wide management process that maximizes organizations' achievement of business objectives, enhances the value of their human capital, and minimizes legal risk.
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    Webinar On Understanding of Form W-2 Processing & Preparation

    If an employee comes into your office asking for a W-2C because the new code DD is not on their 2012 W-2, would you have to produce a W-2C? Plus details on when and how to provide W-2's to employees both for active and terminated employees. A review of current legislation that will change how we do reporting.
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    Webinar On Time Management Tips and Tricks

    Overview: If you're like most career professionals, chances are you feel time-pressed right now. If so, you might be comforted in knowing that you're not alone: nearly everyone in our society is experiencing time pressure. The pace of change in society has increased, and human response to change hasn't caught up yet.
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    Webinar On Get Organized with Microsoft Outlook

    Overview: This 60-minute Get Organized with Outlook session will encourage and enlightened Outlook users on how to use Microsoft Outlook to more confidently and efficiently organize their information and commitments. Participants will learn smarter tips, tricks and systems to better manage their tasks, follow-ups, contacts, notes and calendar items. Don't worry, this not a boring computer class (you'll have fun!) and you get my no tech-talk guarantee!
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    Webinar On What's New in Onboarding

    Overview: Join us to learn about current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience to build commitment, confidence and competence. We will include how to integrate technology, such as online gaming, and mobile applications that will engage and inspire your new talent to quickly grasp the knowledge and skills they need to perform in the new job. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Update on 2016 Federal and State Unemployment Insurance Issues

    Overview: Unlike other human resource management issues, unemployment insurance (UI) management issues have a direct impact on an organization's tax liability, and since taxes reduce profitability, on its bottom line. Unlike other payroll taxes however, UI taxes are experience-rated and represent a controllable expense. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us: