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    Webinar: Learning the OSHA Recordkeeping Analysis by William Principe

    Who will Benefit: Anyone responsible for completing an OSHA 300 Log, including: HR Managers Safety Managers Facility Managers In-house Attorneys Risk Managers Business Owners Nurses Physicians
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    Webinar: The Evaluation Trap: Why Your Performance Appraisal System is Most Likely to Be Used Against You in Court and What to Do Instead by Gary L Ma

    Who Will Benefit: Human Resource Managers Human Resource Executives Vice Presidents of Administration CEOs COOs Chief People Officers Organizational Development Managers Senior Operations Managers Directors of Learning and Development Risk Management Specialists Attorneys and Legal Staff Human Resource Consultants
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    Webinar: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) - Preparation Guidelines for Effective SLAs by Javier Kuong

    Who Will Benefit: Line senior executives responsible for company operations performance IT and quality assurance professionals Legal counsel officers that help develop agreements and service contracts Purchasing and Procurement Executives Legal Counsel Functions (Internal or External) Corporate and Internal Audit Executives, Internal and Information System Auditors Executives Dependent on Key Support Infrastructure Services, Such as IT and other business services Contingency Planning and Emergency Preparedness Professionals that must specify SLAs CIOs, CFOs, and any C-level Executive that Vitally Dependent on or that oversees Business Services External Auditors and Consultants in Risk Management and Contingency Planning Chief Risk Managers and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and Professionals Individual Responsible for Negotiating Outsourced Services Compliance and Regulatory Mandate Officers/Professionals
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    How To Establish an Effective Chief Compliance Officer's (CCO) or Chief Risk Officer's (CRO) Function - Organization and Responsibilities

    This training will provide valuable knowledge on what companies need to do to establish an "effective" Compliance Office that leads to conceiving, developing and implementing successful GRC programs and provides top level coordinating leadership for governance, risk management and compliance issues across the enterprise. Why Should You Attend: The regulatory environment created by Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, HIPAA and countless new regulations make it imperative that organizations, large and small, establish an effective Compliance Office (CO) headed by a C-level Executive in the form of The Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) or, more recently, The Chief Risk Officer (CRO). Who Will Benefit: CEOs, Board members and Audit or Corporate Governance Committee Members CFOs, Controllers and Accounting professionals CIOs, CTOs and IT professionals Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs), Chief Risk Officers (CROs)
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    Organizing an Effective Chief Risk Officer's Function to Improve GRC

    This risk management webinar will discuss how to set up a sound and Chief Risk Officer’s (CRO) function that will help organizations to achieve sound risk management, governance and compliance to laws. Who will benefit: This webinar will provide valuable knowledge to: Board of Directors members CEOs CFOs, Controllers and financial officers Current Risk Managers who need to enhance their functional activities Members of Regulatory and Compliance Agencies CIOs and information technology professionals Instructor Profile: Javier Kuong, has over 25 years of management, consulting lecturing and development experience in the Corporate Governance, Compliance, Internal Controls, Risk Management, IT Auditing and Business Continuity fields as an executive, international consultant, lecturer and author of over 40 books and manuals on these topics. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration, Valid till Dec 31st 2015.
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    Make Difficult People Disappear: How to Reduce Stressful Behavior and Eliminate Conflict

    Go beyond just dealing with difficult people. In this session, based on the popular book by the same title, gain the 10 steps for changing your approach and reducing stress, while creating far greater acceptance, tolerance, and productivity. You will be able to:Motivate themselves and others Improve how they see, label and work with others Increase and apply emotional intelligence skills
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    Prevent Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    This self-study program helps the employer & employee know what to do about sexual harassment. Lean the definition of sexual harassment, how to establish a written policy on sexual harassment and how to prevent sexual harassment from happening.
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    An ADA Customer Service Course for Employees

    Learn how to properly provide superior service to customers with disabilities. The program has five sections: Blind or Low Vision; Cognitive Disabilities, including people with emotional challenges, and other disabilities, such as autism, Tourette Syndrome, and head injuries; Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Mobility Impairments, including customers who use wheelchairs as well as walkers, canes, and other mobility devices and People of Short Stature/Vertically Challenged
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    Conducting a Compensation Analysis

    This 2-day program focuses on conducting self-analyses for potential compensation discrimination under federal law. The program also addresses the compensation analyses required under OFCCP's regulations and strategies for managing an OFCCP audit.
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    EEO/AA Compliance Immersion Program

    This 5-day program covers basic EEO laws, responding to charges of discrimination, and developing and defending affirmative action programs in an intense 1- week session, offering a unique and cost-effective training opportunity for HR professionals.
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    Basic EEO & Affirmative Action Compliance

    This comprehensive three-day training course is designed to provide new human resources generalists, EEO/AA specialists, and employment lawyers with a practical understanding of the fundamental principles and requirements of EEO laws.
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    Responding to Charges of Employment Discrimination

    This 2-day course focuses on handling discrimination charges filed with federal and state EEO agencies, including assessing the charge, conducting the investigation, interviewing witnesses, preparing a position statement, and final resolution.
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    Developing Compliant Affirmative Action Programs

