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    Webinar On The 4 Workplace Conversations & Why 75 Percent (3 of 4) Are the Wrong Conversations

    Overview: There are only four possible conversations that can take place during the course of the workday, and not enough business leaders understand the difference between the four, and why three of them are the "wrong" conversation. Too many wrong conversations are taking place in the workplace today and until business leaders understand these four conversations their work environments will be under-performing. This session will explore the four different conversations, the reasons why three of them are unproductive and how they can begin moving more of those conversations towards the "right" conversations. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Make the most of Organizational Change: How to Manage Transitions, Dynamics and Benefits

    Overview: It's often cited that 70% of change or transformation initiatives fail (McKinsey, Kotter, and Blanchard). Much of the research into these failures points a lack of planning, communication, and recognition of the impact on employees. William Bridges, author of Transitions and numerous other publications, notes that once leaders announce a change to their organization, they have already spent around six months pondering the change themselves. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Form I-9 and E-Verify, Getting and Staying Compliant

    Overview: Employers are required to complete an I-9 form for every person they hire and to update these forms when necessary. Periodically, the DHS, the Department of Labor and the Justice Department send Notices of Inspection to employers to audit their I-9 forms. If the I-9 forms are not completed correctly, an employer may be fined even if all their employees are legally authorized to work in the U.S. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On Proof It! How To Be A Better Proofreader

    Overview: This is the ideal webinar for anyone responsible for overseeing outgoing correspondence, paperwork, project proposals, and email throughout the course of the workday. You'll walk away with two tangible proofreading tools designed to make your job easier. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    Webinar On How to Successfully Transition to a New Role

    Overview: There are three key elements to a successful transition to a new role. The facts weigh in favor of the people who leverage a transition and see it as an opportunity. Whether the transition is a promotion, a reassignment, or a career choice, identifying the three elements improves the chance of a career win-win. Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    2-day In-person Seminar on 'The Magic of Conflict'

    This high-energy, interactive program offers a new definition of conflict, a new way of looking at it, a new way of experiencing it, and a new way of responding to it. You will learn to practice conflict resolution through the use of film clips, real-life examples, tips, guidelines, role-plays, inquiries, and experiential exercises. In addition, you will be introduced to a unique communication model, which can serve as a guide to help you achieve "win/win" outcomes. Course content will be customized to focus on the concerns of all attending.
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    Conference about Business Identity Theft Crisis

    In 2006, President Bush issued an Executive Order which established the Identity Theft Task Force. Seventeen federal agencies and departments were appointed to create a national strategy to combat identity theft. This course focuses specifically on Business Identity Theft and processes companies can use to protect their information. Business Identity Theft is a critical issue in today's evolving and technological world. All personnel should understand the areas at risk, the concept of personal identifying information and ways to be aware and protect their organization.
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    Webinar On Don't Look to the Front of the Truck And Other Sage Business Lessons From My Deliveryman Dad

    This course will teach the added value of. Intense motivation Optimism for optimisms sake Goal-setting Developing appropriate business acumen Limiting Company and personal liability Fostering emotional intelligence Developing cultural competency
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    Best practices for maintaining civility while benefiting from the conveniences of technology

    Overview: At the height of his career in the early 1940's Albert Einstein said, "It has become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity." If he thought things were bad back then, just imagine what he'd say about the vast incivilities we encounter almost daily in the seemingly "etiquette-free" world of technology! Contact Details: NetZealous LLC, DBA TrainHR Phone: +1-800-385-1627 Email: Twitter Follow us: Linkedin Follow us : Facebook Like Us:
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    How to measure the business impact and contribution your new onboarding process delivers

    Overview: Join us to learn about current best practices and how to organize the new hire experience to build commitment, confidence and competence. We will include how to integrate technology, such as online gaming, and mobile applications that will engage and inspire your new talent to quickly grasp the knowledge and skills they need to perform in the new job. Why waste time? Get them up to speed immediately so that they can rapidly contribute to the achievement of your desired business results. Join us to see the latest in onboarding technology and incorporate it into your process for all of your new hires. Why should you attend: You've hired the best. Don't lose them due to poor onboarding. Millions of dollars can be added to the bottom line by developing and implementing a well though out process that matches employee expectations. Design, develop and implement a fabulous program to help them become fully engaged, productive and successful - fast!
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    60 Minutes Webinar On Twenty Strategies To Reduce Stress Part I

    Overview: Therapists are constantly dealing with people who are experiencing stress in their lives. While medication is sometimes needed, there are numerous research based behavioral strategies that are effective in reducing stress and improving symptoms of depression and anxiety
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    Webinar On Establishing The Mentor - Mentee Relationship In Your Organization

    Overview: This webinar will cover the value that mentoring can have on your organization's career development efforts. In this webinar, you will learn about the business case for implementing a mentorship program within your organization and provide you with tools and tips that successful mentorship initiatives should exemplify.
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    webinar on the topic ' Work Smarter With One Note' conducting by TrainHR

    Overview: Microsoft OneNote is a super cool tool that can work seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, Office and the web and best of all, it does so in the simple and familiar way like using the tried and true notebook. This session will introduce the OneNote software and show you how to gather, organize and share all of the related items of a project. You’ll be amazed at what this program can do.
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    TrainHR is conducting a Webinar on Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

    Overview When we consider customer experience, we have to think about those ideologies, those messages and those actions that create a happy experience for the individual in a product or service-based organization. In order to have a terrific customer experience, the organization must demonstrate that the purpose of its business is the customer. Everything begins and everything ends with the customer in mind.
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    Web conference on 'The Seven Secrets Of Exemplary Leaders'

    Overview: You'll understand what makes a leader, the practices and commitments of effective leadership, how to shape organizational excellence, which global competencies are critical to success today and how to gain personal mastery of your own leadership.
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    TrainHR is conducting a Webinar on Difficult People at Work: 10 Strategies

    Overview: Many people believe communication depends on the words being spoken. A broader definition of communication must be considered when dealing with difficult individuals. Voice tone, posture, inflection, hand gestures, and eye movements can all be utilized to convey a message of acceptance, and friendliness if you are aware of the impact of these non-verbal components of communication.
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    Webinar on Heritage - Understanding Ourselves to Understand Others - A Course in Diversity

    Overview: For individuals to have a non-threatening environment to review, laugh and discover the methods how we view our world based on where we come from. We all come from a background of preference in values, lifestyle and attitudes. It is time to examine what we need to perpetuate and what we need to dispose of. We are more alike than we are different, but we all grew up with different cultures.
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    Web conference on 2017 Strategic Planning: A 90 Minute Working Session

    Overview: Is your organization poised to implement strategies that create value, generate growth and result in profits? Who thinks strategically in your firm? Strategy formation and strategic thinking have evolved...make sure your strategic thinking skills are keeping pace. You need to know the answers to these questions plus what tools still work and continue to be useful in the development of strategy. What new approaches might give your organization a kick start to move to a new level of high performance?
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    90 minutes webinar on Time And Task Management Working Smarter Every Day

    Overview: The speed of everything has changed. Are your time management skills up to the challenge?
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    90 minutes webinar on How to Develop, Maintain and Enhance Your Credibility as a Professional

    Overview: This informative session will provide recommendations on how to develop and maintain your integrity and effectiveness as a leader. The importance of managing your reputation, keeping your priorities straight, and remaining loyal to both those you serve as well as those to whom you are accountable will be emphasized. Getting things done while remaining true to yourself is a balancing act; evidence-based tips for walking that fine line between being a creative, innovative professional and a collaborative team player will be provided.