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    The Top Ten Excel Functions Everyone Should Know

    Overview Excel functions can greatly enhance your ability to perform tasks in day to day activities in Excel. While there are hundreds of functions in available, there are 10 functions that all Excel users should know. Whether you are an office worker, or a small business owner using Excel to keep track of your finances or just the casual user, these Excel functions can be very important time savers and enhance your ability to create better performing spreadsheets!
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    Validation for the New FDA Inspections

    Overview: This course will teach how to conduct a software validation program that will satisfy FDA requirements and produce a safe product. We will explain the role of risk analysis in validation. How software requirements are used in validation will be described. This course is NOT a programming course. We will discuss what must be done but will not discuss methods to execute necessary testing.
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    Spreadsheets in FDA Regulated Environments

    Overview: Excel® Applications are widely used in laboratories, offices and manufacturing e.g., for data capture, data manipulation and report generation. Regulations such as FDA's GxPs and 21 CFR Part 11 require users of software and computer systems to demonstrate and document data accuracy, integrity and confidentiality. Out-of-the box Excel® has not been designed for regulated environments. However, with a good knowledge of Excel® capabilities combined with good procedures and practices on how to control, validate and use Excel® the requirements can be met. Attendees of this seminar will get all details on how requirements can be met .
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    Webinar on Spreadsheet-Based Internal Controls

    Overview: You'll not only learn how to control a user's actions, but you'll also learn how to make your spreadsheets as future-proof as possible. You'll also learn techniques that can significantly save you time when making a spreadsheet as "user-proof" as possible. The session will lead off with a discussion of look-up formulas in Excel. Spreadsheet-based data is often dynamic, so functions such as VLOOKUP help spreadsheet stay resilient and minimize future maintenance. However, VLOOKUP can easily trigger errors such as #N/A or #REF!, so you’ll see how to contain these errors to avoid ripple effects through your entire workbook. Contact Detail: NetZealous - Compliance4All, 161 Mission Falls Lane, Suite 216, Fremont, CA 94539, USA. Phone: +1-800-447-9407 Email: support@compliance4All.com http://www.compliance4all.com/ Event Link : http://bit.ly/Spreadsheet-Based-Internal-Controls
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    Lotus Notes 8 for End Users

    +Lotus Notes 8: New Features for End Users +Getting Started with Lotus Notes 8 and Using Mail +Scheduling Events and Managing Applications +Working with Instant Messaging, Contacts, and Blogs +Using Productivity Tools and Accessing Lotus Notes 8 Remotely
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    Microsoft Office 2010: Power User Excel

    +Sharing Excel 2010 Workbooks Online and on a Network +Using Excel 2010 to Collaborate Online and with Other Office Applications +Using Lookup, Reference, Math, and Text Functions in Excel 2010 +Manipulating Formulas and Using Forms in Excel 2010 +Using Excel 2010 Data Connections: Web Queries, XML, and Databases
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    Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced Excel

    +Customizing Visual Elements in Excel 2010 +Workbook Settings, Conditional Formatting, and Number Formats in Excel 2010 +Organizing Data and Objects in Excel 2010 +Verifying Excel 2010 Data and Formulas +Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macros +Analyzing Data with What-if Analysis in Excel 2010 +PivotTables and PivotCharts in Excel 2010 +PivotTable Filters, Calculations, and PowerPivot
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    Microsoft Office 2010: Beginning Excel

    +Getting Started with Excel 2010 +Applying Basic Data Formatting in Excel 2010 +Moving and Getting Around in Excel 2010 +Moving Data and Modifying Worksheets in Excel 2010 +Saving, Sending, and Printing Excel 2010 Workbooks +Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, and Sparklines in Excel 2010 +Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2010 +Using Basic Formulas in Excel 2010 +Using Basic Functions with Excel 2010 +Inserting Basic Charts in Excel 2010 +Adding Visuals, Themes, and Styles to Excel 2010 Workbooks
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    Microsoft Office 2013: Power User Excel

    +Sharing and Linking Data, and Adding Office Apps to Excel 2013 +Reviewing and Protecting Content in Excel 2013 +Advanced Formats and Layouts in Excel 2013 +Advanced Formulas and Functions in Excel 2013 +Using Financial Functions and What-If Analysis in Excel 2013 +Using PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Advanced Charts in Excel 2013
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    Microsoft Office 2013: Advanced Excel

    +Creating and Customizing Visual Elements in Excel 2013 +Customizing Options and Views in Excel 2013 +Manipulating Data in Excel 2013 +Data Search, Data Validation, and Macros in Excel 2013