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    Positively Organized!® Technical Writing and Communications

    1. Write & edit technical info, docs, & presentations clearly & concisely 2. Use design & formatting for readability 3. Review technical grammar, punctuation, word usage, & syntax 4. Evaluate sample technical docs
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    Writing White Papers

    Participants learn how to (1) select topics, keep an idea file; (2)structure White Papers, define an angle; (3)use White Paper formulas; (4)select illustrations; (5)increase readability, ensure clarity. Resource manual.
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    Technical Writing

    How to write clear, understandable, reader-friendly, well-organized reports, procedures, and other technical documents; write for readers with varying expertise; write summaries; present results and recommendations; use illustrations. Manual.
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    Technical Writing Certification Course

    Click on the name of the course to be taken to our website for class schedule, class outline, and to register. The Technical Writing class prepares you to create effective technical documents for both written and digital media with emphasis on technical memos, problem-solving reports, and decision-making reports. One day class. Cost is $649.00.
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    Writing Policies & Procedures

    Writing Policies & Procedures/SOPs • Requirements/Guidelines for Policies and Procedures/SOPs • Writing/Development Process & Project Reporting • Policies and Procedures Identification and Job Task Analysis • Writing Readable Policies • Planning for Policies and Procedures • Keeping the manual to a manageable/usable size • Policy and Procedure Format and Layout • Review and Editing Policy and Procedure Drafts • File Naming and Storage of Policies and Procedures • Management of Policies and Procedures • Types of Policy and Procedure Manuals – What is needed by your organization • Practical Practice and Writing/Drafting