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    Top Violations of Law, Series Two: Understanding the Most Common Violations of Law against Physical Therapists

    Physical therapists are now a doctoral educated health care professional and serve an important role in helping patients in our aging society regain and maintain their physical abilities. In addition, they serve to rehabilitate sports and exercise enthusiasts from athletic injuries. Physical therapists provide a truly “hands on” relationship with the patient as they carry out their healing component of physical medicine. In addition, physical therapy modalities overlap with several other health care practitioners who use the identical billing codes to bill for their services, too. This patient relationship and billing practices places physical therapists in a unique position of vulnerability to claims of misconduct.
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    Scrutinizing Test Method Validation (TMV) to Verify the Performance of a Medical Device

    Overview Test method validation is an often-confusing requirement for medical devices. A fundamental issue is the role-reversal between the test method and the product or process it is designed to detect. For example, while a defect-free process is desirable, a test method must be reliable both in detecting defects and in not rejecting acceptable samples. Those who work with process optimization and validation focus on optimizing a process and reducing variability. For more detail please click on this below link: Email: Toll Free: +1-844-746-4244 Tel: +1-516-900-5515 Fax: +1-516-900-5510
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    Update on Global UDI Initiatives for Medical Devices

    Overview This webinar will provide updates on the progress of unique device identification regulations around the world, including the status of the FDA’s implementation, requirements for UDI in the new EU MDR, the NHS e-procurement and PEPPOL programs in the UK, and the development of initiatives in other countries including Australia, Canada, Japan and Asia. Unique identification and barcoding are neither new technologies nor innovative concepts. But incorporation of UDI into the medical device industry has been long discussed and planned and slow to be implemented.
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    Medical Terminology - Online Course

    Accredited self-paced online Medical Terminology class. This class combines an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet. Students can enroll at any time and complete the course at their pace. Begin learning Medical Terminology today! College credit is available for an additional fee.
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    Anatomy & Physiology - Online Course

    Accredited self-paced online Anatomy & Physiology course. This course combines an interactive study experience with the convenience of the Internet. Students can enroll at any time and complete the course at their pace. Start learning A & P today! College credit available for an additional fee.
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    Medical Coding - Online Course

    Accredited self-paced online Medical Coding training. This course covers ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT and is approved by the AAPC. Students can enroll at any time and complete the course at their pace. Begin learning Medical Coding today!
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    Medical Terms I - Online Course

    Medical Terms I is an online course covering the foundations of medical terminology through word parts, prefixes, and suffixes. Medical terminology is then applied to the body systems: Digestive System; Respiratory System; Cardiovascular System; Blood and Lymphatic Systems; Integumentary System; Skeletal System; and Muscles and Joints.
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    Webinar on Sterile Medical Packaging Design – 7 Essentials

    Individuals responsible for medical packaging system design and validation are required to provide a safe and effective packaging system that can deliver the enclosed product to the end-user without incurring defect or risk to patient safety. The scope of this webinar is to provide those responsible for medical device packaging system design with some key best practices and insights for the design and development of the medical packaging system, sterile barrier system. ISO 11607 part 1 will be the focus, ISO 11607 Part 2, equipment and process validation, will not be addressed. The following seven design essentials will be presented and the author will provide her perspective on how these seven essentials are key to success and efficient time to market for your medical device.
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    HIPAA Privacy and Security - Time to get Serious 2017

    This lesson will be addressing how practice/business managers (or compliance offers) need to get their HIPAA house in order as HIPAA is now fully enforced and the government is not using kid gloves any more. It will also address major changes under the Omnibus Rule and any other applicable updates for 2017 and beyond. There are an enormous amount of issues and risks for covered entities and business associates these days. Read More:
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    Design of Experiments and Statistical Process Control for Process Development and Validation

    This course will present the procedures that must be used in the application of DOE and SPC to the development, design and monitoring of manufacturing and testing processes. A practical approach with case studies and examples will be used, with theoretical information introduced only when necessary to understand an experiment. Examples from real processes and testing procedures will be used to present the student with examples that will be directly applicable to their work. Read More:
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    HIPAA Compliance for Small Healthcare Providers 2017

    Being in compliance with HIPAA involves not only ensuring that you provide the appropriate patient rights and controls on your uses and disclosures of Protected Health Information; but that you also have the proper policies and procedures in place. If audited or the subject of a compliance review, you will be required to show the government you have all the necessary documentation in place for safeguarding patient Protected Health Information and indicate how you addressed all required security safeguards. Read More:
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    FDA Adverse Event Reporting

    Overview This training program will provide the regulatory requirements for complaint handling in the pharmaceutical & medical device industries. The course will touch on complaint sources and details will be furnished on the interrelationships regarding complaint handling and product recalls. The course will also include timeline requirements associated with adverse event reporting.
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    Medical Device Software Validation Meeting FDA Regulations

    This course will teach how to conduct a software validation program for medical devices containing software that will satisfy FDA requirements and produce a safe product. We will explain the role of risk analysis in validation. How software requirements are used in validation will be described.
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    3-Hour Virtual Seminar on Data Integrity - FDA's Latest Thinking

    Overview This webinar will give you the tools that you need to ensure that you understand data integrity issues and best practices for ensuring data integrity at your company.
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    Export Certificate for Medical Devices - Edge Out Your Competition!

    Firms exporting products from the U.S. are often asked by foreign customers or foreign governments to supply proof of the products' status as regulated by the FDA. An export certificate is a document prepared by FDA that has information about a product's regulatory or marketing status in the U.S.
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    If it Isn't Written Down, then it Didn't Happen: Complying with FDA's Good Documentation Practices

    Overview Good documentation practice (commonly abbreviated GDP, recommended to abbreviate as GDocP to distinguish from "good distribution practice" also abbreviated GDP) is a term in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to describe standards by which documents are created and maintained.
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    Medical Records Seminars

    Stay current on existing laws and recent legislation that affect your daily operations. Choose from a variety of seminar topics. AAMA, AAPC, AHIMA, HFMA, NAB, NFLPN, NHA, and other continuing education credits can be obtained where applicable.
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    Medical Records Teleconferences

    Stay current on existing laws and recent legislation that affect your daily operations. Choose from a variety of seminar topics. AAMA, AAPC, AHIMA, HFMA, NAB, NFLPN, NHA, and other continuing education credits can be obtained where applicable.
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    Webinar on Effective Compliance Plans for Medical Managers

    you need a compliance plan? Reducing exposure to liability is one of the key reasons for implementing and maintaining a compliance plan. Having an "effective and active" compliance plan proves that a medical practice has made reasonable efforts to avoid and detect misbehavior, and that the requisite intent to commit healthcare fraud was not present, and thus, could reduce penalties if wrongdoing is found. Price:$200.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link
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    Online Webinar on Using an IQ / OQ / PQ Approach to Validating Medical Device Software

    This medical device software validation training will show how you can validate software using IQ / OQ / PQ methodologies, typically employed for medical device process validation. Price:$250.00. Contact info : OnlineCompliancePanel Phn. no. +1-510-857-5896 Fax-+1-510-509-9659 Event link