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    Webinar on Science of Safe Care: Understanding Patient Centered Care

    Overview: Medical errors may be unpreventable, but preventing harm to the patient is often an option. Unfortunately no progress has taken place over the last decade in reducing the preventable medical mishaps. In 1998, the landmark IOM study estimated 98,000 preventable fatalities per year. The latest research shows an estimate of 210,000 to 440,0000 preventable fatalities a year! Paradoxically, healthcare continues to be decades behind other industries in terms of creating safer systems. Errors in healthcare are usually provoked by weak or inadequate systems within and across healthcare organizations. Why should you attend: Patient safety is elemental to Hippocratic Oath and fundamental to quality in healthcare. Improving patient safety, reducing medical errors and providing comprehensive quality care is a challenge faced by healthcare organizations globally.
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    Webinar on What Did I Do Wrong?! Legal and Ethical Analysis of State Licensure Board Complaints Against Physical Therapists

    Overview: Today's diverse, fast-changing, multidisciplinary health care environment in health involves many health care professionals who work together for the common goal of the patient. This includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and others. Like physicians and nurses, physical therapists as health care practitioners obtained an education, passed applicable examinations, completed professional training, and hold a license to practice their chosen profession of physical therapy. The license to practice is issued by the state agency which has exclusive jurisdiction over this health care practitioner. Thereafter, the state's authority and power over the physical therapist often presents challenges to that professional that are not easy to navigate. Their governing state agency routinely handles, investigates, and dismisses- or prosecutes - alleged violations of law that can be career ending for the physical therapist if pursued.
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    Webinar on Brand Imaging - How to Manage Brand Integrity, Prevention of Oversaturation and Endorsements

    Overview: The topic is to educate prospects who are interested in gaining knowledge of how brands survive the competitive industry, by introduction, avoiding oversaturation within a "trend" or passing through as a "fad". This topic will explain how build a strong brand, to discipline and manage a brand to always stay surfaced and captivating as well as going about endorsements and exposure. Why should you attend: The participant will learn the tricks and trades to the industry of how the beauty/cosmetic industry functions and generates billions of dollars per product development and marketing. They would benefit in gaining educational information that would typically cost years of schooling, education and experience to learn. Areas Covered in the Session: Understanding the difference between "trends" and "fads" Trend behavior over a decade period Building a strong brand Prevention in over exposure General endorsements within the cosmetic industry
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    Nursing Training DVDs

    Nursing training videos on DVD on Pediatrics, Child Abuse detection & prevention, mental health issues, age-specific care and ethics.
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    MBTI® Certification Training from The Myers & Briggs Foundation

    Enhance your skills and gain 28 CE's with MBTI Certification from the exclusive provider - The Myers & Briggs Foundation, continuing the pioneering work of Isabel Briggs Myers, the author of the MBTI assessment.
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    Course Online Introduction to ECG (EKG)

    We offer a fully accredited, self-paced online Introduction to Electrocardiography (ECG) course. This course combines an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet. Master the principles of electrocardiography with our online Introduction to ECG course.
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    Nursing CEU Courses

    Online nursing continuing education courses accredited for Nursing Contact Hours. All of our online nursing courses are free to take. Pay only if you want a CE certificate. Printable online certificates available 24/7. Contact Hours accepted in all 50 states. Corexcel is accredited as a Provider of Continuing Nursing Education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.