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    Ask for English Help Now!

    ESL & non-native English speakers, get help today with your:

    • Writing
    • Speaking & presentations
    • Pronunciation & accent reduction
    • English grammar

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    Ask for Grammar Help Now!

    If you have grammar questions
    and/or want editing and proofreading for your documents
    ask award-winning writer/author and popular trainer Susan Silver!
    Work online or in person with her quick, Positively Organized! methods!
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    Positively Organized! Writing

    In these popular workshop & coaching programs you'll learn: Solid writing skills, Essential grammar tips, Expert editing techniques, Writer's block breakthroughs, Powerful secrets for writing with punch quickly & concisely
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    Writing Effective E-Mail

    Review of latest e-mail etiquette and standards. How to ensure a clear, focused message; begin and end email effectively; organize for greatest impact; and ensure professional presentation. Reference manual.
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    Effective Business Writing

    Strategies to increase document clarity, impact, and professionalism: clear, direct, tactful wording; effective beginnings/endings; logical, strategic organization; professional format; effective revision. Reference manual.
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    Effective Business Writing for the Workplace

    Attention business professionals are you interested in a quick and easy approach to any writing in the workplace: emails, general correspondence, memos and reports. If you, TrainSMART's Business Writing Essentials Workshop is for you and your team members. Participants will learn how to: find and correct the four most common grammar mistakes, write high-impact letters and memos and get the results you desire, insure your writing is “politically correct, ”Smash your writer’s block, organize your writing for better results, understand the rules of netiquette to create better, shorter and more effective emails, write a proper letter or memo, say “No” in your writing with out risking business relationships, use the tips on proofreading.
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    Dynamic Writing 2©

    TD Consulting Group's Dynamic Writing 2©, an advanced writing program, features in-depth focus on process and analysis. Using a case study, DW2 deepens skills in organization, style, and editing and provides coaching follow-up.
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    Business Writing Course

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. This class concentrates on the essentials of effective business communication. We begin with paragraphs and learn paragraph construction. We then move on to formatting business letters and emails. The core of the class is learning to create effective business letters and emails. We must first identify our reader's (or customer’s) needs and expectations. We look at the three different types of emails and how to choose the appropriate one. We learn techniques for achieving clarity and precision. We conclude the module by looking at letters and emails with specific goals: the sales email, the proposal, the executive summary, getting meetings, saying no gracefully, and getting people to respond to your emails. The class concludes with techniques for editing and proofreading the final version. One day class. Cost $649.00.