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    1-Coping & Stress Profile®

    Unique learning instrument that connects stress/coping in four life areas: personal, work, couple and family.
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    This course contains information regarding employee rights of access to medical and exposure records in order to promote the recognition of workplace hazards and subsequently reduce occupational disease. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. In this course, you’ll learn about the purpose for maintaining medical and exposure records, employer responsibilities in providing employee access to medical and exposure records, the characteristics and terms related to medical and exposure records, and the requirements and policies associated with access to medical and exposure records.
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    This course will provide an overview of accident investigation and reporting procedures. The accident investigation and reporting process helps to provide a safe working environment by determining the causes of an accident, then reporting them so that accidents can be prevented in the future. The content in this course is designed to comply with the intent of the applicable regulatory requirements. Learner objectives for this course are: differentiate between the three cause levels of accidents, recognize why an accident should be investigated, recall the steps for conducting a formal investigation, identify recommended interviewing techniques, describe problem solving techniques commonly used in accident investigation, and recall topics included in an investigative report.
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    Anger Management

    In-House Specialist Allowing yourself to be controlled by your anger can have disastrous results in the way you behave or react to situations or other people. The Anger Management workshop by pdtraining teaches you how to manage anger so that it does not control you but helps you control it. This workshop teaches: the process of finding a deeper understanding of the realities of anger, learning the helpful and unhelpful ways to deal with anger, how to “blow off steam” , controlling stressful situations in a positive manner, the benefits of managing anger to improve your personal and professional life and much more.
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    Combination Products Regulations Course | USA & EU Seminar

    This seminar provides Professionals working in this area with A thorough understanding of the complexities involved All the relevant regulations and guidelines Real life examples of how to register and maintain various types of combination products Interfaces: Change Management and LCM Compliant safety reporting for combination products Documentation requirements and interfacing
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    Complaint and Recall Management: A Compliant, Lean Program 2017

    Complaint handling is likely one of the more cross-functional parts of your quality system: Customer Service may receive your customer complaints, Sales and Marketing may need to reach out to the customer for additional information, Regulatory Affairs may determine whether the complaint is reportable, QA may perform the root cause investigation, R&D or Manufacturing Engineering may need to be involved in the corrective action, and Quality Engineering may need to trend the complaints! Read More:
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    Dealing with Anger and Criticism

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    Differences between ISO 13485 2015 versus ISO 13485 2003

    Overview: The webinar will first present the key differences between ISO 13485 2015 versus ISO 13485 2003.Next, the speaker will provide an overview of the updated standard. Why should you Attend: This webinar is an overview of the coming changes and their implications, using a new approach yet is based upon solid principles and proven practices.
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    Drug And Alcohol Employee Training

    This training video will educate your trainee on the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse.
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    Employee Wellness Programs

    APLS Group believes in the whole person approach to individual health and well-being. With that in mind, APLS Group will work with you to design workplace wellness programs that support the health of individual employees. The following offerings can be customized for your organization: - One-on-one health coaching - Mindful Meditation Classes - Group Coaching
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    FDA Import Process | FDA Food Facility Registration 2018

    FDA and the Customs and Border Patrol Service (CBP) have become increasingly sophisticated and equally demanding in the submission of import information and adherence to government procedures. Firms that fail to understand and properly execute an import and export program find their shipments delayed, detained or refused. As of December 2016, FDA and CBP officially implemented the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) entry filing system. You either meet ACE requirements or face entry refusals and monetary penalties of up to $10,000 per offense. Other factors can derail the expectation of a seamless import entry process. The course covers detailed information about the roles and responsibilities of the various parties involved with an import operation and how to correct the weakest link(s) in the commercial chain. Read More:
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    FDA offers New Import Program for 2017

    Overview: The FDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection are using new import requirements. The FDA's import software screening program (PREDICT) and the U.S. Custom's ACE software program require more information from the foreign source(s). FDA's product codes and U.S. Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) link the requirements. The software coding information must be correct. Otherwise, you face costly delays and possibly a refusal of the entry. In addition, information on the entry's commercial or pro forma invoice must be consistent with the information entered into PREDICT and ACE software.
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    First Aid Training

    This first aid training package will teach your trainees how to perform first aid and comes with the video, posters, and employee handouts.
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    GMP and Regulatory Expectations for Early IND Products 2017

    This course will present, in one place, the regulations and guidelines that apply to early phase products. In some cases these will not be regulations, but needs that, if met, will increase the efficiency of activities as a product proceeds through the development process. The course will present these items in the order of product development from the point of R & D activities to the completion of Phase 2 clinical trials. Read More:
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    Guiding Others Through Stressful Times

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    HIPAA Breach - or Not? How to Find Out & What to Do

    Overview: This webinar explains the inter-connected Breach Notification Rule requirements of Covered Entities and Business Associates when a Business Associate or Subcontractor Business Associate suffers a Breach. And it covers the special, more restrictive compliance requirements when a Business Associate or Subcontractor is an Agent under the Federal Common Law of Agency - including how to avoid creating an Agency relationship by mistake. This webinar for HIPAA Covered Entities and Business Associates explains the 5 Steps of HIPAA Breach. Notification Rule Compliance. They are: Potential Breach Investigation How to recognize a Potential Breach The information you need to gather 5 Key Questions that can confirm no Breach occurred
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    HIPAA Privacy Rule Compliance-Understanding New Rules and Responsibilities of Privacy Officer

    With the recent implementation of new HIPAA regulations in the HIPAA Omnibus Update of 2013, healthcare organizations are reviewing their compliance and making sure they have the proper policies, procedures, and forms in place. HIPAA Privacy Officers have been renewing their compliance activities and reviewing their documentation to make sure they can meet the challenges of the new rules and avoid breaches and penalties for compliance violations. Who will Benefit This seminar will provide valuable assistance to all personnel in medical offices, practice groups, hospitals, academic medical centers, insurers, business associates (shredding, data storage, systems vendors, billing services, etc.). The following personnel will find this session valuable: Compliance director CEO COO CFO Privacy Officer Security Officer Information Systems Manager HIPAA Officer Note: Use coupon code NB5SQH8N and get 10% off on registration.
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    HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Compliance 2017

    This session is designed to provide intensive, two-day training in HIPAA compliance, including what's new in the regulations, what's changed recently, and what needs to be addressed for compliance by covered entities and business associates. The session provides the background and details for any manager of healthcare information privacy and security to know what are the most important privacy and security issues, what needs to be done for HIPAA compliance, and what can happen when compliance is not adequate. Audits and enforcement will be explained, as well as privacy and security breaches and how to prevent them. Numerous references and sample documents will be provided. Read More:
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    HIPAA Waivers During COVID-19

    Overview: This webinar will review the sections of the HIPAA privacy rule that under the federal emergency for COVID-19 declared in March will be under a waiver issued by the OCR and penalties will be waived. HIPAA, as a whole, is still being monitored however and the webinar will also include those areas that are still being enforced and what you need know, whether you are a covered entity or a business associate. Why you should Attend: There are many portions of the HIPAA Privacy Rule in which enforcement by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) are going to be waived. This Webinar will explain these waivers by the OCR and how they may affect covered entities and business associates.
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    How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout