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    Microsoft Excel Series - Part 1: Shake Hands with Macros

    This first training program in the Microsoft Excel webinar series will discuss the automation possibilities that Excel macros offer and the nuances of Excel’s Personal Macro Workbook. It will also define how to use Excel’s Macro Recorder, and offer a quick guide on how to create a keyboard shortcut on the Quick Access Toolbar and on applying Relative References when recording macros. Who Will Benefit: Banking Finance Insurance Education Telecom IT CPAs CFOs Controllers Marketing Sales Investments Pharmaceutical Medical Devices FDA Instructor Profile: Acclaimed Microsoft Excel expert David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is the president and owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc. based in Atlanta, Georgia. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    Microsoft Excel Reintroduced: Charts, Graphs, Forms, Reporting and More

    This training program will detail applying new charting capabilities in Excel 2013 and later, define how to save time by copying chart formatting between charts, and list ways to simplify chart-related tasks. It will also enumerate how to enliven Excel charts with clip art. Who Will Benefit: Banking Finance Insurance Education Telecom IT CPAs CFOs Controllers Marketing Sales Investments Pharmaceutical Instructor Profile: David H. Ringstrom, CPA, is an author and nationally recognized instructor who teaches scores of webinars each year. His Excel courses are based on 25 years of consulting and teaching experience. Mr. Ringstrom focuses on what users don’t, but should know about Microsoft Excel. His goal is to empower attendees to use Excel more effectively. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    Microsoft Excel: Using What-If Analysis-When, Why, and How

    This webinar will discuss the excel What-If Analysis tools within Microsoft Excel’s Data menu. In addition id will explain Excel Scenario Manager, Data Table features, Excel’s Goal Seek feature, Excel Solver feature, FORECAST and more. Participants can avoid replicating worksheets. The advance function can also help compare different scenario and extrapolate trends based on existing data in your spreadsheets. Who Will Benefit: CPAs and Accountants Marketing and Management Consultants Bankers CFOs Controllers Financial Planners and Consultants Business Professionals Business Analysts Bookkeepers Instructor Profile: David H. Ringstrom is a CPA and the owner of Accounting Advisors, Inc., an Atlanta-based spreadsheet consulting firm that he started in 1991. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    Creating Powerful PowerPoint Decks

    This webinar covers the underlying principles of visual design, practical goals that emerge from design theory, and useful techniques to achieve those objectives. Participants will learn a systematic process designed to improve the appeal of presentations. The training will help you to create high-profile, articulate, and memorable slide presentations that will enable your audience to make informed decisions with confidence. Who Will Benefit: Banking managers Business forecasters Economic advisors Executive consultants Information technology experts Pharmaceutical representatives Retail specialists Risk analysts Instructor Profile: Philip Vassallo, Ed.D., has designed, delivered, and supervised communication training programs for more than 20,000 executive, managerial, supervisory, administrative, and technical professionals internationally over the past three decades. Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    How to Create Excel Dashboards Using Pivot Tables: In-Person Seminar

    Excel Dashboards are the new buzzword employers are searching for. If you have, or want a career that involves creating reports in Excel, then you need to know how to build impressive, interactive, visually stunning, Excel dashboards. This practical, one-day workshop will leave you with Excel techniques you can immediately put to use making killer dashboards that set your skill level apart from others There are two major methods to produce Excel Dashboards: (1) Pivot Tables and (2) Dynamic Interactive Charts which are different and much more complex than normally produced charts. The first method is easier and this one day seminar will focus on How to Create Excel Dashboards Using Pivot Tables. Who will Benefit: CFO's, Financial Controllers, Accounting and Finance Managers and Staff, Financial Analysts, Budget Directors and staff, CPAs, Auditors Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    Webinar on October 2016 Validation Planning and Documentation

    Overview: The verification and validation of medical software is coming under increased scrutiny by the U.S. FDA. This webinar will address the use of the FDA, GAMP, 21 CFR Part 11, "Electronic Records" / "Electronic Signatures", and other applicable industry software validation models, coupled with the ISO 14971 / ICH Q9 Product Risk Management models, to plan, structure, run, and document acceptable software validations. Who Will Benefit: Senior management in Drugs, Devices, Combination Products, Biologics, Dietary Supplements QA / RA Software development, programming, documentation, testing teams R&D Engineering Production Operations Consultants Contact Detail: Compliance4All DBA NetZealous, Phone: +1-800-447-9407 Email: Event Link : Twitter Follow us – Facebook Like us –
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    Webinar on October 2016 Excel's Data Management Tools

