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    Celebrating Ourselves: Beating Burnout

    Who cares for the care provider? Both paid and non-paid persons who offer their compassion, skills and resources to those in need are often at risk for burnout, compassion fatigue or vicarious traumatization, creating costly health and emotional challenges and also gaps in expertise and caring. Care providers must be reminded how to assert themselves, set healthy boundaries and respond to stress in healthy ways. Focus groups held by HCEI across the US confirm the need to celebrate the spirit and journey of caring persons while teaching self-preservation skills for the future. When caring persons care for themselves they provide better care for others. Seminar participants will be able to: Understand dynamics of providing care Articulate how each person experiences stress uniquely Identify symptoms of compassion fatigue Utilize practical, proven solutions and exercises for stress reduction Set healthy goals and create a future response plan for stress.
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    Certificate in Conducting Lawful Workplace Investigations Seminar

    The objective of an internal investigation is to discover facts on which to make a sensible and lawful decision. Done correctly, an investigation should resolve a problem and prevent it from re-occurring, whether the issue is misconduct, a performance situation, harassment, discrimination or a workplace accident. In addition to saving potentially millions of dollars in litigation costs and lost productivity, a lawfully conducted investigation can nip workplace problems in the bud, thus keeping businesses operating smoothly—and out of court. Making the right decision often turns on the quality of the investigation that has been conducted. Without the facts, decision-making is flawed and can expose the employer to significant liability. This interactive and comprehensive program will provide investigators with a framework of legal and best practices knowledge and will give you the confidence, skills and techniques needed to properly conduct an effective investigation.
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    Certificate in Employee Benefits Law Seminar

    This 4½ day seminar is designed to be the most comprehensive and practical seminar available in its field. The seminar covers employee benefits issues that arise in the design and administration of employee benefit plans, the management of their assets, controversies between plan sponsors, trustees, participants and the numerous government agencies that regulate these plans. The accelerating changes in the legal environment, coupled with the complex, technical nature of the laws and regulations and increasing governmental scrutiny, make it extremely difficult to keep current in this field. Divided into three "blocks" of instruction: Retirement Plans (Mon-Tue), Benefit Plan Claims/Litigation (Wed), Welfare Benefit Plans (Thu-Fri).
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    Certificate in Employee Relations Law Seminar

    This 4½ day seminar provides the most comprehensive, practical, up-to-date employment law training available. Geared to the real-world needs of HR professionals, attorneys, and managers. The seminar provides "best practices" insights and information on the full range of employee relations law compliance issues. The seminar is presented by prominent employment law attorneys who are also excellent presenters. They focus is on the practical implications of the law and what steps participants can take on the job to cope with the complex requirements of the various laws and regulations. Split into three "blocks" of instruction: Labor Law in the Union/Non-Union Environment (Mon-Tue), Employment Discrimination Law (Wed-Thu) and Special Issues in Employee Relations Law (Fri). Approved for 29.75 HRCI and SHRM recertification hours; Continuing Legal Education; and can be accepted for CEBS recertification credit.
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    Certified Professional Coach

    ICF-approved Certified Professional Coach class by IACET-accredited CEU provider Center for Coaching Certification.
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    cGMP Application for Design & Operation

    Overview: This presentation is intended to help manufacturers implement cGMP quality systems and risk management approaches during commercial development and operations after the initial preclinical studies, to meet the requirements of the FDA's current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) regulations (2l CFR parts 210 and 211). The FDA requires comprehensive quality systems highlighting the company’s consistency with the CGMP regulatory requirements for manufacturing human and veterinary drugs as well as medical devices, including biological drug products. This program also explains how manufacturers implementing good manufacturing practices managed by quality systems can be in the best compliance with parts 210 and 211.
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    Change Management Certificate

    Designed for ATD by industry expert Elaine Biech of ebb associates, the Change Management Certificate Program contains application exercises, case studies, templates, and interactive program modules. You will learn a comprehensive, six-step change model that can be applied to your current situation.
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    Changes under the HIPAA Omnibus Rule 2016 by MentorHealth

    This lesson will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order as HIPAA is now fully enforced and the government is not using kid gloves any more. It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2016 and beyond. There are an enormous amount of issues and risks for covered entities and business associates these days. I will speak on specific experiences from over 17 years of experience in working as an outsourced compliance auditor, expert witness on HIPAA cases, and thoroughly explain how patients are now able to get cash remedies for wrongful disclosures of private health information. Read More :
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    Clinical Data Management

    This seminar is based on the current state of regulations and will cover the essential parts of the data management plan, study startup, study conduct, study closeout and study monitoring.
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    Clinical Trial Recruitment Methods and Metrics

