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    Conference about Creating High Performance Expectations Of People (HPE)

    Overview: This topic discusses in detail, the process of how to develop high performance expectations through setting SMART goals and objectives, getting the support you need in order to achieve the goals, and how to measure if the goals are working for you and the company you work for. It is a step-by-step process from defining the objectives, setting up the guiding principles, setting the high performance objectives (HPE), establishing the key accountabilities, working up a development plan, defining the employee and supervisor goals, and setting up the go forward" plan for the actual goal setting processes. We also develop a Goal Matrix" where people can track their progress on a month-to-month basis.
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    Conference about Generating Political and Community Support During the Regulatory Permitting Process

    Overview: The regulatory process can be mired in opposition derived from NIMBY’s, environmentalists, competitors and a variety of other reasons. You typically have to generate support from within the community in order to counter opponents to your specific development, this can cost time and resources and unless you understand the political nuances, being successful is a difficult task. Depending on the size of your company, you can already have that political force at your fingertips. This force can be unleashed at opportune moments to influence their elected officials in order to get your local, statewide and sometimes federal legislative agenda passed through their constituent voices.
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    Conference about EHS Leading Indicators - Facing Front While Looking Back

    Overview: This session describes what a leading indicator is, how to use it, and how to measure it. We ask ourselves “I know what went wrong because I investigated it and tracked it", but how do I know “what went right." That is a question we all ask ourselves and our clients (the bosses) especially want to know because they have to justify the money spent and the resources allocated to the safety and environmental activities. When we have good months or even good years (the statistics on incidents are low) how do we know why. If the safety statistics or environmental incidents graph shows peaks and dips over the last several years - WHY? If the graph shows a high, then a gradual lowering with a continuous low over several years - WHY? We will discuss how leading indicators are used in other fields and why they can apply to the safety field. We discuss what a leading indicator is NOT and well as what one IS.
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    Webinar on Calibrating the Human Gage: Attribute Agreement Analysis

    Overview: Defining Attribute Agreement Analysis (AAA): A review of basic AAA analysis. Will cover the 3 basic types of agreements: Agreement with oneself, Agreement to a peer, Agreement to the standard. Both the "Statistical AAA" and the Kappa value will be reviewed. Confidence levels for the result bands will also be reviewed. Incorporation of AAA into the Control Plan and frequency of "calibration" will be reviewed. How It Works: Session attendees will observe the step by step actions taken to undergo an AAA and its iterative results. A review of the 3 basic types of agreements will be conducted. Benefits of the Calibrated Human: There are multiple benefits when calibrating the human operator. A pros/cons review will be held discussing the general benefits of reductions in arguments (what is good or not) internal/ external rework, returns, premium freight, etc.
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    Personal Work Retreat: Refresh, Refocus, and Reactivate

    With all of the deadlines, projects, and tasks that you have to do every day at work, it's hard to find time to set personal development goals that positively impact your work performance and help you to grow professionally. But how will you advance in your career if you don't make time for values clarification, goal setting, and increasing productivity? Without a concrete plan in place, you are at risk of stagnating in your current position and experiencing burnout. Taking a personal retreat is an effective and time-efficient strategy for moving your career forward and recharging your batteries. Perhaps you've never attended a retreat or the last one your workplace had was boring and irrelevant. This two-day seminar will provide the time, information, and processes for you to experience your own personal retreat and identify the individual goals that matter to you and are relevant for your professional and personal development.
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    MVP Training: Public Health

    MVP Seminars LLC, is a leading nationwide provider of business training seminars, consulting professionals & exceptional coaches, with quality academic backgrounds. Please call 510-558-3495.