    Overview: Microsoft says that up to 70% of users surveyed use Excel to maintain a database or large lists. To be truly proficient in Excel, you must be familiar with these tools to manage data efficiently. It's all the more important as data collection has become more automated and you're getting swamped with tons of data. But what can you do with all that data? You need to know how to re-arrange the data (sort), see just what you want to see (filter), create quick summaries (subtotals), restructure fields containing too much data (the exciting new Flash Fill tool and the Text to Columns feature) and eliminate redundant records. Contact Detail: Compliance4All DBA NetZealous, Phone: +1-800-447-9407 Email: Event Link : Twitter Follow us – Facebook Like us –
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    Conference about Excel Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

    Microsoft Excel has a tremendous amount of capability and features and is filled with shortcuts and methods not always visible to the casual user. Whether it's a keystroke shortcut or a hidden command sequence, such shortcuts can make you much more proficient and productive as you use this powerful and popular software. Most users are under-utilizing Excel and could be saving minutes every day and hours every week if they learn some of the many tips presented in this fast-paced webinar. In these days of tight budgets and hiring freezes, its' all the more important for you to use your existing software more efficiently. This webinar will give you the productivity boost you need as you become a more proficient Excel user.
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    Webinar On Human Factors/Usability Based on ISO 62366

    This training program will examine how human factors/usability is the analysis of how people interact with medical devices. The process of conducting rigorous human factors studies throughout the design process, integrating it with the device risk analysis and design process, and validating the effectiveness of the studies will be explained. The various types and methods of human factors analysis will be explained. This process conforms to the new ISO 62366 standard and the new FDA guidance document.Price:$250.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Office 2016 First Look

    Microsoft Office 2016: First Look Modern Productivity Microsoft Office 2016: First Look Functionality and Collaboration
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    Beginning Word 2016

    Working with the Interface and Performing Basic Tasks in Word 2016 Formatting Text in Word 2016 Customizing Options and Using Document Views in Word 2016 Creating and Formatting Tables in Word 2016 Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, and Layout in Word 2016 Using the Navigation Pane and Creating Lists in Word 2016
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    Intermediate Word 2016

    Using Illustrations, Styles, and Themes in Word 2016 Designing and Formatting Illustrations in Word 2016 Advanced Table Customization in Word 2016 Maintaining, Protecting, and Reviewing Documents in Word 2016 References, Proofing, Mail Merges, and Forms in Word 2016 Sharing and Collaborating on Documents in Word 2016
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    Beginning Excel 2016

    Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Creating, Editing, and Saving Workbooks Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formatting Data Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Data Presentation Strategies Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formulas and Functions Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Charts, Tables, and Images
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    Beginning Outlook 2016

    Getting to Know Outlook 2016 Managing Conversations and E-mail in Outlook 2016 Managing Attachments, and Inserting Items and Signatures in Outlook 2016 Organizing Contacts in Outlook 2016 Using the Calendar to Schedule Appointments, Events, and Tasks in Outlook 2016 Configuring and Managing Meetings and Notes in Outlook 2016
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    Intermediate Outlook 2016

    Formatting E-mail in Outlook 2016 Configuring Message Options in Outlook 2016 Customizing and Managing Outlook 2016 Managing Automation, Storage, and Tidying Up in Outlook 2016 Managing Contacts, Tasks, and the Calendar in Outlook 2016 Viewing and Configuring Outlook 2016 Backstage Options
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    Intermediate Excel 2016

    Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate: Customizing Views, Styles, and Templates Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Creating Custom Visual Effects Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Working with Data Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Macros and Advanced Queries Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: PivotTables and Advanced Charts Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Share, Review, and Collaborate
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    Beginning PowerPoint 2016

    Introduction to the PowerPoint 2016 Interface and Basic Tasks Modifying and Formatting Slides in PowerPoint 2016 Formatting Text Boxes and Working with Graphic Content in PowerPoint 2016 Working with Graphic, Audio, and Video Content in PowerPoint 2016 Constructing and Modifying Tables and Charts in PowerPoint 2016
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    Intermediate PowerPoint 2016

    Using Slide Show Presentation Tools in PowerPoint 2016 Creating Photo Albums, Sections, Transitions, and Animations in PowerPoint 2016 Using Hyperlinks, Actions, and Comments in PowerPoint 2016 Exporting Presentations and Compressing Media in PowerPoint 2016 Customizing Proofing and Default Options in PowerPoint 2016 Sharing and Protecting Presentations in PowerPoint 2016
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    SharePoint 2016 for End Users

    Managing Libraries and Lists in SharePoint 2016 Navigating, Customizing, Lists and Libraries in SharePoint 2016 Document Sets, Alerts, Site Pages, and Web Parts in SharePoint 2016 Social Networking and Collaboration in SharePoint 2016 Tags, Notes, Community Sites, and Search in SharePoint 2016 Content Types, Workflows, Calendar, and Office Applications in SharePoint 2016
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    Beginning Visio 2016

    Getting Started with Visio 2016 Creating and Managing Diagrams In Visio 2016 Designing and Enhancing Diagrams in Visio 2016 Collaborating, Evaluating, and Saving Diagrams in Visio 2016