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    Effective Documentation of Employee Performance

    Overview You've heard the statement, "If it's not written down, it didn't happen." The human resources mantra to managers and supervisors is to "document, document, document," because disciplinary actions can often give rise to claims of discrimination, leading to high costs of litigation. But do your managers and supervisor know how, when, and what to document? Although it may seem like a headache to write a report on each and every problem that the employee may be exhibiting, in the long run it is a lifesaver. Documentation is one communication tool you can use to preserve facts and remove ambiguities.
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    Withholding Computations for Unusual Circumstances to Avoid Under-withheld Tax Penalties

    Overview Employer federal income tax withholding is intended to collect, throughout the year, the approximate the amount of the employee’s tax for the year. The wage bracket and percentage methods are the primary methods for computing the amount to withhold, but sometimes they just don’t seem to get the right result. When supplemental wages are added to the equation, the prescribed aggregate method and optional flat rate method frequently result in too much or too little withholding. Payroll professionals sometimes experience a flood of revised W-4 Forms just before and after scheduled bonus payments. This creates additional work and opportunities for mistakes for the payroll department and may not affect the withholding in the way the employee expected.
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    Leave in the Time of COVID: Managing Employee Leave Requests under FMLA, ADA

    Overview Even the simplest leave requests can be complex and nuanced, posing challenges to even the most seasoned Leave Administrators. The possibility of costly, drawn-out litigation only adds to the stress and pressure. Add to that: most employees making leave requests will be eligible for protection under the FMLA, ADA and, as well as State medical leave and other COVID-19 emergency laws. In this webinar we will discuss key, hot-button compliance issues and share some Best Practices for managing a workforce while staying in compliance during a pandemic. Why you should Attend Unpaid leave and Paid-leave regulations are getting complicated. As support grows for (and some business groups push against) a national law mandating paid family leave and paid sick days, some states, cities and individual organizations are out in front-adopting measures of their own.
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    Complex Documents in Microsoft Word

    Overview We begin with the secrets the pros use to navigate around large documents. Then we'll show you the right way to approach the project that eliminates errors and rework later. See how styles can save you steps later on in the process when you're adding tables of contents and other references. See how setting up your document for success can withstand even the most meddling contributors when it comes to format. Discover the secrets of headers and footers and how they can move and change as your documents move and change. We'll walk through the various ways to make some quick over all changes to look and feel without tedious, repetitive find and fix maneuvers. You'll learn how to use your intelligence to generate great content, not wrangle it into shape to create a great looking report.
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    MS Word: ADA Accessible Documents

    Overview ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act. As of 2010, this U.S. Federal Law was applied to all electronic documents. Any public business or governmental institution is required to have ADA compliant public documents. This course will teach you how to format MS Word documents for ADA Accessible compliance requirements. This training course focuses on applying the technical formats to your MS Word documents. You do not have to be an expert in ADA law to take this course. No matter your user level, take the time to attend and learn something new that can save your company from risk of liability, and bring your documents into compliance with ADA law.
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    Narcissistic Hypersexuality - Healing from Betrayal Trauma

    Overview "Sexual betrayal trauma differs from fear-based or 'stranger' traumas, because it is a violation that is perpetrated by the very person you would typically turn to for safety, comfort, and protection. It is the person who would be your refuge in the storm; the one you count on to respect your boundaries and your right to informed consent. In sexual betrayal trauma, your significant other is the perpetrator of the event- the hypersexual narcissist is one who is not only preoccupied with pornography viewing, or purchases sex from sex workers, or visits cybersex chat rooms, or has affairs, he feels entitled to do so -and therefore cannot serve you as a protector, a refuge for healing. In fact, this person now becomes the consistent reminder of the hurtful and devastating reality of the offense they've committed and the broken trust.
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    Having Difficult Workplace Conversations

    Overview Good communication skills are a core competency of a leader or manager in the workplace. This is especially true in the workplace where collaboration and cooperation are necessary to be successful. Having difficult workplace conversations do not have to be something we shy away from. Instead, it can become second nature as we learn how to listen, hold accountability conversations and deal with challenging behaviour of those we work with. Having the ability to communicate effectively when dealing with difficult issues is what is needed in the modern workplace and will set us apart from others as highly competent leaders and managers.
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    Effective Communication Strategies During Uncertain Times: Dealing With Communication Challenges. Bias, and Team Conflict

    Overview: By focusing on the necessary interpersonal communication skills that are needed during these times of uncertainty and change you will be able to develop a productive, collaborative, and respectful work environment. Discover how to effectively communicate with your team as they respond to challenges, and cope through change. Create a communication strategy that ensures employees are clear about what is expected of them, and they receive regular, honest, and transparent updates. Learn to choose the most effective strategies that will help your team stay engaged, balance the uncertainty, and build resilience.
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    Outlook Tips and Techniques Survive an Avalanche of Emails

