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    Survival Skills for Analysts

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit This comprehensive workshop helps business analysts complement their practical systems thinking with a thorough understanding of effective people skills.
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    Mastering the Requirements Process

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit By mastering the project requirements process, business analysts and project managers can better manage customers’ expectations and satisfy their needs.
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    Bringing Business Solutions to Life

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit From core fundamentals and technical design to quality assurance and implementation, Business Solutions to Life helps all the important processes.
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    Use Cases for the Rational Unified Process

    For other Business Analysis courses please visit This 2-day course is an exercise-driven course to guide students in developing well-written and effective use use cases to software system.
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    Applied Statistics for Business Analytics Applications

    This course is intended for those who need practical skills and knowledge in using statistical tools and techniques for Business Analytics (BA) applications—or so-called “Exploratory Analysis.” The course will emphasize where and when the tools and procedures apply, including the inputs they rely on, as well as the end-results—or outputs—they produce. The tools and techniques will be introduced from the standpoint of their practical utility as well as the outputs they are capable of producing, rather than their mathematical structure or derivation. Hands-on exercises will be used to reinforce learning by taking advantage of the built-in statistical functions in MS Excel.