    Overview: Recruitment of research participants into clinical trials is critical. As the trials are designed for human subjects or use of a person's private identifiable information, a human subject's research study cannot occur with people. Yet, enrollment issues continue to be one of the reasons why trials are held open longer than anticipated and why modifications to the study are needed to increase enrollment. This increases administrative burden and study costs. To help combat this, studies have been done using a variety of metrics to help determine which recruitment strategies are the most effective in given situations. Why should you attend: Those interested in learning about various recruitment and retention techniques currently being used in a variety of studies that can potentially be integrated into current efforts to help increase recruitment and retention
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    CMS and Accreditation Compliance: Why Bother

    Overview: The CMS Conditions of Participations (CoPs) transcend deemed status accreditors and all accreditation standards must be consistent with the CoPs. That being said, deemed status accreditors are permitted to 'raise the bar' or pursue standards of excellence in areas that exceed the CoPs' scope and therefore, healthcare organizations must be cognizant of both if they pursue deemed status accreditation. Problematic CoPs include: medical history and physical examination, updated exam and chart entries, verbal orders, date/time/authentication of written orders, informed consent, discharge process and summary, and completion of medical records.
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    Coaching Certificate

    Many talent development professionals have discovered that they need to add coaching to their skill set. This two-day workshop demonstrates the functions of a successful learning professional in the role of coach, including using an interactive process to help clients develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results, and improving others' ability to set goals, take actions, make better decisions, and make full use of their natural strengths. Participants will learn a model that outlines a coaching process they can use with individuals, teams, or an entire organization, and will practice foundational coaching competencies through role plays, group exercises, and case studies.
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    Coaching Towards Excellence

    Employees whose professional development stagnates often sap enthusiasm and creativity from their peers. If employees feel their development is ignored, they may leave, creating a brain drain for the company. Both situations often lead to higher expenses and lower productivity. Exec-Comm’s Coaching Toward Excellence program helps you coach and train the people on your team to reach their potential and continue to add value to your organization.
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    Coliform 649 -The Coliform Lottery

    Overview: Although the use of coliforms as an indicator for water quality and safety has been recognized for >100 years, our reliance on coliform numbers as the primary indicator for water quality and safety is misguided. Our concept of water potability needs to be redefined, as does our reliance on traditional microbial indicators of potability. We need to consider other approaches. Why should you Attend: Learn why coliforms are now no longer considered as the primary indicator of water potability. Learn about other indicator organisms and how to interpret their detection. Learn about other approaches for monitoring potable water for drinking of industrial use. Areas Covered in the Session: Waterborne pathogens Contamination sources Indicator organisms Analytical methods Quantitative or Qualitative
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    Combating the Prescription Opioid Crisis| Drug-Free Workplace Policies

    Join this webinar that cover in detail the background of the growing problem of prescription opioid abuse in the workplace and creating a reliable drug testing program. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Combination Products 2017

    This seminar provides Professionals working in this area with A thorough understanding of the complexities involved All the relevant regulations and guidelines Real life examples of how to register and maintain various types of combination products Interfaces: Change Management and LCM Compliant safety reporting for combination products Documentation requirements and interfacing Read More :
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    Common Frauds: Creating and Improving Anti-Fraud Controls for Businesses 2017

    This course will address the risks to a business from data breaches, various forms of cyberfraud and identity theft. We will discuss the legal issues with data breaches including issues for companies that are victims of data breaches. We will review the best practices for data security. Attendees will be given examples of cyberfrauds, including information on how they occur and internal controls that can help to prevent them. The new requirements for IT controls included in the 2013 COSO update will be discussed. The types of identity theft and methods used by criminals will be discussed, also how individuals and businesses can protect themselves from identity thieves. The new credit card rules will be reviewed. The compliance requirements of the Federal Trade Commission's Red Flags Rules will be reviewed. Read More :
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    Communicating to Resolve Conflict

    While you can’t avoid all work conflicts, you can change the way you handle conflict. How do you do that? Exec-Comm’s Communicating to Resolve Conflict program prepares you to discuss difficult issues in one-to-one interactions, improves your conflict-resolution skills, and allows you to relate more successfully with colleagues.
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    Communication Skills Training for CLE Credit

    All our communication skills training programs are certified by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as Accredited Continuing Legal Education courses. Come learn clear, concise communication from our certified instructors!
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    Compensating Employed Physicians: Key Stark Law Considerations

    Overview: In this session Mr. Wolfe will provide an overview of the Stark Law, including its recent changes. He will also discuss best practices for structuring, negotiating physician employment agreements. The webinar will focus on regulatory requirements, key provisions, valuation considerations and potential pitfalls that should be avoided. Why should you Attend: As health care organizations and physicians develop their employment arrangements, they must ensure the employment and compensation structures are defensible under the Stark Law. In this webinar Mr. Wolfe will describe how to evaluate whether a proposed employment structure and financial terms will support compliance with Stark's technical requirements and key tenets of defensibility to manage risk.