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    Webinar On Evolving FLSA, ACA, DOL and NLRB Requirements: Unraveling the Overlapping Regulatory Regimes

    This webinar will discuss the challenges to employers presented by recent major developments in key workplace laws-proposed revisions to the Fair Labor Standards Act, the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act, the Department of Labor's position that most independent contractors are really employees, and the National Labor Relations Board's new standard for establishing joint-employer status.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) and Supply Chain Security

    You should attend this training if you have a role in a manufacturing or freight/shipping company that handles goods distributed globally. The training will help you secure the international supply chain and mitigate the risks associated with illegal activities that support and fund terrorism.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On The Past Isn't in the Past": Effecting Sound Employment Background Checks in California

    This training program will explain requirements of effectuating sound and legal employment background checks in California.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Webinar On 2016 Presidential Political Passions and Contention: How to Navigate Political Speech at Work

    Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States on November 8, 2016. This webinar is a must attend for all employers and employees to learn how to navigate political speech at work.Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Risk Management Framework (RMF) Training Course

    Risk Management Framework (RMF) is the unified information security framework for the entire federal government that is replacing the legacy Certification and Accreditation (C&A) processes within federal government departments and agencies, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Intelligence Community (IC). DoD officially began its transition from the legacy DIACAP process to the new "RMF for DoD IT" process. This course is designed for system owners, administrators, developers, integrators, and information assurance staff who need to understand: FISMA RMF process (including Security Authorization or A&A) NIST baseline security controls Documentation package Continuous monitoring process
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    Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Power ToolsSM

    Program based on definition by National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking. OBJECTIVES o Solve problems, make effective decisions o Prioritize decisions for effectiveness, efficiency o Make better decisions with limited data o Minimize poor decisions; neutralize stress OUTLINE What are Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving? o Define principle o Strengths, Challenges o Meet business challenges Use art, science of critical thinking o Role of values, facts o Challenge knowledge, beliefs, facts, assumptions o Methods to explore alternatives, stimulate thinking Creative critical-thinking; o Use Clarity methodology; proven results o Develop solution options, plan o Make decision with confidence, test decisions Develop action plan to improve critical thinking. IMPLEMENTATION o Interactive o Customized workshops on your issues o Web-based follow-up to answer questions, share experiences
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    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) Understanding Personality

    The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(R) MBTI is the most used and researched personality assessment. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Ph.D. and MBTI Master Practitioner, works with you individually or as a team to understand how your personality preferences influence your work, communication, and management styles. Maximize your unique gifts. Understand and interact with others more effectively. Individuals: Use MBTI to consider key life decisions, become a better communicator, and use your strengths and talents to become more productive. Teams: Gain insights into fellow team members, work together more effectively, and eliminate needless conflict. Everyone: Learn the art of Flexing to "speak the other person's language" without giving up your own. Receive a detailed profile, content-packed notebook in an interactive feedback and education session. Choose from different types of in-depth profile reports based on your needs. Integrate into leadership, team, and personal development.
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    MVP Training: Government - Managing Employees

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars at affordable prices, with top-notch providers. Follow-up monitoring program no-charge! Please call 510-558-3495. Largest family run training business in USA.
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    Make Difficult People Disappear: How to Reduce Stressful Behavior and Eliminate Conflict

    Go beyond just dealing with difficult people. In this session, based on the popular book by the same title, gain the 10 steps for changing your approach and reducing stress, while creating far greater acceptance, tolerance, and productivity. You will be able to:Motivate themselves and others Improve how they see, label and work with others Increase and apply emotional intelligence skills
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    10 Simple Steps to Being a Better Boss

    Beyond basic leadership skills, this course uniquely addresses both the role of manager and leader and how to get those who report to you to do what you’ve asked them to do, all with 10 steps to be better at both! Whether recently promoted or held the position for years, you’ll be able to understand the pride and pitfalls of your title and power, and get the secrets behind truly leading employees instead of being seen as someone they need to go through, work around, or tolerate.
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    How Leaders Can Make Better Decisions

    With 5 distinct decision making methods, this webinar will equip you with the skills that time, pressure and sheer workload may not have allowed you to develop until now. No more trial and error, guesswork or whining when a decision goes awry, as you’ll now be able to calculate the cost, assess the pros and cons, and even understand the real reason for your choice. This course eliminates confusion, feeling stuck and tornado brain!
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    How to Be a More Effective Team Leader

    Dr. Rick Goodman is a professional speaker, motivator, author and training consultant helping organizations Develop Great Leaders - Through Excellence in Communication, Team Building, Change Management, and Customer Excellence. Dr. Rick = RESULTS
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    Leadership & Management Development

    This course transforms leaders into more effective and clear communicators. Changed leaders will transform the culture of the organization into a more productive and higher-performing environment that encourages clarity, ownership, initiative, and success. In this class, supervisors and managers develop the people skills necessary to move their staff forward to the desired goal. This session uses the Building Excellence (BE) Survey, which identifies a combination of elements that affect how well each individual achieves and performs. Respondents learn about their strengths and productivity preferences useful in developing solutions and action plans to improve performance. Using the BE, staff and leaders develop new ways to assess individual productivity needs, respectfully advocate for training and productivity preferences, develop self-leadership skills, and become more accountable and responsible.
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    Transforming the Government Way at The Defense Personnel Support Center

    See how DPSC transformed an obsolete procurement system into a business operation that is the envy of many modern organizations. Lessons include: Change is inevitable, important & beneficial. Change needs to be approached as an evolution that is gradual and constant, not as a revolution. Change doesn't happen without support from the top. Sometimes you have to throw away old assumptions & ways of doing things to improve. Support people in the process of taking risks.
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    Excellence in the Public Sector with Tom Peters

    Tom Peters visits 5 public sector organizations to show excellence at work. You’ll learn to motivate workers through recognition & gainsharing, celebrate small wins in the anticipation of big ones, understand the power of participative management.
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    Leading the Nation Volume 1: Team-Based Quality

    Go on location to Sacramento Air Logistics Command & see how they turned around a once demoralized organization. See how they built cross-departmental teams & learn how they built a quality bill of rights to empower each employee.
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    Leading The Nation Volume 2: Customer-Driven Quality

    See how the Fresno office of the IRS shifted its focus to internal & external customer service in order to improve quality. Lean how people shifted their outlook on work & the customer. Learn how people changed both personally and professionally.
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    Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

    Discover 24 critical thinking tools & techniques to: Analyze problems, Generate and evaluate alternatives, Make decisions, Implement solutions, Solve case studies of real problems
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    Positively Organized!® Leadership for Managers & Supervisors

    This highly praised, interactive course: Explores 9 key OPM Leadership Competencies Provides a valuable, practical toolkit of people management & leadership skills Helps managers & supervisors lead people with confidence
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    Strategic Planning for Government Leaders