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    Advanced JavaScript Programming

    In this 2-days Advanced JavaScript Programming class, you will learn advanced JavaScript techniques and good standard coding conventions. You will also learn advanced form validation with Regular Expressions, to manipulate the HTML DOM and to create jump menus and cascading select menus. Finally, you will learn to manipulate CSS with JavaScript to create applications using Dynamic HTML. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    Angular JS

    +Working with Directives in AngularJS +AngularJS Controllers and Directives +Services in AngularJS +Testing in AngularJS
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    Application Development with Node.js and the .NET Framework

    +Working with Node.js and .NET +Edge.js, Node.js, and ASP.NET MVC +Azure, Node.js, and SQL Server
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    Applied JavaScript Programming with Dojo

    Dojo is a library that extends the JavaScript language to simplify the manipulation of the Document Object Model (DOM) and enhances JavaScript for robust object-oriented programming. This course explores using Dojo to manipulate the DOM in real time while the user is interacting with the program. Providing menus, switching user views, moving graphic objects in real-time, updating views in real-time using AJAX and other concepts are all addressed. Leveraging object-oriented principles to build reliable, robust applications in JavaScript using the Dojo extensions are explored in detail. The Dojo widget environment to build client applications from widgets (client-interface components) is used in-depth. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    Building Apps with JQuery Mobile

    App Basics, UI Controls and Navigation Forms, Lists, Sets and Tables jQuery Mobile Apps Integrating jQuery Mobile with PhoneGap
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    Building Web Applications with Node.js

    +Node.js Fundamentals +Node.js: Files, Data Stores, Networked, and WebSocket Applications +Node.js: Express Applications and the MEAN Stack +Optimizing and Securing Node.js Applications +Node.js: Debugging, Testing, Deploying, and Maintaining Node Applications
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    Developing Web Applications Using Angular Training Course

    This hands on programming course provides a thorough introduction to the Angular JavaScript Framework including coverage of versions 2 through 6. Attendees will learn the fundamental skills necessary to build Web Applications using Angular and the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) design pattern. Topics include using TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 to create object-oriented Angular applications, extending HTML by creating reusable UI components, implementing data-binding, designing and using custom structural and attribute directives, as well as creating and using Angular pipes for formatting and transforming data in the UI. Students will learn to use Angular routing to create SPA's (Single Page Applications). The course includes coverage of using DI (Dependency Injection) and Angular services to provide business and data-access logic to the application, both locally as well as communicating with RESTful web services to provide CRUD database operations.
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    Intro to JavaScript Programming Training

    JavaScript is the perfect language to learn first if you are interested in programming and web development. Our Programming for Beginners class will give you a foundation to create more dynamic web pages and get a firm grasp of the fundamentals to learn other programming languages. If you would like to learn more about JavaScript, we also have a 2 day JavaScript for Programmers class that immediately follows this one.
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    Introduction to JavaScript

    In this 3-day JavaScript training course, students learn to use JavaScript effectively to make their web pages more dynamic and functional and to reduce the number of roundtrips to the server. Students will learn JavaScript syntax, how to work with variables, learn write flow control logic, validate forms, create roll-over images, open and work with new windows, and learn to work with JavaScript timers, intervals and navigation history. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    TRAINERS available for this and many other IT & Business skills.
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    JavaScript Backbone.js

    +Getting Started with Backbone.js +Complex Application Development with Backbone.js
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    JavaScript Essentials

    +JavaScript Essentials: Getting Started +JavaScript Essentials: Language Features +JavaScript Essentials: JavaScript In Depth +JavaScript Essentials: Basic Browser Interaction +JavaScript Essentials: Date and Math Functions +JavaScript Essentials: Working with Strings +JavaScript Essentials: Working with Page Elements +JavaScript Essentials: Dynamic Content and HTML5 +JavaScript Essentials: Dynamic JavaScript Code +JavaScript Essentials: Input and the Mouse
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    JavaScript Fundamentals

    +JavaScript Language Basics +[removed] Objects and Object-oriented Programming +[removed] Functions and Regular Expressions +[removed] Browser Scripting Fundamentals +[removed] Advanced Browser Scripting and DHTML
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    JavaScript Programming Training Course

    JavaScript is a scripting language that is commonly used to create and control dynamic Website content along with its use in the Node.js runtime. This hands on JavaScript training course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using JavaScript and to be able to grasp JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as jQuery, React and Angular. Students will learn the syntax of the JavaScript language and how to use JavaScript in a Web browser. Topics include ways to declare variables, use of intrinsic JavaScript objects such as Math, Date and Array, declaring and calling functions, defining custom objects, error handling, working with arrow functions, and using conditional logic. Students will learn how to include JavaScript in a Web page and how to use browser-based APIs such as the Document Object Model (DOM), Geolocation and Web Storage. Upon completion students will be able to utilize event handling, form validation, JSON and Ajax.
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    JavaScript Sencha

    +JavaScript Sencha: Ext JS +JavaScript Sencha: Sencha Touch
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    JavaScript Single Page Apps

    +JavaScript SPA: Getting Started with SPA in Visual Studio 2013 +JavaScript SPA: SPA Views and Routes +JavaScript SPA: Durandal Modules and Lifecycle events +JavaScript SPA: Adding Views and Handling View Navigation in Durandal +JavaScript SPA: Connecting to and Managing Data +JavaScript SPA: Working with Rich Application Data +JavaScript SPA: Managing Application Data +JavaScript SPA: Working With Validation
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    JavaScript Training for Programmers

    JavaScript is a simple but powerful programming language that adds interactivity web pages. In AcademyX's instructor-led JavaScript class, you will discover tips and techniques for combining JavaScript with XHTML and CSS to create dynamic, feature-rich web pages that give your visitors a compelling browsing experience. You will learn how to use JavaScript to validate data in HTML forms, create dynamic pull-down menus, and more.
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    JavaScript – Ember.js

    +JavaScript - Ember.js Fundamentals
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    JavaScript – JsRender

    +JsRender Fundamentals +Advanced JsRender Features
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    JavaScript – Knockout

    +Knockout Fundamentals +Configuring Forms with Knockout +Working with Knockout +Advanced Knockout Techniques