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    .NET Framework Using C++/CLI

    For other C++ classes and outlines please visit C++ training .This three-day course is designed to provide a sound introduction to the C++/CLI language and of Windows Forms.
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    .NET Programming Training Courses

    The .NET programming courses at SETC Training are based on industry best practices and standards. Every .NET training course is based on proper production coding practices in an enterprise context. You learn how to apply agile and iterative methods to the construction of enterprise ready object oriented applications. We offer everything from basic training on object oriented programming to advanced design patterns. SETC Training also offers technology specific courses like ADO .NET, WCF, WPF, WF, .NET Entity Framework and TFS training. SETC Training also offers an automatic 10% discount, guaranteed dates and free course customization services for groups of 2 people or more.
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    Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework for C# Developers (70- 516)

    +Getting Started with ADO.NET 4 Connections and Commands Using C# 2010 +Managing ADO.NET 4 Connections and Commands with C# 2010 +Getting Started with ADO.NET 4 DataSets Using C# 2010 +Viewing and Navigating Data with ADO.NET 4 DataSets Using C# 2010 +Updating ADO.NET DataSets with C# 2010 +Synchronizing Data and Managing ADO.NET 4 Applications with C# 2010 +Working with the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4 Using C# 2010 +Using LINQ and XML with ADO.NET 4 and C# 2010
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    ActionScript 3.0

    A hands-on, instructor-led training course. All course material and help forum included and free retakes for up to three months. Learn to: * Create applications using ActionScript 3.0 * Make your Flash applications interactive
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    Advanced .NET Framework Programming Using C# Training Course

    This hands-on course examines how to utilize advanced features of C# and the .NET Framework in order to build sophisticated, scalable, high-performing applications. Students learn how to use synchronous and asynchronous delegates to call methods using late binding, as well as how to use delegates to define and fire custom events and manage callbacks. The course shows how to build multithreaded applications and synchronize access to shared resources, including the Thread and ThreadPool classes as well as .NET 4.0's Task class and the Parallel Task Library. Coverage of the new .NET 4.5 Async and Await features is included. The course includes the use of LINQ to make queries of data, regardless of its location. Coverage includes using LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to DataSets and LINQ to XML, as well as how PLINQ can be used to make efficient queries on large sets of data located in memory. Comprehensive labs provide students with extensive experience coding with Visual Studio.
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    Advanced C++ Programming

    For other C++ classes and outlines please visit C++ training . The comprehensive, five-day course consists of three modules.
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    Advanced COM(+)

    For other COM/COM+ classes and outlines please visit COM/COM+ training .This class is intended for people who have taken a class in COM or read a book but want to know the latest advances in COM.
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    Advanced COM(+)

    This class is intended for people who have taken a class in COM or read a book but want to know the latest advances in COM. The focus is on effective use of COM in building applications and a survey of recent developments in COM. This includes the COM+ release with Windows 2000 and COM+ developments which will happen after Windows 2000. This class is usually customized for a particular audience. For other COM/COM+ courses please visit
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    Advanced HTML

    This hands-on course takes your HTML to the next level by exploring how to design and create interactive HTML forms, as well as using scripts such as Active Server Pages that process form results. In addition, you will learn how to use JavaScript for form verification to ensure that users complete all the appropriate fields of your form. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    Advanced Java Language Topics

    For other JAVA classes and outlines please visit JAVA training .The Java programming language has a number of powerful capabilities that have been introduced in recent releases of the Java platform.
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    Advanced Java Programming

    For other JAVA classes and outlines please visit JAVA training .This course provides advanced training in developing software using the Java Platform, Standard Edition, or Java SE.
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    Advanced Java SE 6 Software Development

    For other JAVA classes and outlines please visit JAVA training .Java SE 6 adds new power to the language. Find out how to take advantage of its new capabilities in this advanced, Java developers.
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    Advanced Java using RAD 7.0

    For other JAVA classes and outlines please visit JAVA training .This course teaches how to develop advanced Java applications using RAD 7.0.
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    Advanced JavaScript DOMScripting (DHTML)

    Gain practical knowledge of dynamic scripting techniques by working with real-world examples of animation, shopping carts and calendars. You will learn and test concepts of menus and cookies to enable better Web page interactivity. You will learn all this with an emphasis on browser independence and the latest Web Standards compliant techniques. The course ends with a look at the future of DOM Scripting through AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    Advanced JavaScript Programming

    In this 2-days Advanced JavaScript Programming class, you will learn advanced JavaScript techniques and good standard coding conventions. You will also learn advanced form validation with Regular Expressions, to manipulate the HTML DOM and to create jump menus and cascading select menus. Finally, you will learn to manipulate CSS with JavaScript to create applications using Dynamic HTML. For other Web Development classes please visit
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    Advanced MVC: Building Web Applications Using the ASP.NET Web API with C# Training Course

    This course provides students with the skills needed to create sophisticated web applications using advanced features of ASP.NET MVC, the Entity Framework, Web API, and the popular JavaScript libraries jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap and AngularJS. Students will build several ASP.NET MVC web applications using Visual Studio during the week to reinforce the skills they learn. The course covers use of the Entity Framework to provide a data access layer for an MVC application. The Database First strategy is briefly examined before thorough coverage of the more configurable Code First strategy. Students will also learn how to use the Web API to build APIs that expose services and data via HTTP. These APIs can be used by a diverse set of clients including browsers, desktop applications and mobile devices.
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    Advanced Perl

    For other Perl classes and outlines please visit Perl training .This three-day course provides the student with the knowledge of how to fully utilize Perl through the creation of Perl scripts.
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    Advanced Perl Programming

    For other Perl classes and outlines please visit Perl training .Perl has evolved from its beginnings as an eclectic scripting tool for UNIX administrators most popular,computer languages in history.
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    Advanced PHP Training

    For other PHP classes and outlines please visit PHP training .In this advanced PHP training course, students will learn advanced features of the PHP web programming language,for XML processing.
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    Advanced Python 3 Programming

    This two day course covers a handful of various Python advanced topics including high level data structures, network programming, writing GUI's in Python, and CGI programming. This course is particularly well suited for programmers who are building application frameworks, integrating Python with other software, or using Python for distributed computing. For other Python classes please visit