    EEAC designed this 2-day course for equal employment opportunity specialists and in-house counsel who are responsible for developing and implementing their company’s affirmative action plans (AAPs) or who oversee the development and implementation of affirmative action plans by a third party. The course provides a detailed explanation of all aspects of designing, developing, and implementing compliance programs and plans. Participants will learn to develop AAPs for women and minorities and individuals with disabilities and protected veterans that conform to current regulatory requirements. Our experienced facilitators engage participants in activities that help them to identify the components of an AAP, including: - Collecting and analyzing statistical data; - Writing effective narrative descriptions; and - Documenting ongoing good faith efforts during the AAP year.
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    Defending Affirmative Action Programs

    EEAC designed this 1-day course for EEO specialists and in-house counsel who are responsible for monitoring their company’s affirmative action plans or who oversee the monitoring of affirmative action plans by a third party. The course focuses on describing common violations identified during an audit by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), potential sanctions that could be imposed by OFCCP, and effective tactics to address the violations before they become problems. Our experienced facilitators also provide guidance on how to: - Respond appropriately to the receipt of an OFCCP scheduling letter, - Prepare desk audit submissions that serve to minimize findings of noncompliance, - Response appropriately to requests for additional data and onsite visits, and - Negotiate the most favorable closeout document possible
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    Enterprise Risk Management in the New World: Cyber Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery - How they all fit together

    This session will give you an overview for ERM in Program Management and Project Management. You will receive valuable information that you can implement. This is a must in the new world that is facing new risks every year. Assessing risk, architecting, implementing, testing and monitoring solutions, while reducing their exposure to global threats, and protecting its employees and assets. Learn Risk Assessment, Impact Analysis, Strategic Planning, Plan Documentation, Testing and Exercises and Audit • Data Criticality Analysis (DCA) • Data Backup Plan (DBP) • Emergency Response Plan (ERP) • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) • Contingency Testing Plan (CTP) • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) • Crisis Management Plan (CMP) • Cyber Security Incident Response Plan (CSIRT)
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    Requirements for Establishing an Effective Cleaning Validation Program

    GlobalCompliancePanel Refer a Friend Program: Any Customer to 3 Referrals "Can Participate 2 Days Seminar for free of Cost This 2 day course will cover practical guidance on cleaning validation regulatory compliance, in conjunction with, risk-based, reasonable and informed decision making and activity planning. This two day interactive course will cover fundamental principles of a cleaning validation program, exploring such concepts as the determination of residues to be targeted, selection of analytical and sampling methods, determination of appropriate limits in various pharmaceutical and biotechnology processes, and establishment of scientific rationales acceptable to regulatory inspectors.
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    Seminar on Why is FDA at my Facility, and what do I do During an Inspection

    Many regulated companies preparing for FDA inspections are not prepared and the outcome can be negative as we see all the time with enforcement actions. This seminar provides the fundamentals and the ground rules on how to prepare for and survive an FDA inspection no matter if you are a Class I, II, III device or a pharmaceutical or biologics manufacturer. This presentation will review and emphasize the do's and don'ts and cardinal rules as to interviewing, how to respond, reviewing documentation, etiquette, use of certain words, body language, responding to questions/requests, etc., and certainly replying to 483's and Warning Letters.
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    Seminar on Mastering Biofilm Control, Monitoring, Validation and Excursion Investigations of Water Systems for Bio/Pharma, Medical Devices, and Cosmet

    This course is designed to provide a microbiology-focused education about all aspects of water systems and how biofilm manages to thrive there. Prior microbiological education or training, though a plus, is not a requirement because engineers and other non-biologists also need this training if they are involved with any aspect of water systems.
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    Seminar on Construction: OSHA Construction Hazards for any Jobsite

    Real world examples of what to expect, and what to prepare for whenever possible. Not every organization is ready to avoid inspections or fines if they do not have senior staff in place, and/or if they have not been audited in the past. Location: Los Angeles, CA Date: July 28th & 29th, 2016 and Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Downtown Address: 120 South Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California, 90012, USA Price: Register now and save $200. (Early Bird) Price: $1,295.00 (Seminar Fee for One Delegate) Until June 20, Early Bird Price: $1,295.00 from June 21 to July 26, Regular Price: $1,495.00 Quick Contact: NetZealous DBA as GlobalCompliancePanel Phone: 1-800-447-9407 Fax: 302-288-6884 Email: Website: Registration Link - Follow on LinkedIn:
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    Seminar on HIPAA for the Compliance Officer

    I will be going into great detail regarding you practice or business and how it relates to the HIPAA Security/Privacy Rule Location: Chicago, IL Date: July 21st & 22nd, 2016 Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Venue: Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Address: 10249 WIrving Park Road, Schiller Park, IL 60176, United States Price: Register now and save $200. (Early Bird) Price: $1,295.00 (Seminar Fee for One Delegate – without stay) Until June 10, Early Bird Price: $1,295.00 from June 11 to July 19, Regular Price: $1,495.00 Price: $1,695.00 (Seminar Fee for One Delegate – with stay) Until June 10, Early Bird Price: $1,695.00 from June 11 to July 19, Regular Price: $1,895.00 Quick Contact: NetZealous DBA as GlobalCompliancePanel Phone: 1-800-447-9407 Fax: 302-288-6884 Email: Website: Registration Link -