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    Seminar on HIPAA, Mobile Devices, and Communications - Compliance and Using New Technologies for Healthcare Communications at SFO, CA

    Overview With the recent advances in portable technology, more and more organizations and their users are taking advantage of mobile devices to save time and get work done more efficiently. Texting, portable e-mail, and Apps are revolutionizing the ways health care providers interact with their patients and get their work done. But the use of these devices comes with hidden costs of compliance, especially if they lead to a reportable breach under HIPAA or state laws. HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers have been struggling to keep up with the use of the devices to protect patient privacy and avoid compliance issues. Even if these devices aren't in formal use in your organization, you need to act now to anticipate their use and make sure they are used properly.
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    Healthcare Process Improvement with Discovery, Simulation and Cost/Benefit Analysis

    Advances in computational science afford an opportunity to significantly improve the effectiveness of process improvement in healthcare systems. Relevant technologies include process mining/discovery, formal modeling languages, simulation and specific analytic and optimization methods. These new capabilities address two key process improvement challenges: accurately understanding the current state of affairs and designing optimal solutions. Capturing the current "as is" process is an important, albeit costly, time consuming and notoriously error-prone task - so error prone that many projects are inclined to skip the activity altogether. Process mining overcomes these difficulties by automatically capturing actual events from information system logs and synthesizing them into formal process models with execution statistics based on historical information.
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    Negligent Credentialing: Strategies to Protect Your Health Care Entity

    Overview: Hospitals, as corporate entities, have the ultimate responsibility for the quality of medical care provided in its facilities. This statement can be misleading, however, if one concludes that the hospital is liable for all acts of negligence or malpractice by a physician who practices at the hospital. In truth, the hospital must take reasonable steps: To select a competent medical staff To ensure that the individual physician on it staff performs only procedures for which he or she is qualified To implement certain quality control measures to verify that only qualified practitioners remain on the staff and that quality care is provided in the institution We will review the historical relationship between the physician and the hospital and, to see this relationship in the proper context, the roles each plays under the "corporate responsibility doctrine."
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    Why You Should be worried about HIPAA

    We will be discussing the history and evolution of HIPAA Privacy/Security and the major points you need to understand to proactively protect your practice or business. Specific areas covered will be: • History of HIPAA • HITECH • HIPAA Omnibus Rule • How to perform a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment • What is involved in a Federal audit and how is it conducted • Risk factors for a federal audit • EHR and HIPAA • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning • Business Associates and HIPAA • In depth discussions on IT down to the nuts and bolts • Risk factors that can cause an audit (low hanging fruit) • New rules which grant states ability to sue citing HIPAA on behalf of a patient • New funding measures • ...much, much more
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    MVP Training: Healthcare Laws & Reform

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars, consulting professionals & exceptional coaches, with quality academic backgrounds. Please call 510-558-3495.