    Overview: Is managing your Inbox and digging out from an avalanche of emails a full time job? Then sign up for this webinar and learn how to survive the heavy load of tasks and the constant stream of trivia that arrives via email. You will gain insight into Outlook email management best practices including how to work from a clean inbox and how to reduce what flows into your inbox while expediting email processing. Microsoft Outlook provides many Inbox features that can help you organize, sort and prioritize email - enabling you to stay on top of urgent tasks and project deadlines. You'll get easy implementable email management tips for pro-cessing emails in Microsoft Outlook that can save you precious minutes every day and help you leave work on time. If you are serious about surviving the arduous burden of cleaning out your Outlook mailbox every day, register for this webinar and learn Outlook email management best practices and secrets that will put you in control.
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    Managing Interruptions - The Art of Getting Work Done

    Overview: According to Jonathan Spira, interruptions cost the US economy almost $1 trillion annually, and eat up to 28 billion hours each year. Clearly, in order to get work done, we need to manage our interruptions. But how?
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    Working Successfully with Your Virtual Team

    Overview: Are you working with a virtual team and not sure what makes it work? Are you willing to "learn the hard way" or would you prefer to be successful immediately?
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    Stop Letting That Difficult Person Ruin Your Day: Effectively Handle Toxic People For Better Productivity and Less Drama

    Overview: Successful leaders know that the survival of our organization during this uncertainty depends not just on the technical skills within our team, but also on their ability to deal respectfully and collaboratively with their colleagues and customers, and remain energized at the same time.
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    Identifying Social Injustice and Racial Inequality in the Workplace

    Overview: Outside stress on employees can impact work performance. What do your beliefs reveal? How should you engage employees on racial discrimination, police brutality, and social justice? What environment promotes peaceful protests and condemns violence? How can you facilitate constructive dialog in your organization? What messages should senior executives communicate? What should your diversity and inclusion policies cover?
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    Recognizing Anxiety and Stress In Your Team During Crisis And Uncertainty: Protecting The Psychological Health of Your Employees

    Overview: Many of our teams were having difficulty coping with stress long before COVID-19 came along. Now we are seeing that this stress is heightened even further, and our teams are struggling to find their way. For those that are suffering from heightened anxiety, you will see their productivity decrease and they will fail to positively engage in their job, which can in return make them even more anxious.
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    Beat the Bully

    Do you work with a bully? The definition of bullying is activity that is unfair, humiliating, malicious, vindictive and intended to harm the victim. It is persistent and prolonged.
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    Retention Strategies for Keeping Top Performers

    Overview: Retaining top performers is critical to organizational success. They are talented, innovative, entrepreneurial, creative and can be demanding. They are also highly mobile and prone to job hopping. Retaining top talent is a key business imperative and old strategies are no longer effective. Just as approximately 60% of Millennials leave their company in less than three years and their turnover is greater than any other generation. Top performers can be from any generation and they turn over with similar frequency, unless you actively continue to re-recruit them.
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    Creating a Strategic Thinking Culture

    Thinking is the hardest type of work in which we engage. Most avoid thinking because it "strains the brain." In this course, participants will learn how to make thinking strategically a daily practice in their life and the organization in which they work.
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    Latest and Greatest update on the COVID Vaccines

    Overview In memorable history, the 1918 influenza pandemic was noted to one of the most severe pandemics until now. It spread worldwide with a pace similar to that of COVID-19 and was caused by an H1N1 virus with genes of avian origin. Today its remnants are now known as "the common flu." Annually, people worldwide are vaccinated but few realize that it took nearly 30 years to create at that time. Now, with speed and efficiency, three highly effective vaccines have been approved in the United States against the virus that causes COVID-19. Most notably, this was all done without sacrificing scientific standards or rigor. Given it took only 9 months to create and complete phase III trials, there has been a wealth of information circulating the Internet regarding the safety of the vaccine.
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    Coaching Skills: How Great Managers Boost Employee Engagement and High Performance

    Overview: Managers who coach their people become known as good managers to work for, developers of talent, and achievers of business results. They also become better leaders in the process."-Jack Welch, Former CEO General Electric Are your people working harder yet performance is still below par? When a leader spends too little time managing performance, here's what happens. Small sparks turn into creeping flames that, if not doused, quickly grow into raging fires. Work starts slipping through the cracks. Resources are squandered. Deadlines are missed. You're constantly playing catch up.
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    Retention Interviews: The Key to Retaining High Performers

    Overview: One study reported that 86% of employees plan to pursue new jobs and employee turnover is on the rise and is expected to continue to worsen over time. In addition, over 60% of companies report having difficulty recruiting key talent. Most companies see retention as a key strategic imperative but less than half have a specific retention plan. Unfortunately most retention efforts are overly general, are expensive, and have little positive impact on turnover. Stay/retention interviews offer a specific, targeted, and effective solution to the turnover problem. Rather than throwing money at the problem this tactic gets at the source of the retention issues by determining why each employee is likely to stay or leave and then develops an effective plan to retain valuable employees.