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    Fraud & Abuse, Stark & Anti-Kickback Issues

    Overview: The presentation will provide an overview of the Federal Stark and Anti-Kickback laws and corresponding regulations including the history and purpose of these laws.
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    The 10 Step HIPAA Compliance Review - How to Ensure your Compliance is Up to Date

    This 90- minute session will step through the basics of HIPAA compliance and identify current compliance issues that should be addressed to ensure a clean report in any reviews.
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    3-Hour Virtual Seminar On The Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark II: Basis for An Action Under the Federal False Claims Act? - Your Organization May be a

    Overview: The session will provide an overview of the Federal Civil False Claims Act (FCA) and how it works, the prohibitions of the Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS) and the physician anti-referral law (known as Stark II), and their available safe harbors.
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    Dealing with the Disruptive Practitioner in a Legally Compliant Manner

    Overview: Disruptive activity by practitioners in the hospital takes many forms. When it happens, it is important that the hospital and/or the medical staff take appropriate steps to see that it does not affect patient care or disrupt operations. Why should you Attend: Hospital executives, medical staff officers, and peer review committee members and support staff should attend to learn how to deal effectively with the disruptive practitioner. You will also learn how to prepare for the day when it becomes necessary to terminate such a practitioner's privileges and medical staff membership.
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    Medical Terms II - Online Course

    Medical Terms II is a continuation of our online Medical Terms I course. You will continue learning terminology and apply it to the following body systems: Nervous System; Urinary System; Male Reproductive System; Female Reproductive System; Obstetrics; Endocrine System; Special Senses; Mental Health; Oncology; and Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging.
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    Medical Terms I - Online Course

    Medical Terms I is an online course covering the foundations of medical terminology through word parts, prefixes, and suffixes. Medical terminology is then applied to the body systems: Digestive System; Respiratory System; Cardiovascular System; Blood and Lymphatic Systems; Integumentary System; Skeletal System; and Muscles and Joints.
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    Marijuana in the Workplace

    The two most common questions employers have are: Our company does drug screenings, and an employee has provided a medical marijuana card. How do we handle that? Our state allows recreational marijuana. What does this mean if we have a drug-free workplace policy? The answers to these questions involve numerous factors, including but not limited to the following. The state they are in Why somebody is using it (medicinally or recreationally) How recently they used it The safety aspects of their job The company's policy on marijuana use
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    Silica Exposure in the Construction Industry - New OSHA Regulations

    Crystalline silica is a common mineral found in the earth's crust. Materials like sand, stone, concrete, and mortar contain crystalline silica. It is also used to make products such as glass, pottery, ceramics, bricks, and artificial stone. Silica is a mineral made up of silicon and oxygen, two of the most common elements on the planet. It comes in several forms, although by far the most common is crystalline silica. Crystalline silica is so abundant that it makes up over 12% of the earth’s crust, making it the second-most common mineral on the planet.
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    Demystifying Excel Sorting and Filtering

    Learning how to efficiently use Excel is so critical in many of today's office jobs. Many people know the Excel basics. This webinar will show you how to use the tools sort and filter in Excel,and subtotals to really help get the most out of your data, be more efficient, and find the information that you are looking for. Why should you Attend Attend the webinar if you are using MS Office in a business or educational setting to create reports and presentations.
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    Explore New SAMHSA Confidentiality Law for Substance Use Disorder Records(42 CFR Part 2)

    Overview: This lesson will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to ensure their organization is complying with the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) regulations (42 CFR Part 2). This lesson will cover the latest updates which were released in January 2018 and also cover multiple scenarios and FAQ's relating to Substance Abuse Records, Mental Health Records, Alcohol Abuse Records, and the proper ways to secure this information and/or release this information. An overview of a comparative analysis will be presented comparing SAMHSA to the HIPAA laws relating to protected health information in general.
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    Reimbursement Explained

    Overview: Healthcare reimbursement systems can be complex and difficult to understand. Each payor may use a different method to reimburse providers, or they may use a variation of a commonly used method. This course will provide a foundation for understanding the common reimbursement systems in use today. We start with Medicare's reimbursement systems of RBRVS, DRGs, and APCs because many other payors use modified versions of these systems. We then discuss other payor types such as HMOs, PPOs, and ACOs and how these organizations use other reimbursement methods such as capitation, per diems, and carve outs. Finally, we discuss the key data elements needed to adjudicate claims according to each scheme, and we discuss the financial incentives (and disincentives) associated with each method.
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    The Roles and Responsibilities of a HIPAA Privacy & Security Officer

    Overview: Discussions, presentation, and webinars regarding HIPAA regulations are usually addressed from the perspective of what the regulations entail, the necessity of compliance with the regulations, and the consequences of willful neglect or non-compliance. This presentation addresses HIPAA regulations from a different perspective - from a personal perspective - from the perspective of the person in charge of moving an organization or facility toward full compliance with HIPAA. The by-product of this presentation will be both an understanding of, and a detailed job description for, a position mandated in the regulations - the HIPAA Security/Privacy Officer.
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    HIPAA Texting, Emailing, and Personal Devices - New Guidance

    Overview: This 90-minute webinar will be going into great detail regarding you practice or business information technology and how it relates to the HIPAA/HITECH Security Rule and securing PHI in transmission. I will go through multiple examples and specific scenarios and also offer simple common-sense solutions. Areas covered will be texting, email, encryption, medical messaging, voice data, personal devices, and risk factors.
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    EHR Audit Trails and HIPAA - A Growing Legal Danger

    Overview: All EHRs certified to qualify for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs must maintain an Audit Log of actions related to Electronic Health Information (EPHI) that supports the forensic reconstruction of the sequence of changes to a patient's chart.
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    Help your Students Develop Self-Regulation Skills to Improve Behavior and Increase Learning K-3

    Overview: This webinar will address strategies that meet the needs of children 3-5 who are impacted by different rates of maturation for self-regulation.The purpose is to provide practical tools for those clinicians, educators, therapists or parents who are directly involved in working with children 3-5 and slightly older. Numerous visual supports to address inhibitory control, social skills, and mental flexibility, will be presented through demonstrations and videos. However, there may be administrators, social workers, university professors, therapists, state and national service center consultants who may want to share the information with their clients and audiences
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    Research Process Design in Real-World Clinical Settings -Rigorously Seeking Real-World Data

    Overview: There is increasing interest in and requirements for the acquisition of real-world data (RWD) by all healthcare stakeholders. An expanding set of techniques, technologies, and strategies are available to better understand the patient experience within a given treatment option. The following will be addressed: Rethink outcomes. Designing outcomes and evaluation can be organized to optimize value across that spectrum of stakeholders Identify addressable patient-centered needs Improve the patient experience. Understanding of patient needs leads to products and services that anticipate and address needs in ways that ease treatment burden Extend the notion of value. Proximal outcome used in clinical trials are increasingly insufficient measures of value for key stakeholders including patients, payers, and prescribers
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    HIPAA Training for the Compliance Officer

    Overview: This webinar will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order before the imminent audits occur. It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2019. Areas also covered will be texting, email, encryption, medical messaging, voice data and risk factors as they relate to IT.
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    Toxic Work Behaviors Erode the Patient Experience (More Than You May Know!)

    Overview: We can no longer stand by and let toxic people erode patient safety, our self-esteem, and the bottom line! This webinar will help you take immediate action! This problem is so severe that Dr. Kusy's research discovered: Only 1-6% of targets of incivility ever filed complaint 94% of leaders reported working with toxic people 92% rated the severity from 7 to 10 on a 10-point scale 45% said the uncivil person lashed out 2-3 times per week 51% of victims said they would likely leave as a result
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    HIPAA Breach - Or Not? How to Find Out & What to Do

    Overview: This webinar explains the inter-connected Breach Notification Rule requirements of Covered Entities and Business Associates when a Business Associate or Subcontractor Business Associate suffers a Breach. And it covers the special, more restrictive compliance requirements when a Business Associate or Subcontractor is an Agent under the Federal Common Law of Agency - including how to avoid creating an Agency relationship by mistake.
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    HIPAA Training for the Practice Manager

    Overview: This webinar will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order before the imminent audits occur. It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2019. Areas also covered will be texting, email, encryption, medical messaging, voice data and risk factors as they relate to IT. The primary goal is to ensure everyone is well educated on what is myth and what is reality with this law, there is so much misleading information regarding the do’s and don’ts with HIPAA - I want to add clarity for compliance officers and what you guys need to do and how to best implement your HIPAA program based on over 18 years of personal experience working with Federal auditors, state auditors, and corporate auditors. We will go through multiple scenarios that are commonly faced by compliance officers and how to manage these situations